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Friday, December 05, 2008


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Where IS that bike of mine?!


thank you Kristin for those inspirational videos. As a Canadian, I am aware of Andrea Dorfman, but never saw either of these. I'm going to play them over and over again. They made my day and i will pass them along to other people who need to be reminded of the beauty of life and how art is everywhere if you care to look.

Jules Greer

I always thought I was your #1 muse - I have
so much to say about your powerful post that
I must collect my thoughts before I comment.



How can you not enjoy these videos. Right now I feel like drawing for no reason. Got to get paints. I do a lot of hiking but, you know, biking seems like fun after seeing this video. Great videos. Don't miss them.


Yes, I do love those videos. Merci beaucoup for sharing!


Those are two of the best videos I have ever seen - I am forwarding them to all my friends - especially the wanna be artists! Jeanne

Jim Boring


The flock rises as one from the tree
a single cyclonic entity swirling
with purpose and direction each
bird resonating in harmony with the rest
a communal mind pleased with itself
happy in its vigorous virtuosity,
in the glory of its performance.

One separates from the throng
hovers awhile on the edge
shudders, hesitates, realizes
it is alone, a grace note,
composes a radical new choreography
darts and dives to its own dance
that complements, defies and defines
solo and ensemble, both we and me.

Jim Boring
December 3, 2008

Kristin Espinasse

Mom, Thank you for the bike, in case I haven't told you lately. The "Art" video that you sent ("great ideas come from great bike rides") if proof that you are THE MUSEst with the mostest!)

Jim, I love your poems! I was watching similar birds, high up in the plane tree, this afternoon. As I looked up, their chatter (hundreds of birds!) came to a halt. How they do these things, in unison, never ceases to amaze me.

Jules Greer

Why don't you post that wonderful photo of
you riding your new bike through the vinyard
last Dec. 22nd on your birthday.

I am just the typical MOM promoting her daughter...forgive me, I can't help myself.

Kristi always got the short-end of celebration on her birthday three days before Christmas - her Birthday presents pulled out from under the tree.



Wonderful videos. I've been following you for a long time and am glad to be posting for the first time.

Nancy LoBalbo

Love these..Can't get the song out of my head!
Regards, Nancy L

Ann Olsen

liked the videos a lot, but really loved what you wrote. I'm getting off this computer right now! THANK YOU


Thanks for sharing those videos, I'm passing it along right now. And thank you for sharing the beautiful poem, Jim.

Karen from Phoenix, AZ

Loved the videos, will play them over and over.

Jules Greer

Karen K - could you please contact me -




Super videos! Merci!!!

Elizabeth Jones

I can not stop replaying the first video (though i enjoyed both). I have sent it to all my kids' art teachers and all my art-loving friends (which is about all my friends)...There is something about the lyrics, music and imagery that just touches one at the core.
Thanks so much for sharing that, Kristin (and thanks to your Mom!)

Jennifer in OR

I LOVE that first video...I have a dear artist friend I'll send this to tonight. Another poem by my mom (one of my very favorites) that fits so perfectly with your fabulous post:


Art is a mixture of paint and oil,
The color of forgotten soil;
The smile of loveliness long dead,
The coffin waiting in the shed,
A face against a windowpane,
A lover in a country lane,
A looking in and a looking out
The silence of an unheard shout,
The sense of an impending doom,
The unreality of a room,
The lights and shadows of all our days
Pinpointed in infinitesimal ways,
Fixed in a painted pantomime
Plucked from the gutter of merging time.

Art is a mixture in the mind
Of images that twist and wind;
Evidence of an exploring heart
Tentative, lest it be torn apart.
Here is a smile, received over there,
Coloring two bits of separated air.
Here is the shadow for this degree of light.
Some form of shading makes up our sight.
Here is the height, and the depth below,
And here is the horizon that makes it so.
Our lives are so bound in intricate ways,
Bordered with gold and indigo days,
Flushed with the sun’s most fetching red,
Of art enough cannot be said.

B.P. Daniel (1929 -)


Jennifer in OR,

Please tell your mom that she has a fan in France.

Eve Robillardrobill

Kristin--I adore that little statue. It's so like you to find it. And I also love, love, loved that video. Very inspiring for me, and I've forward this to my sons & have begged them to take the time to watch it!!!
merci, merci, eve


The first video (Art) was quite clever--wry and witty. The second video (Bicycle?) was REALLY corny. Honestly, rhyming "dress" with "asparagus". What a painful waste of time.

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