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Friday, December 19, 2008


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Since I, too, am an avocado (as good an alternative name as any for a "legal eagle" and certainly better than some I have heard), I felt obliged to shout over the Atlantic a hearty "Happy Birthday" to a fellow "advocat!" And speaking of "advocats," check out the wonderful, whimsical and always joyful art of Jovan Obican, a Cannes-born Frenchman of Yugoslavian descent who had a law degree and a passion for painting that included many a picture of the country "advokat" as he spelled it.


Correction: all of those mispelled "advocats," which must be some kind of green feline that tastes good on salads, I now correct to read, "avocat." Now, I'll just crawl back into little legal hole and die of embarrassment!


Avocat...A friend of mine is a lawyer and told me a joke...
1)Il fait si froid l'hiver a Chicago qu'il est frequent de recontrer un Avocat qui a les mains dans ses propres poches!

Fred Caswell

Joyeux anniversaire a Fred de Fred! Jean-Marc, you are hugely blessed to have such a un ami d'enfance -- a loyal, talented, and faithful friend.

I have two such friends dating back to the first days of our freshmen year in high school over 67 years ago. JC,I hope your friendship with Fred lasts longer than that.

After clicking in to read about Ouahida -- lucky me not to have been born in Tunisia after her grandfather switched from cutting down wheat to clipping foreskins!

Lynda Gardner

My husband Jim and I are both American avocats. Years ago, when Jim was relatively new to the French language, we were touring Brittany. Being young and enthusiastic lawyers, we made a point of looking at courthouses wherever we went and the City of Nantes was no exception.

The menu at an enticing little bistro near the courthouse caught Jim's attention, and he became quite excited about eating there. "Let's eat here," he said. "A lot of lawyers must eat here; they even have a salad named after them -- salade d'avocat!" He was not kidding.

I set him straight with my slightly larger French vocabulary, but since that time, the confusion of lawyer and avocado has become a running joke in our family. To this day, his favorite Christmas stocking present is "lawyer's oil soap", for example.


And of course "advocat," a misspelling in French, is also a slight misspelling of the related English "advocate" (lawyer).


Mme. Espinasse, you forgot one: Fred is hot! I laughed out loud at the parenthetical caption about the cute guy in the photo, thinking, "Godson? There's a godson in the picture?" Sorry Matthieu, you are adorable, but your papa is chaud!
Happiest holidays to you and yours Kristin. Thanks for the day-brightening, sometimes poignant, often goofy French "fixes" every week. F-W-A-D is delightful.

Mike Hooban

A while ago I was visiting my cousin in Paris, where she works as an attorney on tax law issues for the OECD. We went to a nice restaurant in the 7th someplace, and on the menu was an entree that included "avocat hache" (accent aigu on the final e). I asked her if seeing that didn't make her a little nervous. She responded that, being an "avocate," she wasn't too worried on her own behalf, but might be concerned that it could turn out to be one of her male colleagues.


In a local "restaurant" in the little town of Tourette sur Loup the menu translated the salad of laitue, tomate, concombre, avocat, etc. as: lettuce, tomato, cucumber and lawyers!

Karinka Calhoun

I was buying some little garlic graters in L'Isle Sur La Sorgue and they came with little pieces of paper with suggestions for use...garlic,ginger, chocolate, strawberries, etc. and for the "avocat" or avocado they had translated into English, lawyers. It sure tickled me to think of grated lawyers in a salad or anywhere else.

Othaniel Lopez

So what do you call guacamole in french?


Being a student of words, this is why I LOVE the French language........Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee!


In the late sixties/early 70s in England, Avocado green became very fashionable for appliances, kitchen units and specially for bathroom suites - more popular than the brigtht yellow colour that used to be called Harvest gold. By the end of the 70s, everybody hated avocado green ... so much!
No more Avocado green bathroom suites these days and a lot of them got replaced but the Harvest gold baths, toilets and washbasins from the 70s are still greatly appreciated.

Comme on dit (as we say):
"Les goûts et les couleurs, ça ne se discute pas!"
= There's no accounting for taste.

Lovely smile from father and son!
Great to meet Fred! Happy birthday!... which reminds me it must be your birthday today, Kristin - or was it yesterday?
At this time last year, I sent you "Pour faire le portrait d'un oiseau" (Jacques Prévert), without having the slightest idea your Mum was "une artiste peintre"!

"Joyeux anniversaire", Kristin!
Have a wonderful day!

Sylvie, Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener

When I was little (maybe 5 or 6) growing up in France, I remember seeing the title of a serials in one of the "feuille de chou" - a title that had me puzzled for a long time: "l'avocat au yeux bleus". You see, I only knew of avocado who grew in every body garden in my corner of France, and had never heard of the other meaning "the laywer". What on earth what a "blue-eyed avocado?"


Etienne Viator

In Louisiana, "un avocat a terre haute" is a humorously pejorative term to describe a "Philadelphia lawyer," i.e., someone not schooled in the law who nevertheless has a legal opinion on every topic...

JacquelineBrisbane (Oz)

N'oublions pas la liqueur d'avocat! :)

doudoune moncler

We were dressed, eager and waiting when the door opened. James was back at last.

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