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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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John Clements

I always watch the movies here in the states in French or Spanish if possible. I've been to France 10 times and got to use some of my stock phrases. "i can't park here" J'en nai sais pas statione ici" or something like that. Thanks of the the lampshade. I woke up this morning wishing I knew it sure nuff.

joel ostroff

The word for lampshade in Spanish is pantalla (pahn taya), in German it is lampenschirm (lam pen scherm) and in Swedish it is lampskarm (lamps-karm, like arm) ( with an umlaut over the letter a)


Lampshade in Spanish is = pantalla de lámpara
Lamp = lámpara
Shade = pantalla

I wish we had shops like that one where I live. Thank you for sharing the story :-)


I will have to tell my daughter about this blog. She is a French major in college and would find this blog useful. The little shop is adorable. Wish we had shops like that here in America. It's so unusual to find an entire shop dedicated to just one thing like lamp shades. It reminds me of the Umbrella shop in Umbrella's of Cherbourg.


Learned a new one today. I've got to say, the leopard lamp one is cool!

Thérèse-Marie BLAZEK

Tres,tres bell the warmth in this image...makes me want a lamp shade even if I do not need one...

I am not sure if you remember me as I bought your books long ago even before you were published here.
You sent me the package with many lovely stamps of France and I did same with stamps os USA.

I just wanted to say that I have just started a food blog and have added your link to my list of blogs that I love.
I wanted to ask you if this was good with you. Let me know if not...

Hope that your wine harvest for your family goes well...
You still are my fave blog to read to keep me near to my home in France even if I live far away.

Merci beaucoup that you continue even if you so busy with family and your business.


I love your blog!
The Polish word for lampshade is abażur, no doubt borrowed from the French. There are a few of these words (PL: plaze, FR: plage; PL: meble FR:meubl; PL: fotel FR: fauteuil... among others.) Hubby is Polish and I get a kick out of ferreting out the French words in Polish conversations. Thanks again for your blog!

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