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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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Please get Braise spayed. You now know the obvious reasons. To add to those - I lost a dog once to uterine cancer - it would not have happened had she been spayed.

Ne tardez pas -


Im glad to hear you've found the dogs, and I'll be waiting for the end of the story!

Here are some translations:

comptoir - counter (or countertop)
policier - police officer
s'il vous plâit... on a perdu deux chiens.... - Please... we've lost two dogs
bon chance - good luck


Yikes, the drama...the suspense.
But I shall look forward to Friday, since I know the errant pair have a happy end:)

renee lerner

comptoir is counter; gouttelette is droplet; policier is policeman; fourgonnette is a small van; médaille is a tag; méchant is vicious; SPA means Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; S'il vous plaît....on a perdu deux chiens... means please...we have lost two dogs.; Veut-tu me prendre dans tes bras? Do you wish to take me in your arms?; Et, bien sür, ça ne réponds pas. Of course, it does not answer.; bon is good; oh Seigneur! means oh, my lord!; bon chance means good luck.


Fantastic, now you really can rest. I hope after all that drama, the love struck canines become parents.
Having previously lost a pet, who never returned, I commiserate with your worry and rejoice in your relief.


I just love the honesty in your words.


This is getting a bit melodramatic, no? Do you really need to drag this story out an entire week?

Pat Cargill

Your story resonates with me and I am sure others who have lost a beloved pet. You spoke of the feeling of lost children which is beyond compare, but our pets run a close second in the intensity of relationship we feel for them. It is all about love, indeed. I appreciate how the policier was willing to listen and take the information. That wouldn't happen here. We would be dismissed, probably told to call Animal Control.

"Veux-tu me prendre dans tes bras?" These are the words that tug at my heart...which I think translate, Do you want to hold me in your arms? Amid the confusion and pain and anxiety of the moment, you found the connection that sustains all of life, the "moi et toi" at the heart of the heart and the root of the root of everything else.

Mille mercis for all. Yea, Braise--tourjours d'amour!


Hi Kristin
Encouraged by what you are doing, I started a word a day too :-). Of course its nothing like yours, me living in a entirely non French speaking continent, and a less adventurous life. Please take a look and let me know you comments :-)

Marika Ujvari

Is there really a Stalingrad square in Marseilles?!? Hard to believe the name wasn't changed to something more pleasant.

Dogs have a reserved seat in our lives!

Lori Milbier

policier - police
s'il vous plâit... on a perdu deux chiens.... - Please, we have lost two dogs
bon - good
méchant - nasty
oh, Seigneur! - oh, Sir!
bon chance - good luck
Veux-tu me prendre dans tes bras? - Do you want me to give you a hug?

Nancy L.

Anxiously awaiting the end of the story of Braise & Sam. Fortunatley, I know it's a happy ending! I DO agree with Claudette however, your beloved Braise should be spayed--maybe one litter of little Braises, and then, as Claudette said, "Ne tardez pas."

Jules Greer

Hi Kristi,

Regarding photo #2 - Sam looks a little old for Braise, this could be his "Last Tango" with the young and blond and very beautiful Braise. I am sure Sam is going to demand one of his son's for companionship in his old age. Then we can all visit them at the Bed and Breakfast. Please post that address again I want to stay there next time I visit, when I get tired of YOU bossing me around. I want to reserve at least 5 days for re-exploring my very favorite city MARSEILLES. I lived there in a darling guest house for a month (close to VIEW-PORT when Kristi and JM were married = I come back on-line later, have to have coffee with my beautiful husband and watch the jungle moonsoon right now.




Je suis très très heureux pour vous tous, Kristin. Gros bisous pour les chiens.

Carmen Clarke

I love your story, Kristin. Life in Provence can't be just a field of lavender every day. You are not 'dragging this story out'. Real life is full of ups and downs, and your writing is growing through your experience. Bravo for sharing this personal and intimate story with us. Tell it like it needs to be told. We are with you.


Looking forward for the happy ending.

Shannon, Alexandria, VA

You recount stories with such emotion, Kristin!! I love reading about your adventures! I am so relieved that Braise is back!! :)


I am astonished when I read a "mechant" post on this site. It simply makes no sense. Glad to know Braise is safe and I can't wait to read the rest of your story on Friday...and the next day...and the next day...however long it ends up being!

Sandy Maberly

Hey Kristi...maybe you should start writing mystery novels! I'm hanging on the edge of my seat even though I know the outcome :-) Everyone knows that a juicy story can only be told in installments. It heightens the tension, allows for more detail and gets the reader more involved. Remain true to yourself and never let others influence or deter you from your art!


Thank God you have your pup back! Good News! I've been worried all week for you and Braise and Sam.

Looking forward to the tale!


Thank you for this beautiful story about your dog. I'm so glad that both Braise and Sam returned safe and sound. I could feel you an your husband's misery when you were searching for your dog. I eagerly await the end of the story.

All's well that ends well.




I hope Friday is the conclusion, don't drag the story out over a week please. You description of your emotions is very palpable.
I bet Braise is expecting and pups will arrive in a couple of months! The others are right to suggest spaying in the future. Not only to control pet overpopulation, it will prevent some health problems too. All of our pets have been spayed/neutered, it saves lots of worry.


So happy & can't wait to read more. I LOVE the installments!

I'm chuckling at the vision of these exhausted canine lovers. It's as if they are saying to each other: "Not tonight dear, we've had enough excitement.". Meanwhile, the rest of the household clings tightly to each other with relief. L'amour.

Edith Schmidt

Glad to hear the story ends well for all!
When I was a child, growing up in New Jersey, we had 2 young dachshunds, Weiner and Fritz. Fritz came to us from a unhappy home and loved to roam. He would managed to get out and take Weiner along for the road. We often ended up giving small boys cash rewards or thanking old ladies for finding our two bad boys. Nearby town's police stations got to know us too. We finally had to find a farm in the country for free-spirited Fritz where he was able to roam to his heart's content.

Edie Schmidt


Thanks for letting me feel your pain! Am so glad to know both dogs are safe. Can't wait to hear a future story on the birth of puppies!!! Your pictures are beautiful and I look forward to the rest of the story. Gail


Folks, take it easy on Kristin -- we all knew the minute the "Perdu" column was posted, that she and Jean-Marc were torturing themselves further with all the "what-ifs" and "if-onlys" that their minds could create, and wagging your finger and saying you told them so at this point does nothing.

Kristin et famille, I'm sorry you went through it, and I'm thrilled that they've returned -- even more so that they're mostly unharmed.


Again, the memories flood as I recall our own similar plight. It does help to let everyone possible know about a lost pet. Fortunately when we arrived home there was a call waiting for us. He had been found! We didn't have to go to sleep that night with the fear and worry you did. My heart aches just reading of your torment. Even though I know how the story ends, I still found myself in tears reading this second part.


Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Could there be better news? I am so happy for your family reunion. The expression on Braises face in the photo of her with Jackie is great. She looks totally 'blissed out'and happy and so too must all of you be to have her safely home.

If only Braise could talk I wonder what story she would tell of her adventure.....Can't wait to see the pups...

I agree with Sunny no finger wagging.

I feel fortunate that Kristin opens her life and shares with us not only her creativity, a beautiful writing style and the incredible photos on Cinema Verite each week. She includes us in the ups and downs of a real life.... Merci Kristin.
Lots of love to all of you.

Cate Salenger

Thank God you found them! I was thinking about you guys and knowing all too well what that's like. Can't wait for the follow-up story!


Dear Kristin,
Thank you for sending us the good news yesterday. So delighted. Sam and Braise look adorable. I think they love each other. My husband and I are always thinking about radio-labeling our cats but it is not done. We would need a strong receiver to track them. I worry everyday.

Love to your family and happy Wednesday!

Simon Mackay

fourgeonnette: small van (not sure whether this term applies to a passenger-vehicle-based van (Renault Kangoo, etc) or a larger vam (Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota HiAce), including a minivan).


As always, I can't wait for your next posting...knowing that ultimately the dogs are okay makes the anticipation bearable!

Here's my list of translations:
comptoir: counter (as in a store)
gouttelet: droplets
policier: Policeman
s'il vous plâit... on a perdu deux chiens: please...we've lost two dogs
fourgonnette: small van
bon: good or "alright then" in this instance
médaille: medallion/tag
SPA: societé protectrice des animaux (animal humane society)
Et, bien sûr, ça ne répond pas!: And of course they're not answering!
méchant: vicious/aggressive
oh, Seigneur!: oh, Lord!
bon chance: good luck
Veux-tu me prendre dans tes bras?: Do you want to hold me?

Jules Greer

Hi Honey,

Kristi, I think this is one of your best stories. I am amazed at how many words and phrases you incorporated into this story, what a wonderful teaching tool - I for one will treasure this story, I can just see myself retelling this story to all of my friends and using all of my new words. I know you have NEVER thought of yourself as a teacher, but today's story has proved to me that you could get a job at any university teaching French. Perhaps a guest
position at the Sorbone (sp) next summer for all of us to dream of attending. Forget all of this - just write a new book for us to savor and display on our coffee table.




I am in agreement that you should write a book, this is a great story that I have looked forward to reading each day. I love happy endings!

Jules Greer

Hi Honey,

Somehow I have locked myself out of my gmail account so we can't email. Why don't
you call me -



Mom is right. I just ordered your book and it arrived. I love it!

Mille Mercis!


Now knowing the ending is happy, I can't help but hum that wonderful melody from "Lady and the Tramp" : "Bella Notte"


Braise est revenue--Dieu soit loué!

(Now that Braise is safely back home, I would suggest that you may have meant to write "Bonne chance," since "chance" is feminine.)

Mary Christopher

Hi, Kristin--Thank you soooo much for not making us wait any longer to learn of the happy ending! Now I can calmly wait for the details. Today's vocab has good luck included (bon chance). Shouldn't it be "bonne chance?" Just wondering....
Mary C.

Nicole Marcus

Oh no, Kristin, we have to wait that long; now I am going to be up all night. I know it is the worst feeling. I shall send good cheer your way and hope for a good turnout. Most people in France love dogs, especially GR as they are so sweet. They will be taken care of.
A bientot


They look quite plum tuckered out in that photo.. What have they been up to?!

One of our goldens was ALWAYS running away. It didn't matter quite so much because we lived in a very wooded area, so there was less risk of cars...

I remember when we lived in South America, when we walked our dog, he was always pulling on his leash. People were afraid and would ask me "El es bravo?" which I thought to mean brave, so I said yes. Turns out it means agressive/Dangerous. No wonder they crossed to the other side of the road, far away from the dangerous golden retrievor!


Heaving a sigh of relief that Braise and Sam are safely home with their loving families.

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

~ Anatole France ~

D'Neal in Keizer, Oregon, USA
(hugging my two Bichon Frisé girls in celebration) :-)

Joyce Hawkins

I had tears in my eyes when I saw the picture and knew you had found her. God bless you all.


Still on the m/f vocabulary issue: Isn't the word for droplets, "gouttelettes (f. pl.)" (rather than "gouttelets (m. pl.))"?


Mom is right. I just ordered your book and it arrived. I love it!

Mille Mercis!


Wow! What a perfect time to pick up my old friend, French-Word-a-Day, after 2 semesters of intense teaching! I am (happily) stunned at how much I missed you and your fab writing! I see my Fifi in Blaise's eyes! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story, and I don't care if it runs over to next week! So happy all is well again! (Oh, and yes, it's BONNE chance and goutelettes.)

Pat Cargill

Ok, I have two cents in my hot little hand so....

Sans aucun doute, il y a plus de personnes avec amour à leurs coeurs que ceux qui portent des roches à leurs coeurs.

hey, i just made that up. Know my french is dreadful, but I am tres inspired by the outpouring of concern and caring and just pure ole' love, yeah Baby!, here to mutter the above. Hope I get my point across.

Tourjours, votre amie,


I am so happy the story ends well, and liking that it is not told all at once - but little by little. The earlier escapades by Braise made me laugh, the running away in Marseilles made me worry, and now waiting to know the full tale makes me wonder. Tomorrow we'll know?

Pat Cargill

Diane - thanks for Disney link - just watched L & T "Bella Notte" - I am a total sap for this stuff. Love it! Takes me way back.


I love the pictures of the beautiful couple. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!

Andrea  A.

Yes! Miracles DO happen!
Kristin, I;m so happy for you, Jean-Marc and la famille.
Welcome home, Braise! And what are you smirking about.....??

Leslie in WA, in view of the Olympic Mountains

After 9 dogs and my five children during 20 years of marriage, dog stories never get old. That's why most of us loved the book and movie "Marley and Me". Kristin, you now have a french "Marley and Me" version. Continue to share with us....mille merci

matthew michael

I'm curious what the word "crevé" means literally. Is crever a verb? I love following etymological paths like this. :)


Don't pay any attention to someone who says you've dragged this story out too long. As the posted comments attest, the great majority of your friends/readers can't get enough of this sweet story. And the photos are extraordinary! You've made my day once again!
Kitty in Seattle

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