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Thursday, May 03, 2012


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J'adore les peonies, il est un fleur tres belle.

Debby Montague

Cher Smokey,

J'aime le geranium et les marigolds francais.



Bill Facker

Aloha from Versailles, Kristin. That's a happy looking group above and Smokey's "smile" is beautiful!


Smokey I like whichever flower you are near!

Sharon - Montague, Michigan

I can not choose just one...........they are all my favorite.

Adrienne KinKaid Plymouth, Minnesota

Smokey, j'aime pansies but can't recall ever seeing them in France!


Cher Smokey,
Do you know the reason we call that flower "pansies" en anglais? It actually comes from the French, "pensees," because the person who named them said they reminded him of "little thoughts."
Betcha didn't know that!

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

Cher Smokey,
J'adore les "bearded irises" et les pivoines (peonies). However, the constant rain here in the Midwest has beaten both into the ground this year.

Sushil from Mauritius

Dear Smokey,
My wife loves smokelicots!



Nina T in Vermont

Cher Smokey,
J'aime les Smokelicot, mais j'adore les piovines!

Cynthia Gillespie

Je préfèrs la plumbago ~ c'était aussi la preferée de Frida Kalo.

Cassie Alexandrou in Dallas, TX

Dear Sweet Smokey,

I love impatiens and hydrangeas (...hope I've spelled those correctly), both of which I have in my garden.

Loretta Vandenberg

I love reading your slice of life in France. As for flowers, I love them all but if I had to choose it would be roses, tulips and lavender.

Marcia Stoub in Minneapolis, MN

I love the beautiful blue iris. Smokey's smile is the best!!

Audrey Wilson

But I thought Smokey's favourites were poppies !!
Me, well i love just about anything floral . I do have a special place in my heart for my orchid (cymbidium ), which gives a splendid show of multi blooms in January through 'til end of April

Jan in Monument, Colorado

Living in Colorado, I have to love columbine! I haven't seen any in bloom yet, but we've had such a marvelous spring that it shouldn't be long. In my 30+ years here, I don't recall a spring this lovely. Warm temps, breezes but not incessant high winds, lots of sunshine and no snow in May(well, so far)! Our apple trees and lilacs are full of fragrant blossoms (blossoming in Colorado?) and out a full month earlier than normal. What will I look forward to in June??? Guess that would be the columbine.

Marilyn Sokolowski

How I wish I could post this en francais but it has been many years since high school. I love this blog! Thank you for all you do. Smokey, I think the iris is the most beautiful flower.


Poppies. More poppies. Poppies in Provencal fields. Poppies as far as the eye can see.

Judythe Sieck

Today it's flax. My other favorite flower is Smokey! What a "keeper" this photo is.



Bonjour Smokey: Je t'adore. Comment va ta maman Braise? Merci de nous donner la chance pour parler avec toi.
A propos, c'est "QUELLE est votre fleur et pas qu'elle est votre fleur" ...Quelle fleur je préfère? Pour moi, toutes les fleurs sont belles. Mais, j'aime bien les iris de toutes les couleurs. Et oui, les Smokilicots, nommés après toi. sont aussi mes fleurs favories.
Sois sage et dis bonjour à ta belle maman.

nancy v

Good question Smokey - there are so many especially in Spring. Dog wood trees in bloom and tulips tie with poppies and lilacs. Hope your nose is enjoying all the new smells.

Trish Voskovitch

j'adore le Dahlia Smokey!


J'adore le muguet et les pensées (pansies).

Francine Gair

Salut, monsieur Smokey. J'aime les pavots de Californie. Ma Golden Jeannie t'envoie ses meilleurs voeux.


La vie enrose et les lilas


Dear Smokey,
You are not only adorable but so well loved by your family!
J'adore roses,the more fragrant the better.
My maman did,too,and I remember her glorious garden. (Now I have--what I hope is--also a glorious garden. I think of her every time I see it!)
Bisous to you!
Love, Natalia XO

Dana Jones

Bonjour Smokey!
J'adore votre photo! Je prefere les roses.

chanelle carlin

Bonjour, Smokey! J'adore la rose jaune :-)

Diane Young

j'aime plumbago ou "blue daze" mais beaucoup des autres fleurs aussi.

Susan Carter, Westminster, CA

I love almost all flowers but lillies of the valley are my favorite even though we can't grow them in Southern California.

Pat, Roanoke, VA

J'aime Siberian irises, which are currently blooming around the water garden. I also ADORE Smokey's heartwarming smile standing by the flax fleurs, sans doubte the dearest pic of him yet. Thank you!


I love the dianthus. They smell wonderful. I have 6 in my garden. I just found a herb called Chocolate mint that's really nice. Have a great weekend!

Kathleen from Connecticut

Les tournesol are my favorite. I had them for my wedding - on the alter and I carried them. I have them in a floor vase almost all year long. Smokey, you'd love lovely among les tournesol.


Salut Smokey,

Ma fleur préférée est le lys de la vallée. They bring back a lot of good memories, because there was a little bed of Lily of the Valley in my back yard when I was a child. They would pop up every spring just before the lilac bushes started blooming. Mais fait attention - on ne devrait pas manger cette fleur parce lys de la vallée est toxique. Everyone wants you happy and healthy for a very long time, chere Smokey. ^_^

Robin Carter, Marana, AZ

Dear Smokey, globe mallow is my favorite flower. Thank you for asking!

Rick Spring

Crepe Myrtle

Judi Boeye Miller, Lake Balboa, CA

Sweet Smokey,
J'aime des fresias. Je ne sais pas leur nom en français. ils sont très sensibles, et ont le parfum le plus merveilleux.

I love your photo among the flax!

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

So many flowers that I love.
From the Illinois prairie (a French word put to a new meaning, that) it is the giant purple coneflower. (echinacea purpurea)

Especially when grown next to prairie coreopsis (small and yellow) or black eyed susans (like yellow daisies with dark centers).
And of course pansies. My niece has been travelling in France this year -- she posted lovely photos of pansies in a large public garden in Rennes in mid-April.

And poppies in fields in France.

So many favorites.

Eileen deCamp, Charlottesville, VA

Bonjour Kristin,

J'aime toutes les fleurs. Ma fleur préférée est le pétunia.


Cher Smokey,
I love you and ,J'aime toutes les fleurs.
Peonies ,daisies,poppy,npetunia.

Anne in Melbourne, Australia

Hi Smokey,
My favourite fleurs are sweet peas. They are my birth month flower (April) but I've always loved their pretty pastel colours and sweet, delicate scent. I tried to grow them twice, but both times when they were just small shoots, my lawnmower man mowed them down (without realising what they were). They make a gorgeous, fragrant big bouquet.

T Tyler

Bonjour Mr. Smokey Dokey,

I love daylilies but last summer the deer ate all of mine, includng the blooms, in one weekend under the cover of dark.

Smokey - keep your pictures coming!

Tish from Powhatan, VA

BJ Tuininga

I am an artist from New York. I adore sunflowers...the bring such joy with color renewal of life for nature. Your Mom sent me your way.I know her via Facebook. I can read French but not speak it fluently (very rusty). Look forward to your blog.

Linda Packer

Bonjour Smokey! J'aime les fleurs de glycines le meilleur, mais je pense que tu as très mignon avec les fleurs de lin!

Linda Hollander

I can translate most of the flowers, but glycine le meilleur has me stumped, as does Le tournesol...

My favorites? All listed, PLUS nasturtiums, which have a can eat them! They are delicious, leaves and flowers, in salads, where they add a very pepper-y note, or as garnishes for the plate. Try them, they bloom voraciously in the sun and make beautiful hanging baskets.

P.J. Williams

My favorite flowers are gardenias, lilacs, roses, and the lovely pink showy evening primrose. I'll bet Smokey would love them, too!

P.J. Williams

@Linda Hollander: I believe that the statement, "J'aime les fleurs de glycines le meilleur" means "I love wisteria flowers the best"...although my french is pretty sketchy. However, I also love wisteria flowers however short the season is here in Arkansas.


Hmmm, my favorite flower is hydrangea. I especially like the ones called limelight. So beautiful. Hydrangeas always remind me of my grandmother. She too was beautiful, inside and out.

I love peonies , but the blue looks beautiful in the picture .

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