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Friday, November 14, 2008


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There is an even better connection between a caterpillar and a dog. There is a brand of dog called Papillon and that is what eventually pops out of a caterpillar (unless it is a moth of course). Did you know that a moth is a myth's mother?
Have a good day.


From an on-line dictionary:
[Middle English catirpel, catirpeller, probably alteration of Old North French *catepelose : cate, cat (from Latin cattus) + pelose, hairy (from Latin pilsus; see pilose).]

Caterpillar means "hairy cat" in Old French.

The actual Old French was chatepelose. The -pillar portion of the English form may have evolved due to association with a word that is obsolete, now: piller meaning "plunderer", as many caterpillars are considered agricultural pests. Not all caterpillars are hairy, of course! However, words for the "caterpillar" that do refer to cats arose across several Indo-European languages.


Yeaaaahhhh, you finally showed the "Dot" gallery, and yep! There's my "Digi-Dot"... Thank you so much!... I love all the rendition's. That was fun!


Oh this entry is so full of information. I think I'm going to have to spend more time than usual following all the wonderful links. Thank you so much for these interesting details. And I just love DOTTIE!


1) --> Tous mes respects aux “Poilus”, ces courageux combattants de la Guerre 14-18!

2) --> A question of hair, of muse... and flair?
“Dotty” la belle chenille is an “uber”-muse! To me, this means “Super” Muse... and indeed, Kristin's photos of the colourful caterpillar inspired a few talented artists. Congratulations!

3) --> As for “canicula”, I turned to Astronomy:
Sirius / Petite chienne / Canicula, is a star belonging to the Canis Major Constellation, and I have re-discovered the origin of the French word “canicule” (= “heat wave”), “canicular days” / “dog days”...

4) --> Thinking about:
“poilu” ---> couvert de poils / plein de poils
= “hairy” ---> covered with hair / full of hair ....
All these words & expressions remind me of a charming French “comptine” (= “nursery rhyme") about a cute “petit lapin” (= “little rabbit”), “plein de poils” (= "with lots of fur") - excellent miming song for young children.
P'tit lapin plein d'poils (bis)
P'tit lapin plein d'poils partout! (= everywhere)
Par devant, par derrière, (= on the front, on the back)
Par dessus, par dessous, (= on the top, on the bottom)
P'tit lapin plein d'poils partout!

Bon week-end “à tous et à chacun”! ( = “to each and all of you”)

Jules Greer

Hi Honey,
I hardly know where to begin to comment on today's post---have you started taking all of those vitamins I recommended. Your energy level has gone through the roof on this amusing little word. You must be BREATHING
deeply as I instructed you before I departed France. All of that air has made you as high as a balloon, that's what air does. Or maybe you are just HAPPY...I feel joy and happiness in your post today. Maybe it's all of the love and attention your readers are showing you. I am delighted that you have added this comment box - it has many uses.

Also, I loved all of the renditions of "Dotty" - I think you need to do another post on these paintings, they didn't get as much attention as I think they deserve. Let's vote on them or something else, you are so smart come up with a good idea to honor these great artists. At least they remembered to send in their paintings, I forgot all about it. Are they going to sell these paintings-you must have "Dotty" in your office.



Jules Greer

kRISTI-i made a mistake and said "Pear"
when I meant 'DOTTY' can you correct my post. Sorry - MOM

Jennifer in OR

I love the photo of Braise!


This is the best blog ever. I'm sticking around. Great post.

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