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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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Trésor Perdu (des Rivages de Bandol)

Fils Prodigue

(For what was lost is found, & the other obvious meaning)

Jackie Pace

Name: SEASHORE for your new wine

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

FWIW, the image meant to show in the frist space is a blank for me, as e-mail and on line. "Images intégrées 1" us what I do see.

Making me all the more curious what I missed.

It is amazing to see grapes mashed by foot. Always heard about it, never saw it.

It is nice how people in vineyards share with each other.

Hope the 300 liters of wine turn out great!

Eileen - Charlottesville, VA

Maybe Calanque or Calanque de something. If there is a black currant taste, then Calanque de Cassis

Debbie Ambrous -

I will be interested in hearing more about the wine you salvaged from the remnants. I would call this one "remnant" (What is the French word for remnant?) for the remaining grapes. It isn't a sea theme, but meaningful anyway. I never knew how much work was involved in wine making until I read "The Ripening Sun" by Patricia Atkinson. I felt exhausted just reading it! I am more interested than previously. I hope you have great success.
Debbie at


"Perles de la sirène"

"Étoile de la mer"

"Chateau de la Siréne"

"Prince de la mer"

Sea, wine, thinking of fairy tales ...!


Pour toujour toujour JULES

Since this will be an 'inhouse wine' only, I could last forever.



Kathleen from Connecticut

Pres de la mer...can't do the accents on my IPad


julie camp

Fascinating experience well told. A name for the wine: Beau Cadeau. -julie-


Enjoyed this account. Perhaps

Le miel de la mer or

Neptune Noir


The wine's name: La petite sirène souffle
[little mermaid's breath)

liz g.

such a delightful story, thanks for sharing. some suggested names:

le capitaine tresor-the captain's treasure
le passager clandestin peu-the little stowaway
voile pourpre-crimson sail
tresor vole-stolen treasure
tresor cache-hidden treasure

judi dunn

Jean-Marc... Your story was charming and I applaud your writing talents! I will offer two names... AME DE LA MER...... 'soul of the sea'..... or AME DE BANDOL.....'soul of Bandol' ....Amicalment,
Judi Dunn.. Tallahassee, Fl.


A few more names to add:
Baiser sirène [Mermaid's kiss], Or
Baiser de la mer [Kiss from the sea] or Baisers Mer [Sea kisses]

Gwyn Ganjeau

au pieds de la mer (since you stomped the grapes)!

Gwyn Ganjeau

oops, i don't think i intended the 's' on pied...

John Abeles


David Navarre

I'm thinking that since these grapes were rescued by a Frenchman, supported by an American, something in reference to Operation Dragoon would be appropriate. Operation Dragoon was the invasion of Southern France in August of 1944, which involved both French and American troops. French troops liberated Toulon and Marseilles, and assuredly Bandol as well. Though, since "dragon" is the French word for "dragoon", perhaps "La Liberation"?

Bill Facker

Big Toe Rouge ... Aloha, Bill :-)

Susie Q. Finley

How about "Brume de la Mer"?


Loved your adventure with a new wine, Marc!
How about La brise de la mer?
Best to you on your new wine!


la part des diables


Que c'est formidable et utile d'écouter votre récit, Marc, de ce qui s'est passé après la vendange, aussi bien de le lire en français et en anglais! Une bonne leçon pour aujourd'hui donc félicitations à vous deux de l'avoir créée aussi bien pour avoir pensé à se profiter des grappillons et suivi votre inspiration jusqu'au bout, à la barrique et aux bouteilles!


Domaine Belle Mer


Loved this post. What an interesting story! Will you sell this wine or even be allowed to? Love the whole idea of it; saving something that would have been wasted. And I wasn't expecting that large quantity of grapes. Jeez. Who helped you pick all of those? You are a real go-getter, that's for sure.





Excellent translation. Thanks!
I liked Oursin Bleu in the previous comments. You might also call it Littoral, like today's post.


Peut-être: Be'be' Bandol

Robin Everett

How about
Le Marin de Maté?

Loved the post! It was truly smashing;>)


Lovely description of your wine making passion.
I'm curious. Does the land by the sea slope up
to hills with vineyards growing near the water?
I'm eager to see more photos.

nadine goodban

"le bandolier" ....

Bonne chance à tous !

Cynthia Lewis in Salisbury, Eastern Shore of Maryland

Mille mercis for this wonderful FWAD which even had videos!! I wouldn't miss these adventures of the Espinasse family for the world.

I'm not adept at suggesting names, but I'm certain that you will choose the perfect name for your very first Bandol wine. Best regards.

P.S. ... such a sweet, sweet photo of Kristin and Jackie.....

Chief Grape

Thank you all for your offerings. I will digest them and probably set a poll with the ones that speak the most to me.

Gena Evans

Joyau de la cote????? Jewel of the coast

What fun to choose a name for your find!

Christine Webb-Curtis

Kristin and Marc,

Wonderful description. I think Ame de la Mere evokes pleasant thoughts without even taking a sip.

As it happens, the Agay area is our hands-down favorite beach place in France. Our boys have jumped off the rocks--probably in that same cove in the photo--and kayaked around the bay. We visited Bandol last week and enjoyed our day. See for my post.

We're in France through end of year.

Best regards,


Rosemarie in Louisville, KY

How about: 'Domaine JMK' (which could stand for Jacquie-Maxime-Kristin or for Jean-Marc-Kristin) for your winery and 'Maratime' for the wine?

Amanda Anderson

"La part des Anges" caught me by surprise. Just smiling thinking of all of the rosy cheeked angels resting on the clouds after partaking of your husbands delicious wine :)

Amanda Anderson

In regards to naming the seems like it came about with the "Seaside Collaboration" of many talented and giving people.

barbara michels

Some of my names were already picked; so how about "cadeau de la mer", "vignes d'un marin"; or "les levres de la mer".

Jo-Ann Taylor

I suggest "Maritime"


commencement a la mer
le debut a la mer
d'abord a la mer
quelque chose avec le debut et la mer combine'


Loved this post!! Beautiful and fascinating story. Very vivid to the imagination. I love the devotion you both have to your passions, each other and your family. It is inspiring to read how you took something left behind and made it into something special.

George Edwards

Cuore de Terra

Delia Bourne

How about Siren's Call?

Jeff Johnson

La Mer Qui Souffle

Suzy, Madison, WI

I would love to sample some when it is ready! Peut-etre, côtière découverte?


How is '%' pronounced in French? I heard 'day-gray' when J-M was reading the alcohol content of his new wine.


Coucou JM, une petite erreur dans le premier paragraphe: "Notre parcours nous a fait traverser" (pas: traversé)


Captain Jean Marc, the proper name would be "Angels Share", of course. (Don't know how to write it in French. Have never heard this before so loved your sharing the story.

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