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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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Hello from Lambesc. What's with the wind today?

Betty Gleason

Best wishes from Hobe Sound, FL at 59° Sounds like life is just humming along. Enjoy!


Hello from Durham, NC. Warming to 62 here. How is the weather in Provence?

Patricia Rafalko

Bon jour from Toms River NJ...

Dottie Bennett

Bonjour de Pell City, Alabama près de Birmingham. Il pleut ici!

Shane Cook

Bonjour/Hello from Austin, Texas!

Pamela McGrath Solomon

Greetings and bonjour from Long Island, New York!


Greetings from Wayne, New Jersey, USA on a foggy morning.

Tim Averill

Hello from Beverly, MA from Tim and Lauren Averill, both Lunatiques in our own right!

Dale Birdoff

Bonjour Kristin! I'm writing from Bethesda, Maryland...but my heart is toujours en Provence.


Hello and best wishes from Cape Town, South Africa.

Noel Smith Katz

Bonjour de Sidi Bou Said, Tunis, Tunisie

Josee Fauteux

Bonjour en direct de Princeton, New Jersey.

Mary Mumbrue

My name is Mary. Greetings from Evanston, Illinois.


Bonjour from Angela in Sussex,England.
The snow has finally gone - it's a grey day but spring is coming!
Glad to see you looking great Kristin.

Leena Jaanimagi

I always look forward to your e-mails - always been a Francophile. Thanks from Hamilton, Canada.

Robin Wood

Bonjour Kristin,
Je suis à Londres, Angleterre où il fait beau aujourd’hui


Bonjour from Vanessa in Lausanne, Switzerland. Je suis americaine, mais maintenant, j'habite en Suisse Romandie! I love learning French with your word-of-the-day emails! :)

Patrine Baptist

G'day from Adelaide,Australia....and Namaste because I am an Indian migrant.

Iulia Dumitru

Hello from Cologne, Germany!

Elaine Griffin

Bonjour from rainy Pittsburgh, PA

Diana Morais

Bonjour de Afrique du Sud! I have recently started learning French and am loving your blog!


Hello Kristin! It's a quiet morning here in Western Springs, IL - just west of Chicago.


Hello from the village of Clair, New Brunswick, Canada! Bonjour du village de Clair, Nouveau-Brunswick, au Canada!


Hello from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the land of Carnaval!!!!
:-) bisous,

Sylvia Duckworth

Hello Kristin, from Sylvia in Toronto, Canada. I love your blog... your life is my fantasy!

Tom Powell

Bonjour from Albemarle County, Virginia, and thank you for this marvelous thrice-weekly visit to France!

Ruth Fuchs Hallett

Bonjour de New York, "la grosse pomme," la ville qui ne dort jamais.

David Falcone

Bonjour from Philadelphia, Pa.

Marika Ujvari

Greetings, Kristi, from Windsor, Colorado!
When my morning starts with your blog, I go through the whole day with a smile on my face. I love to read your stories!


Hello from Beaverton, Oregon!

ann marie bercy

Hello from New Castle, Delaware

Bill Honan

Bonjour Kristen from Bill in Annapolis, Maryland


Hi Kristin,

My 17 year old, Lauchlin, just completed his driver training and now has his license...wierd to see him drive out of our driveway alone!!
xoedie from Halifax, Nova Scotia

p.s. come visit!!

Kathy Kern

Bonjour from Glenside PA.
Love your blog!

Marion Bown

Bonjour and hello from Austin, Texas!

Alice Evans

Hello from sunny Sydney! Alice


Hello from Pittsburgh, PA!


Bonjour from Toulouse. We are recent American transplants and I have great fun testing mon mari's french by using some of the phrases you introduce. And my children constantly correct my pronunciation . Also mon atelier des langue has enjoyed reading your pieces. -- Paula

Anita Schaab

Bonjour from Oak Park, Illinois!
Truly enjoying your words and thoughts!

Jan Leavey

Salut from Jan in Manchester, England!

Dana Strout

Salut from Camden, Maine, USA. Where the mountains meet the sea!

Deanna K. Douglas

Bonjour from Deanna in Washington, D.C. Je voudrais vous remercier pour votre blog extraordinaire.

BarbarA Bilder from Brittany

Bonjour from Dinan in beautiful Bretagne.

Rick Macemon

Bonjour, CaVa? from Rick in the Hollar - Smithville, TN (just south of Nashville)

Leyna Ely

Bonjour from Columbia, South Carolina! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and photos with us!


Hello Kristin from sunny Melbourne, the world's most liveable city!

Elaine Rysner

Greetings from Evanston, Illinois from a Grandmother of four who began French studies 27 years ago and continues to this day! I'm now part of a delightful group that meets once a week just for the pleasure of speaking French.


Bonjour from West Simsbury,CT. I am a new subscriber -adore yor site and your books. Bon courage!


Bonjour, de Washington, D.C. Ca Marche?

Barry Stein

Greeting from Albany NY. It is a very strange winter indeed here in northeast US. No snow!

Maxine Tomashefsky

Hello from Lincoln,England. Originally from Southern California, USA. I Love Your Blog:-)
We are looking to move to France in the next year maybe we can visit you on our property search.


Salut from Portland, Maine and the French classes of Portland High School. In class this week we're learning Joe Dassin's Aux Champs Elysées, featuring your very word of the day! (...deux amoureux, tout étourdis...)
Bonne journée à tous.

Paul Blackburn

Hello from Johannesburg, South Africa

Kathy Shearer

Bonjour, Kristen, from Emory, Virginia. I enjoy your musings as well as the lesson. From a fellow writer.


Bonjour from Strafford, Pennsylvania.
I so enjoy your pictures and stories. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life in France with us.

David Jacobs

Hello Kristen, from Santa Clara, California! So glad to hear you are recovering well, and such a blessing to have that much email from your fans!

Diane Rincones Hess

HI! Y'All from the sweet town of Aiken,South Carolina home of the largest urban forest in the USA.


Bonjour du village Vero Beach, Florida. Love your column!
Be well. Harlie

Liane Sperlich

Salut from liane in Tacoma

Bob Irwin

Hello from Dallas, home of Air Liquide Electronics US.


Bonjour from Simsbury , Conecticut.

Robyn in Strasbourg

Bonjour from Robyn in Strasbourg, originally from LA!! I love your stories and of course your beautiful pictures. And since I married a French man and am expecting a baby, my mom has enrolled in French classes. So I bought her your book to learn some new words & phrases :-) Thanks for sharing your life with all of us online!!


Bonjour from Lebanon NH, USA

Anne Boykin

Hello from Newnan, Georgia, United States!

Maureen Carmody

Hi there from the Emerald Isle, Ireland, Collinstown, Mullingar in the Irish Lakelands.

Sarah Browne

Bonjour! Thanks for all of the help your emails have provided in boosting my vocab :) Sarah Browne, currently in Bulkington, UK but excitedly in the process of relocating to Annecy, France! Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Joan Zehm

Hello from Maine USA . Have a gay
day. Joan Zehm

Julie from Edinburgh

Bonjour Kristin - you look a million dollars - so glad you are on the mend. Gros bisous from Julie in Sunny Edinburgh Scotland

Thomas Rabalais

Bon Jour a la Shreveport, Louisiane.

Carol Pratt

Bon jour Kristin! Je suis en Irlande maintenant, mais j'habite en Eugene, Oregon pendant plus de cinquante ans.

Doreen Sharabati

Bonjour Kristin, from sunny (and warm) Ft. Lauderdale, FL. You're amazing!!

Cheryl Hilton

Bonjour à partir de~Traverse City, Michigan

Katie Dyer

Bonjour a la parte de Katie de Lower Macungie, PA

Jim Lesser

Hello from Jim in Hightstown, New Jersey.

Phoebe L.

Hi from Phoebe in Melbourne, Australia :)
Your posts are always very interesting, and I really like the pictures you post!


Hello from Nashville, Tennessee. Every one of your posts is a lovely gift. Thank you

Deborah Carter

Salut Kristin! Greetings from Melbourne Australia, where it has been 38C today and is still a hot, humid night! What a far reaching mix of addresses you have received! Everyone values your mix of warm anecdotes, family life and frenchy tales!

Marianne Porteus

Bonjour from the "Big Apple", NYC!

Tonya McNair

Hello!!...from Little Rock, Arkansas...How do zeez people write you at 1:32 pm from Ft. Lauderdale FL when it's just now 6:34 AM CST in Little Rock, AR??
How do we enter to win an antique? I'm flying to Paris on April 20. Does that give me a leg-up?? LOL. You are such an inspiration!! I work an hourly job and am squeezing out enough to get over there for a week!! YeeeeeHaaaaa! Thank you so much for what you share with us!!


Bonjour from a warm and sunny St. Pete, Florida. But my barge/peniche is sitting in the icy canal in Toul, France.

Rob Fox

Bonjour de Rob Fox, Tiburon, CA

Carol Howard

Bonjour from Carol in Baltimore (who would rather be in Paris).


Hello from Concord Massachusetts (west of Boston)!


Hello from Houston, Texas in the USA... But I would rather be in a lavender field somewhere in Provence or sipping tea at a charming outdoor cafe in Vauvenaurges....


Bonjour Kristin! Rhiannon - London/Carcassonne

Megan Davies Thomson

Hello! Bonjour! Salut! Christine... so lovely to see your beautiful face again looking so well healed. I had been worrying about you ever since I saw and read about your first operation. Bon courage and speedy healing again this second time around.
For your competition, I am an antique Kiwi (or is that antiquated(?)) reporting in from the Loir et Cher (Dept 41) and I do so enjoy your emails/website so please keep up the good work. Merci beaucoup.


Slàinte mhath! from Perth, Scotland - where it is a beautiful sunny afternoon.


Bonjour from Lauderdale-by-the-Sea FL

Lorri Murray

Hello from New Orleans, Louisiana where we are in full swing celebrating Mardi Gras!


Kathy Nieder

Bonjour...Salut...Buenos Kathy à Louisville, KY

Irene Sietmann

Hello Kristin from Irene in Rochester, New York. It's so nice to get your stories from France. They serve as a much needed glimpse of Europe for me when I can't be there.

Alynn Snyder

Bonjour from an 80 year old fan in sunny Ormond Beach, FL

Laurel Moranz

Bonjour Kristin! Laurel---Skaneateles, New York


hello From Ireland

Robyn France

Salut from Winston-Salem, NC--always love your sense of humor and self-doubt --so honest and true.

Cynthia Perryman

Hello from Atlanta, Georgia, where it is 17 degrees one morning and 60 the next!

Really enjoy your writing and glad all is well ! Since I am a painter (mostly scenes and people of France), I love your photography, too. I also import antiques from France, so I am now intrigued by your "surpris".

Tracy Snyder

Hello from Tracy in Wichita, Kansas USA!

Shobha Varthaman

namaste from Shobha, India.

Michelle Taylor

Bonjour de Michelle, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada! C'est évident que tu as beaucoup d'amis, partout dans le monde!!!

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