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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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Salut Kristin,

Just got the book this weekend and it is beautiful. I loved re-visiting the stories and the accompanying photos just added to the ambiance. Merci mille fois for this wonderful addition to my ever-expanding "French Word-A-Day" library.

Mike Hardcastle

Felicitations Kristin,

My copy of your delightful new book arrived yesterday, totally different in style to your first 'Words' but equally enjoyable. Really super pictures and your usual stylish prose.

You must be pleased that your blog is in good hands this week.

Best wishes,


Eileen deCamp

I think I'll order one illico presto!



I tried to place an order a minute ago (as "illico presto" as I could!)

We were given 5 currencies to choose from:

US $
I clicked on my currency ---> £

At the end of the check-out, I entered the code (FWAD2010). Unfortunately, it said it wasn't applicable in the currency I chose! "Zut"! "Pas de chance"!

Does it mean if I wanted to take advantage of the discount, I would have to pay in American $ ?
If that was the case, my credit card would then charge some extra.


I wish there are a few sentences (in french) using the word of the day. C'est ne pas à demande trop, non?
Often a word on its own is likely to be forgotten because there is no link; how it is used in a sentence will form a stronger memory of the meaning and the word itself.


Oh, I forgot to ask you whether the books of 'Summer 2009 stories' we order now are all from the SECOND edition.


Thank you for the book feedback!

Newforest, I need to contact the printer and get a Euro coupon equivalent so that you, and others, may benefit from the discount. Thanks for your note!

Pascal, I agree, a sentence would be helpful. I will keep your suggestion in mind for the next volume. (Space and formating is an issue... no matter how small!) :-)


Thank you Kristin,
Yes, I think an equivalent discount in € would be appreciated by customers from European countries. Hope your printer will agree. Thank you for asking him!

joie  carmel,ca

I am not sure which is more your passion....the writing or the photography. Or, does one feed off the other?


Hi Joie, Thanks! Either way, I think they are good companions, helping each other along the way.

Newforest, the printer just responded to my email, asking whether I wanted a UK pounds coupon. I've asked for both (UK pounds and Euros). Will let you and others know about the coupon as soon as I hear back from them :-)


P.S.: to Newforest, this is the second edition book.

Kay Cotner

Bonjour Kristin

I've been receiving your FWAD for 3 wks now...absolutely look forward to seeing it on my computer..have also hooked a few friends....& children! Your site is truly charming.

One thing: I just tried to use the promo code to buy your checkout I was told that the promo has expired! Will you be able to fix this? (I'm paying in US$)

Thank you for such a wonderful addition to my daily emails...



Hi Kay, thanks for the info and kind words. I've just contacted the printer and am waiting for a response. Normally, the offer is good through the last day of September...


Thanks for the extra info which confirms all books ordered now (Summer 2009 stories) are the second edition books.

Being able to pay (and to get a discount) in UK £ and also in Euros sounds perfect! Hopefully the printer will SOON 're-fix' the offer!


Rebonjour, Kay. The coupon should work now. Please try again.

Still waiting on confirmation for the UK £ and Euro coupon....

Kay Cotner

Chere Kristin...

Mille mercis.........shall go back & place my order now!!

I think this book will make wonderful cadeaux de Noel for very special people...

Can't wait to receive it....


Kay Cotner


The promo is working perfectly now...
merci merci


Pat Cargill

The following link will give anyone a plethora, a barrel, a cargo load of info and examples for "un rappel." Have fun! I have found www.wordreference an excellent resource for translation.

Kristin, I am not sure how the 2nd edition differs from the copy I purchased last year. In previewing it seemed to have much of the same pages.

Another beautiful but quite warm fall day in Virginia.

Kristin Espinasse

Hi Pat, re your question about how the 1st and 2nd edition differ: some typos were caught and fixed... and some new photos were shared (including a photo collage of our family). The vocab section was simplified (less m and f designations (la and le are used instead).

lou bogue

Thank you for your kind words and hospitality, I planned my trip around you and Jean-Marc and you were the highlight of my trip to 7 different cities, these old eyes drank in a lot of sites but will never forget the both of you and your piece of heaven, perhaps if I would have come when I was 80, I could have given more than 2 days but they were a memorable 2 days, I truly hope to come back and if I"m lucky, will see you in the states in the future, extended families should get together every now and then, my very best to you and yours, Always. Lou

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