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Favorite French words & phrases: popote

Pied de Nez restaurant (c) Kristin Espinasse

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The recent prize giveaways have been a wonderful chance to discover silent readers, including Gus Elison (87-years-old, from Florida) and Marjorie Recinos (Newburyport, Massachusetts). Congratulations to these two, who have each won an antique key! Read on, in today's story column, to learn about who has won today's telephone call... (Photo taken in Le Castellet Village, at the restaurant Le Pied de Nez -- painting by Christian Pieroni)


la popote (poh-poht) [slang!]

    : cooking; officer's mess, canteen

Note: la cuisine and cuisiner are trustier word choices, should you want to talk about "cooking" with the French! However, if you are looking for a funny synonym, you might give today's word a go!


faire popote = to take one's meal with others
faire la popote
= to cook, to do the cooking
popote (adjective) = stay-at-home, home-loving

=> "popote" is also a child's word for "soup" 

Example Sentence
Aimez-vous faire la popote? C'est qui qui fait la popote chez vous? Do you like to cook? Who does the cooking at your house?

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

In the last grips of la grippe... I had better take things slowly today. Inspired by so many wonderful reader tips on listening, I had hoped to write a story about a beer-guzzling, check-bouncing, twenty-something... but this tender tale of a floundering young woman and The Loving Ear that steered her, will have to wait.

Meantime, I need to draw a number... for we have another prize winner in our latest drawing:  "Win A Telephone Conversation with a former Beer Guzzler Kristin"...

...And the winner is... 

Dana Jones!

Bonjour, Dana. I'm putting any jitters aside... and looking forward to talking to you very soon!


Wishing everybody a happy weekend and, if you feel like joining in on today's topic of conversation "Favorite French words and expressions", then you can leave your pick here in the comments box. Who knows, maybe another winner will be drawn?.... Click here to share your favorite French word or expression.



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