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Thursday, August 23, 2012


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Mille Mercis for this post---I did read your larme edition and sent you hugs...I find so much comfort in color...the pictures you post are healing medicine to my; I know this sounds sad but so it is....xx


Il etait un homme au grand coeur, toujours disponible a ses amis et sa famille.

(Not sure if this is completely grammatically correct!)


Something making you sad ? It shall pass.


Je suis un homme avec au grande coeur !


Tu es la femme au grand coeur.

Debbie Ambrous -

The pink-painted chair matches the hydrangeas. "Razzi Advertising" They make me think of the wonderful French ice cream. Raspberry would be wonderful right now! Summer is slipping away, but I have blackberries in the freezer, preparing like the proverbial ant for cooler weather. Jim & I speak of you and your family often. Ya'll come to Alabama. Jim has scuppernongs in the refrigerator and he's considering making some wine with them. An Alabama Vintner, but no competition to Jean-Marc. Love to you and family, especially Jules!

Barbara Becker

Your photos are beautiful. I like the fact that your big heart comes through in the moment you catch through your lens. They make me want to pick up my paintbrush.


Hi Kristin,

This is about the last Word-a-Day. As I was reading all the comments from your readers I noticed one from someone guessing that you will be relocating to Sicily. That had crossed my mind some time ago, but I thought it was unlikely after all the work Jean-Marc put into his vineyard and promoting his wines. But, only you and he know! You already heard from me with my original guess.

Keep well,

Kristina Wurlitzer

A prayer for me today? I cannot tell you how much I needed one, so thank you!

My heart went out to you when I read your last post, as it is hard to feel that sort of sadness. Take heart, and keep in mind my dear mother's belief that when things got so bad that one could not take it any longer, things would change. She was speaking, in particular, about parenting young children, but I think it is o.k. to take some liberty with the sentiment. Now, if you will work on not being sad, so will I! Let's make a pact. :)

Katie Dyer

Kristin, vous est une femme au grand cœur qui nous apporte la joie chaque semaine avec des histoires et photos.

Gros bisous à vous et à toute la famille.

Ben Hair

je n'avais jamais vu quelqu'un d'aussi compatissant : c'etait un homme au grand coeur.

jan greene

Kristin, I hope the gifts of grace and spirit return to you in the same abundance as you have sent them. There is the passage of time, children getting older, changes which bring tears and sadness. Even there try to remember how loved you are en famille and ici by all your faithful readers!

Mary L. Holden

The phrase "au grand coeur" makes me think of the Grand Canyon here in Arizona, but I don't know why.

Cynthia M

As an Army wife, all I can say is that two things get me through life: 1) Strength, and 2) Peace of Spirit


Hi Kristin, I know we have "spoken" privately about this time of ageing so I want to let you know that what you are experiencing could be part of that, amplified by the changes that are going on in your life. I have been a faithful reader of your posts for about ten years, watched your children grow into beautiful teenagers, wept at the familiarity these posts bring, along with a longing for my own past. I have rejoiced in your happy days and hope that when you are in your sixties with grandchildren you and your family will read these posts again and relive your happiness.

L. M. Davies

Dear Kristin,

Whenever I see one of your photographs I can feel the smile blossom on my face. For your eye to see such beauty, so often and in so many places I think your heart must be very, very open.

To me, au grand coeur means more than a generous heart. It means a big heart that feels things acutely. An open heart shelters many strong feelings. Sometimes, some feelings may be less welcome than others.

Whenever my feelings threaten to overwhelm me, I try to find a safe place where they can be expressed without me getting any criticism, unwanted advice, or redirection. Many times that ends up being a blank sheet of paper. Often a close friend will lend an ear without trying to 'fix' things or change the subject - she will just hold the safe place for me.

Once I break that dam of 'Oh, I shouldn't feel this way' and get the space to express how I really feel - without restriction - I end up coming to a place of clearer thinking. Even when I can't change things and have no control over outcomes, I end up feeling better afterwards.

Please remember you have love and support out here on the net as well as your closer family and friends.

Blessings as you walk your road!

Love and hugs,
Linda from New York

Diane Fujimoto

These are two pictures I just have to paint! I have a series in mind, based on your photos of windows with shutters and doors. I will send you jpegs once they're finished so you can see how your artful eye expands the beauty in the world!

Jean Creighton

I cannot tell you the peace and joy your pictures bring me, and I certainly hope to you as well. The quiet beauty of both of these make me take a deep breath and want to breathe in that sweet air. God Bless you ,dear. As I'm a grandma, I'd just like to give you a grandma- hug and say, it's going to be ok. This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it. Love to you and your family. Love, Jean from Utah

Carolyn Chase

Americans are bighearted people. After a house fire or similar disaster, food, clothing, and a place to stay are offered by neighbors - even furnishings to start over. Food & baby sitting offers come forth after a death so the family can deal with what needs to be done. Communities of bighearted people raise funds for wheel chairs and other expensive medical equipment or surgery expenses for families that cannot afford them on their own. Bighearted Americans also respond all over the world when disasters strike, sending assistance and coming as volunteers to help.

joie in carmel,ca

Forget about the writing for right now. Your photos are so wonderful. They immediately set me down in the middle of France. Compile a few hundred and then put them into a book with perhaps just a short poetic description of a few. There is the saying about a picture speaks greater than a thousand words. Make a calendar for the next year with them. Check out Linnea and see their format for calendars....quite a bit different, but I think would lend well to your photos.

Karen Whitcome - Towson, Md USA

Si chacun d'entre nous étaient au grand coeur, nous pourrions tous vivre en harmonie.

If every one of us were big-hearted, we could all live in harmony.

(Feel free to correct my grammar/spelling, etc.!!)

I love those oh-so colorful and cheery photos. They make me smile.

Cheryl Jamison

A big hug from Santa Fe. (and I am headed to Scottsdale tomorrow, so I'll send you another one from your old home.) Bill and I want you to continue to love what you do, so if slowing it down, or taking a break, would help you refresh, that would be in our (and other readers!) best interest too. You always bring a smile to me and a connection to La Belle France.
Cheryl J.


Bonjour Kristin, ça va mieux aujourd'hui?

Here's my sentence with the expression "au grand coeur"...
Mother Teresa, c'est une femme au grand coeur qui a consacré toute sa vie pour aider les pauvres.

Linda in Port Townsend WA

«La tristesse est un mur élevé entre deux jardins.» de Khalil Gibran


Hi dear Kristin,
Beautiful picture that sends a beautiful message-- just like YOU.
I'm sorry I don't have a sentence with "au grand coeur";I chose instead one of my favorites from Tolstoy:
If you want to be happy, BE
Such true words!!
Natalia XO


La servante au grand coeur dont vous étiez jalouse,
Et qui dort son sommeil sous une humble pelouse,
Nous devrions pourtant lui porter quelques fleurs.

Opening of a Baudelaire "flower."

Ronni Ebbers

A lovely message. I have no sentence, but many images that conjure up feelings of votre grand coeur from the eight plus years of reading your writings.

Thank you for the beautiful photos.



"Fleur de Lis"

Ce sont des mots chers qui vraiment saisir le sens de « grand cœur ».Je pense à toi!
“Pour avoir un grand coeur signifie ne pas être découragée. Pour avoir un grand coeur signifie d'avoir constamment les bons voeux pour d'autres et de permettre aux autres d'aller de l'avant à travers cette. Même si quelqu'un avec des caractéristiques négatives vient en tête, il n'y a aucun sentiment de négativité qu'il y a le pouvoir d'accepter et reconnaître leurs spécialités. Nous sommes en mesure d'être au-delà de confusion et de doute quand nous avons un grand coeur. Nous ne sont jamais rattrapés avec les problèmes, mais sont très facilement en mesure de découvrir une façon. Nous sommes en mesure de très efficacement et en douceur sortir de toute situation negative.” (Brahma Kumaris)

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

Thank you Bill. Excellent use of au grand coeur.

Here is a page with the lines in English, by several famous poets, including Robert Lowell and Edna St Vincent Millay.
Lowell opens the poem this way, in English,

The Servant

My old nurse and servant, whose great heart
made you jealous, is dead and sleeps apart
from us. Shouldn't we bring her a few flowers?


Je partage l'avis de Katie Dyer-vous êtes une femme au grand cœur!


Très belles photos! Égal à plusieurs milliers de mots. Je vous souhaite une guérison pour votre grand coeur.

(I hope that Google Translate is approximately correct!)

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Bonjour Kristin,

I love your French-word-a-day --- I'm always happy when I see it in my email. I hope you will continue, but I know life is about change. I also love your photos.

I'm a first year French student so I don't really know a sentence for au grand coeur. I do love the words.

Stay well and thanks for your posts & photos. I've only followed you for 1 year, but I have so enjoyed it! Merci Beaucoup!

Cate Salenger

Bonjour Kristin,

I'm late for the post of yesterday but was remembering how hard it has been for me not to write or not to be able to write during times of great change and upheaval in my life when writing would be the one thing that would save me. I don't know if that makes sense but I wanted you to know that my heart goes out to you. And of course, we all know that this, whatever it is, shall pass!

carole Hayden

grand coeur sure brought out the french in everybody. I send you hugs.


tout la monde besoins au grand coeur

Pat - Roanoke, VA

Say yes to allowing yourself to step back un peu and take care of y.o.u. and family and whatever is required at this time of change.  Receiving occasional beautiful photos and greetings is perfect for now.  One of the important aspects for one with a great heart is to remember there are times we need to withdraw and feed and nurture ourselves.  We can only love others when we do same for self and that sometimes requires a"no" to the outside world.  

Someone else spoke of this, but I want to say that allowing oneself to feel the whatever-it-is, (sadness, unhappiness, any emotionaly-difficult event) is  important.  The witness way is to allow the breath to flow deeply and slowly, let feelings  be without trying to change, fix or make sense of it.  Stay within the feelings of the body, breathe, watch and allow the moment to unfold.  

This is not the same as "wallowing in misery."  Quite the opposite.  It is a technique to process emotions that bubble up, the very ones we often try to stuff down.  A  description  of this process is found in Stephen Cope's excellent book, "Yoga and the Quest for the True Self."  This link opens to an essay including this by Cope:

And finally, you  are always in our hearts,  Kristin:  "we carry your heart in our hearts," (inspired by  ee cummings).  This poem has a lot to say about "au grand coeur."

[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]

Pat - Roanoke, VA

Oops, here is corrected link to cummings poem.
[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]

Pat - Roanoke, VA

Oops, corrected link to cummings poem.
[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]

David Wang

La vie est plus amusante etre un homme au grand coeur.

Eileen - Charlottesville, VA

Hi Kristin,
Thinking about you and wishing you and your family all the best!


Un grand cœur peut faire de grandes choses.


elle est une femme au grande coeur.
Courage, Kristin! Tout va passer.


Many yearsago in Ronchin (Nord) I accidentally picked up my French friend's cigarettes and offered him one and he laughed and responded , "merci Ken tu les a donnees au grand coeur !!
No great words of comfort to you Kristin but just a touch of humour.

Maureen - Freiburg, Germany grand coeur - generous of spirit as well - that's you to a T, Kristin.... It's always Open Day in your heart!

Lynne , ACTUALLY IN THE New Forest

A little prayer for you. I hope the saying "it is always darkest before the dawn " will bring you some comfort to you.

Diane Young

Chere Kristi,
Je crois que Jean-Marc et sa famille sont au grand coeur et ils vous donnent beaucoup d'amour, n'est-ce pas? Quand vous avez le pique-nique, tout le monde apportent quelques choses. Il y a la joie de vivre entre la famille. Et votre mere est au grand coeur. Merci a le bon dieu pour chaque jour. Demain sera meilleur.
(hope my sentiments overcome my faulty French!)



Your first photo today just tugged at my heart - your image brought many untold stories to my mind. Who ever lives there brought forth a carefree attitude turned into a work of art. Of course you photo #2 is priceless - pure bubblegum.



Karen Whitcome

I wonder if you have purchased a second home? and if it's by the sea? There was a comment you made that said your mom could come to see you more often because she loves the sea!


I miss receiving your posts. Hope everything is OK.

Karen Whitcome

Me too, Sandy. But, hopefully she's busy with her new project!!

Gagner de l'Argent

Il y a longtemps que je n avais pas denicher un billet de cette trempe !!!

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