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Friday, June 26, 2009


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Gail Durham

Je vous aime aussi, Monsieur Hogarth!

G. Durham

Nigel Natesan

Thank you Mr. Arnold Hogarth for such a lovely story...!!!

Ian McAvoy

Nice story with an interesting twist.



Sweet sweet story.There are many surprises boxes this world..My where I a mom.. who's son is now 9..every year she sends a Christmas box to him from his father who lives in Europe and never sends anything.


Mr. Hogarth,

That was such a sweet and thoughtful thing you did. I would love to have seen Ms. Gerverseux' face when she opened it. She must have been thrilled and I bet it brought back many memories to her.
Good for you!
Helen Miller


What a lovely story! You have a kind heart.

catharine ewart-touzot

Mr. Hogarth, A lovely response..and your story makes me ponder where I too can enrich another life. Thank you for sharing it and enjoy your holiday in France to the fullest, I think back on the years I lived in Paris and regret not appreciating every second. When my French husband retires I hope that we too will be able to spend several months a year in France. catharine ewart-touzot

Debbie Turner Chavers

Thank you for the kindness shown, may you receive it back for the seed sown. This is yet another way to give the gift of love:)

Carol C. Whitney

Thank you for that lovely story!

Cheryl M

Mr. Hogarth,
Thank you for sharing such a sweet story. How kind and caring you are. I, too, would have loved to have watched Madame open your box.

Denise Mason

What a wonderful story! Sante, M. Hogarth!


What a wonderful story. The convergence of these three lives at that moment would make a good movie.


What a wonderful way to start my day! Thanks, Mr. Hogarth! May someone be as kind to you.

Pat Cargill

M. Hogarth, je vous aime, aussi. Merci bien.


Such a wonderful story! Would love to buy you a drink when you're in Paris.


Evelyn Jackson

The world needs more kind people like you! It only took a few minutes to do something so lovely for someone else. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


Mr. Hogarth,
Thank you for your story. I agree with the comment that this would make a wonderful movie.

I met my share of vieilles dames while living in Brittany who whispered to me never-to-be-forgotten stories of their lives sous la botte Nazi during the occupation. All of these heroines are worthy of our love and admiration.


I have a feeling that Madame might have had an inkling who wrote the note when she opened the box. Those clear blue eyes probably see more in an instant than many of us see in a lifetime.

Jules Greer

Thank You Mr. Hogarth,
I loved your story - presented in a magical way which will stay with me forever, it is now locked in my heart. Now a little note from me to you -





Dear Arnold Hogarth,

Without the polite and helpful teenager at the tiny post office in l'Ile St Louis, the story about Madame de G. wouldn't have been brought to life and come to its poignant and charming ending... At one time, we can nearly feel that Josephine Baker (herself a hero in the French underground Resistance movement) and Madame de G. were more or less the same person. Has Madame de G. - once an understudy for Josephine Baker- become the white shadow of the famous American Black entertainer? Fascinating!
I loved the elements of suspense and curiosity. The little note (dare I say “le petit billet doux”?) sent in the parcel gave a warm and delightful ending to the story.

Indirectly, another story emerged: the story of Josephine Baker's exceptional life and involvement with France. On a wider approach, I felt the human story of anyone with or without a glorious past, affected by loneliness and old age.

As for the true meaning of sending a “colis” to herself, on a daily basis... up to the readers to understand... but you, Monsieur Arnold Hogarth, you have fantastically “joué le jeu”, with charm, thoughtfulness and great kindness.

Un très grand merci!

Cynthia in Missouri, USA

Merci for such a wonderful story.

Tom Hamilton

Thank you. Life is beautiful when we appreciate the human element

Marianne Rankin

Civil servants and people standing in lines become "real" when we get to know more about them.

Interesting story. It was kind of the teenager to explain things to Mr. Hogarth.


I love you, Arnold Hogarth.

Je t'aime, Arnold Hogarth.


A lovely story and one I can also see developed into a movie. Merci for sharing!

Alexandra Villeneuve

Was fuer eine liebliche Erzaehlung. Es ist nett, Herr Arnold, dass sie dies mit uns teilen.
What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing, Mr. Arnold.


What an enchanting story, thank you Mr. Hogarth for that, it is, like almost all good stories, one that leaves room for ones own imagination regarding of how this story would progress, how Madame would react when she receives and opens your parcel, and finally when reading your note ..... the reader can dream on after having read your lines.

Fondly & merci merci merci



Gracias Mr. Hogarth!!!
I love you too!




Thanks you for your story, Mr. Hogarth. I'm sure you made the Madame's day!


Je vous aime.


A lovely reminder that behind every pair of eyes is a collection of life stories, many may never be told, but together they create who each of us is. And as a teacher of teenagers, how wonderful that this young lady would take the time to tell you about this amazing Madame. I would love to meet all three of you! Merci, Mr. Hogarth!

Nancy L.

What a beautiful little story. It is vignettes such as these that make Paris (and France) such a special and beloved place for me. Merci, Mr. Hogarth for bringing a corner of Paris alive for us today.

JP Senetto

Great story, love to meet her.

E. Carpenter

I too roam the streets of Paris one or two months a year. My daughter has an apartment just across the Seine from Ile St. Louis so the particular corner of Paris you speak about is very familiar to me. I am always looking for the human element and you have captured it.

Milles Mercies


What a delightful story Mr Hogarth! To me this is exactly why the French are beautiful and so are the Americans, so very much.


Luiz Novaes   Sao Paulo   Brazil

хорошo !!


What a wonderful, wonderful story. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

Bravo, M. Hogarth.

To quote an American advertisement currently popular here in the States, priceless.

Merci pour "le cadeau," Monsieur.


Milles mercis, M. Hogarth! Quelle histoire!

Debbie Ambrous

Such a lovely story! I will remember it and hope to spread love to another beautiful person. Keep writing your lovely stories.

Michael Armstrong

Thank you for taking the time to write this and share it with us. Quelle bonne histoire! Mille mercis.


Merci indeed, Mr. Hogarth! I am grateful you have shared your lovely story with us. Rich with detail and beauty...for a moment I was in Paris, standing in line in the tiny post office on Ile. St. Louis, listening to the conversation taking place in front of me with rapt attention. Blessings! Stacy

dorothy dufour

Quelle belle histoire, M.Hogarth. Elle a fait ma journee! Merci. Dorothy

Geary Arceneaux

I will never forget the word 'colis' now. Thanks for the story,


Wonderful! You should submit it to Travelers Tales (!

Cindy Gooch

Oh, Mr. Hogarth - May your tribe increase!


Priceless!Mille mercis. You have touched my heart.


You have truly understood the meaning of "pay it forward"!!! Kudos to you, and thank you for your quick thinking when given that opportunity with Madame de G.
Blessings to you!


Merci, M. Hogarth, for that charming story! Vous êtes le soleil!!!


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Delphine Hudson

What a wonderful story. Thank you

Laury Bourgeois

What an engaging and poignant story Mr. Hogarth...evidence that often what happens in our lives is better than anything we could make up! Merci Beaucoup!

Marlene Maginski

Thank you for the wonderful story, Mr. Hogarth. You can imagine my surprise when I read where you live. I live in Temecula, just up the road from Fallbrook.

antonette carron

Thank you so much for the wonderful Hogarth story. Moved my heart.

Does anyone know which two months he spends in Paris or which two months you think are the best two months to spend in Paris



Une belle histoire! Merci!


thank you Arnold Hogarth, I loved your lovely, sweet story. It made me happy. Gayle

Nicole Lidji

Quelle belle histoire .Merci mille fois pour l'avoir partagee avec nous. Nicole

Susan Gentry

What a wonderful story! Only in France are older women appreciated!

Jennifer in OR

What a precious story! I do wonder why she sent a box to herself everyday. Who was she hoping would send her a box? What was she hoping to be in the box? I loved that the teenager was so respectful of the Madame and shared the story with you. I so admire the women of the French Resistance.


Mr. Hogarth,

What a sweet story and such a loving thing to do for a stranger! You MUST read the children's book: Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch, by Eileen Spinelli. It is my favorite all time childrens' book and I promise you that you will love it too. It is well worth the trouble of locating.


Mary Ann Waterman

Quelle belle histoire! Et quel suprise pour Madam!

SA Brotherton

Merci & Gracias


Who says chivalry is dead? I'm sure your "colis" gladdened madame's heart, as it surely would mine. You, Mr. Hogarth, are a gentleman of the rarest kind.
I salute you!

Arnold Hogarth

Dear Fellow Readers,

I am anxious to thank those who emailed to say they liked the story.

I was thrilled with the comments. Next Wednesday night, I am going to find you in my dreams - and give each, and everyone of you, a BIG hug. (you'll feel the warmth).

I love you, too . . Arnold . . . and I thank Kristin for posting it - what a great site.


"Les grands discours c'est bien,
Mais les petits gestes c'est mieux." Lyrics by Stress

debra vaccaro

What a simple act of kindness! Beautiful soul.


From one of the largest cities in the world, you bring to us a small spot in a small room filled with life and love!

It is easy to see all that you have painted in our hearts and minds of what you saw. Memories from Paris lives in me daily.

Merci Monsieur Hogarth!

Carol Squires

Thank you for the beautiful, up-lifting story. What a wonderful gentleman you are.


Jill Leach

Merci, M.Hogarth...quelle belle histoire!

Renee Convers

Warm & wonderful story....thanks for sharing....and sharing....and sharing.....
Renee C.

Eileen deCamp

Merci, M. Hogarth!What a thoughtful thing to do! What a heartwarming random act of kindness!

Danielle C.

The story brought a lump to my throat and a smile to my face. Thank you, Mr. Hogarth. I wish you well.

My thanks also to you, Ms. Espinasse, for a consistently interesting and illuminating blog.


Arnold! How very YOU! I wish I had been that aged madame in line in front of you!! I see that Paris is making you write about more than running! Keep it up
Jeanne and Phil
Paris friends!

Catherine Polinard

Merci for a great story. Paris is a wonderful place.

Pat Cargill

J' attenderais pour la nuit mercredi, M. Hogarth - je vous remercie en avance pour mes sweet dreams - Trois bravos! cher homme.

(Thank you Mr. Hogarth, in advance, for the sweet dreams I will have on Wednesday night!)

wang hao

Mr. Hogarth

Bravo! you never know how powerful a good story could be! Hail from this side of the world.

soibin from China

Marion, Vieille Dame de San Francisco

Le sentiment de votre histoire c'est a peu comme "The Gift of the Magi". Je m'en souviendrai toujours.

Jill in Sydney, Australia

Lovely story, thank you so much, transported me to Paris.

Denele Sakata

Bonjour Arnold!!! What a great story! Your bavarduese and friend from Paris.... Bisous! Denele Sakata

Laverne in California

How lovely! and how sweet!! Merci beaucoup!!!

patty heigh

Oh, my gosh, my heart exploded like the fourth of July! Such a sweet story. Don't you just love the eccentricities of our elder ladies? it is clear that her beauty glows from within. It reminds me of a phrase a french friend once shared with me. Forgive me if the spelling is incorrect(Il ya 32 annees que j'etudie la langue francais.) The phrase: On peu faire le pein por etre belle. Translate that and have a laugh on me. Je taime aussie Madame de Gerverseux! An afterthought, bet m. de Gerverseux has a good laugh every time she mails a package to herself. And because laughter is great medicine, it isn't any wonder she still sparkles.


Merci Beaucoup Monsier Hogarth, j'aime bien votre histoire!


Merci beaucoup, M. Hogarth. What an imagination!


What a beautiful story.
Thank you!

P J Luckey

Belle histoire, Mr. Hogarth ! You are a true romantic!


Cette histoire est magnifique! Merci Monsieur pour la nous partages.


You're so sweet. It is so nice to hear such a good story in the beginning of a day. Wish you & the old lady have a happy day.


What a wonderful and touching story. Thank you so much for sharing it.



Marti Schmidt

Dear M.Hogarth,
As I read through this delightful story I was reminded of the old B&W movies of the era of Madame G. and Madame Baker lived.
Stories of Love and War. Romantic with an air of mystery.
I will not forget this one, and will continue to remember what one thoughtful act can do to raise the bar for the rest of us.
Thanks so much for sharing this.
Je t'aime, Arnold Hogarth.
L'Artiste Marti Schmidt

Marlene Haggard

Loved your beautiful story. My friends asked if I knew Arnold Hogarth at Poly and I replied yes, I went to the Kiss the Boys' goodby dance wirh Arnold and he might remember me as the one girl who didn't kiss him on the 1st date.
My name is Marlene and I make meat pies for the Scottish Highland Games around the U.S.
Heritage Meat Pies , hope to see you there.
Best Wishes,

ina dalsemer

Still a wonderful story now in 2012....merci.

Vivian Langley

Merci, Mr. Hogarth.

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