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Sunday, December 29, 2013


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Jean-Marc Espinasse

I am so sorry about your (somehow my) creve my Love. Stay warm and hopefully you will over (like I am now) when I return to celebrate New Year


Its after 2am in HI, and sleep will not entertain me, then your post arrived in my inbox. So I'm sending a cyber get well soon as you rest cozily under cover hailing adieu to your invadersI I've resorted to crunching popcorn in bed with iPad bleary eyes. Here you want some? I swear by thieves essential oil, so far so good, to ward off the evils of winter germs. Thanks for the vehicle to initiate the anticipated journey into 2014! Hmmmmmm.....would love to get off this island for a spell and drive for miles and miles and miles......Bonne Annee

24/7 in France

Bonne recuperation & bonne fin d'annee!


Hope you feel better... thank you for the good feelings you bring to the new year of 2014!

Rose Chandler Johnson

Get well soon lots of liquids...look at the beautiful ocean. Thank you for being with us all year on French Word a Day. Looking forward to 2014.

Nancy,                     Cambridge

kristin- since you are nestled under the covers waiting for responses today- I'll enjoy writing. I have been surrounded by semi-sick friends and relatives for the past two weeks. I take one of those tablets with massive amounts of vitamins in them when everyone else starts showing their symptoms. The tablets are expensive- but seem to work for me.I always bring them with me to France, too!
As for 2014, if I were sitting in that chair pondering that question, I would know already that I was happy, and there was nothing to change. I like my life of traveling back and forth, and writing, and speaking about Vets. I just want a long and healthy life to continue my life as it is, and that includes reading this blog-every time it is a fine entry.


Get well soon! I hope somebody makes you chicken soup, it helps...As for wishes for next year, I would like to travel to UK to be there for my friends wedding and make side trip to my native Belgium.
Happy and healthy New Year, une Bonne Annee!


Bonne Année, Buon Anno, Happy New Year. Hope you feel better soon.

Ken Curtis

Your opening paragraph about contentment and making your contentment the focus of what you share with friends and loved ones is exceptional thinking. If people will follow your advice they'll be totally amazed at the positive changes it brings their lives in the coming year. Thank you for spreading such a brilliant message and may you recover extra quickly from whatever is trying to mar your contentment.

Marcia Stoub

Perfect words this morning for I have a cold too. Although I have taken all the natural things to prevent... this one got me. Curling up with a cup of hot ginger-lemon tea sounds good.
Get well soon,Kristen and Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

Cynthia Gillespie-Smith

Kristi, so you've caught an Italian cold! Feed it fettuccine Alfredo and tiramisu! Just want to thank you for your tremendously uplifting blog throughout the years, and to reassure you that so very many of us are looking forward to your well written words and your photos in 2014. Bonne continuation et bonne santé!


Snuggle well. It's time for you to let the world pass by & as my doctor used to say "Let the dust bunnies scoot across the floor & enjoy them." Let the kids care for you when they can.
Hope you are full of health to welcome in the New Year.


Hi Kristin,
Wishing you and your family a very happy, health and prosperous new year. This is my first time commenting but I have been reading your blog for over a year now and learning new words.

My hope is to be better--more active, more pro-active and to be more frugal so that I can save for a return trip to Paris.

Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

Bonne Annee. Hope you are feeling better soon but for now enjoy the tiramisu, chicken soup and dust bunnies as others have suggested. Rest drink tea and snuggle under the covers. Thank you for a year of beautiful pictures, writing and soulful stories.


This is my first on-line French post from you, and I like that you present us with something so universal - the common cold! It would be so helpful, too, if you would describe the way to pronounce the rest of the French terms you use in your descriptions about the nose and the germs, etc. Thank you so much, and best wishes in the New Year, with continued healing. Thank you. Eleanor in California


Hi Kristin,

You know what else helps prevent a cold? A neti pot! It's an elephant-shaped ceramic pot you use to irrigate your sinuses with warm water and salt (Warm water, salt, and xylitol with a pinch of baking soda, which prevents the xylitol from stinging, works best.)

I started using a neti pot to help with allergies, but using it twice a day also kills germs in the sinuses, where most of my colds start.

The tickle in your throat is really post-nasal, or sinus, drip. If I start to feel it and use the neti pot, my symptoms go away.

In the US, you can get a neti pot in drug stores and health food stores. In France--I don't know, maybe buy one online?

In the meantime, rest and get well!

Georgia, just north of San Francisco

Dear Kristin,

I wish you a speedy recovery! Thank you for the image of the chair as a way to visualize a new year! As my husband and I approach our annual end of the year giving, I will sit there for a bit to gather inspiration.

May the ne year bring you and your family much joy, contentment and peace! Happy New Year!

Frank Levin

Bummer! My colds seem to end with a craving for a cheeseburger. When I get the craving I know the cold is almost over. Is there a food you crave at the end?
Get well!


Our dear Kristi,
Feel this hug?It comes with all our love to feel better soon!We just got over the worst flu we ever had(caught at the hospital,in the ER),and the ONLY thing that helped was to rest.We even resorted to Robitussin to get some relief and sleep.You're in our prayers to start the New Year feeling better than ever!
Natalia. xo

Kathleen from Connecticut

I hope that you feel better soon. Staying in bed under the covers sounds wonderful and I wish that I could do that, but I am not sick so I'd feel guilty about not doing things which need to be done.
It's raining and 43F here in Connecticut...dreary! A cup of tea and getting down to work,but then a break and some reading...that is the agenda.
I'd love to be in that chair relaxing and enjoying the fresh breeze off of the water and soaking up all of the warmth from the sun.
Happy New Years. May 2014 be a good year for you and your family and all of your readers. May Peace come to those areas with fighting, may those who are hungry get food, those who are sick get well and may we all enjoy what we have and give to those who do not have.


Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Happy New Year Kristin! Thank you so much for your wonderful words and lovely photos. You enriched 2013 for me!

Take good care and get plenty of rest & tea!

Looking forward to more French words & photos in 2014.

I love the empty chair -- very thought provoking.

Get well soon!

Judythe Sieck

Be well dear Kristin! I think colds give us the excuse to take the rest we need.
Just received a beautifully calligraphed card from a friend of a Dalai Lama quotation: "Great changes start with individuals—the basis for WORLD PEACE is inner peace in the hearts of individuals—something we can all work for."
Blessings to you and your family, with gratitude for your wonderful stories, visual and verbal!

Joanne Ablan

Je vous envoie un petit souhait pour un prompte guérison.

Your rhyming of "be about" and "journeying out" has inspired me
to begin the new year by reading some poetry. I will also try to
visit at least 2 cities I have never seen and return to some places
I love. Bonne fin d'année!
Joanne Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Bill Facker

Get Well Soon, Kristin!


Get well soon, dear Kristin!
Thanks for all the past and future French Word-a-Day posts. They give me the chance to read everyday French and English (I'm a Catalan and Spanish speaker). What a nice language lessons for me!
My best wishes for you and your family, and for all your readers, of course!
Bonne année 2014 à tous!

Laura Collins

I've studied and used hypnotism for over 30 years. Your inner mind does not understand negatives, so when you tell yourself NOT to catch your sweetie's cold, it hears Catch That Cold, Catch That Cold, Catch That Cold. State the positive, something like "my immune system is strong and healthy, strong and healthy." Visualize your body's white cells happily munching bacteria. Love your blog! Laura (licensed therapist in San Rafael, Ca)


Hi, Kristin -

When I travel by air, I now wear a biomask, to kill the flu germs - bought a box of them at la pharmacie.
Get well soon - comfort food always helps, too !

Faye Stelly- Lafayette, La.

I would like to continue to be grateful for the magnificence and abundance of the universe and everything in it. In addition, I am planning trip to France so hope this comes to pass...maybe be there for "meet-up," with little luck!

Get well soon and bonne année, Kristin!

Joan Simon

Hi Kristin,

I'm so sorry you caught a virus. It sure makes us more grateful for health when it's gone!

I hope to go tent camping up to Canada next summer. I'm really an outdoor girl at heart, and I also seem to enjoy cooking on a camp stove for some reason!

Take very good care of yourself.
Joan in Auburn

Maxine Borcherding

I teach and am exposed to every nasty bug under the sun. A friend who is a geriatric nurse recommended colloidal silver solution- inhale or spray into your nose several times a day. So far, knock on wood, nary a sniffle. Try it and see if it knocks out your congestion.
My wish for 2014 is the usual- more time in la Belle France. Retirement in about 2 more years, and then I can indulge.
Sure hope you feel better soon,
Maxine in Portland, Oregon

Eileen deCamp

Feel better Kristin so you can ring in the New Year healthy and ready to bring us more of your wonderful photos and stories!

Donna Peters

How appropriate! How can we get people to sneeze and cough into their shoulder? They cough on their hand and then hand you your food order. Really! Where is their Mother?

june furey

Hello Kristi the comments so appropriate, the photo of the chair and your suggestion for New Year. My daughter sent me a calendar of Monet's paintings and I my French lady acquaintance has asked me to paint to exhibit in her café, so looks as if I shall be busy 2014. Hope your cold disappears soon will be sending get well thoughts your way. Maybe your body is asking you to rest, listen! au revoir June Gold Coast QldE

Diana Denny

Hi Kristi,
Thanks for keeping us all upbeat!
What I want to add to today's post from you, is that when we fly anywhere, we have a PEPPERMINT OIL impregnated cloth in a 'zip-loc' bag which we sniff about every hour or so. This prevents those re-circulating pathogens from entering our nasal passages. One can use this anywhere, discretely, and at this time of year it truly is a 'Life Saver'! Bonne Annee! Diana Denny au Victoria, B.C. Canada

Robyn Mixon

Dear Kristi--take care of yourself and get rid of that nasty bug. Hope you are back in the pink in no time.

Much love from Robyn France and Al

Downunder Princess

Dear Kristin! Hope you are feeling better and enjoying the forced downtime! Thank you for your wonderful blog! You are one of the writers who inspired me to start my own blog. My plan for 2014 is to stay happy by becoming a better blogger and perhaps enrol in a Creative Writing Course. Keep well and keep writing! Inna from Perth, Western Australia

Mike Young

My sympathies, Kristin. Moi aussi! I caught a cold travelling from South Africa to visit my daughter in New Zealand. It took two weeks to get rid of it. Hope you manage more quickly. My best wishes to family Espinasse for the New Year.

Leslie NYC

My aunt, who is an avid traveler, said that sometimes, when she was pushing too hard, she would wake up and her body would say, "I don't know where you're going, but I'm staying here." It's like that when we're sick, too. The body calls the shots!

Judi Miller

I am saying goodbye to my daughter and her husband tomorrow who are flying back to their home after spending a wonderful 2 weeks with us over Christmas. I'm a little sad, but blessed to have had the time with them! They have had bad colds the whole time, but we still managed to have some wonderful times. I've been kind of wondering when will it be my turn, but so far, no cold! I've been taking EmergenC - just to get a bit more Vitamin C.. maybe it works? I love some of the other readers' ideas - I've copied them and am going to look into them! I almost always pick up colds whenever anyone comes near me with one (or when I fly home from a trip). I think a lot of your great readers are right, when the body is long overdue for rest, and it is just not being listened to, the Cold/Flu Gods work their evil ways and put us in our place (in bed!). Take care!

In the New Year I will be anxiously awaiting our May trip to France. And, I would love to take a watercolor painting or pen & ink drawing class! We sat on the chairs on the breakwater in Dubrovnik harbor every night when we were there and your picture of Croatia & the chair brought back memories of one of the most beautiful trips we have ever taken! We had and have much to be grateful for - you and your blog is one of those things! Thank you.

Rick Spring

One thing which would bring me contentment in 2014 is to sit in the chair in the picture which begins your post, with it located right where it is in the picture! Bonne Année...


Get well soon ! Too bad to avoir la crève just before New year's Eve ! Try a small slice or turmeric root infused in hot milk : this should te remettre sur pieds bien vite ! I love the empty chair : I will keep it on my mind all 2014 long !

Very very very best wishes to you and all your loved ones for a very successful and unforgettable 2014 !

Mary Keates

Hi Kristin,
If I was closer I would make you Chicken soup and give you a hazmat suit for your trips to the grocery store,etc.,
Bonne Anee


We women must learn to do what our men do when struck by a virus...just stay in bed a sleep/rest and get someone to wait on us(lol)
However I know it's easier said than done...
Hope you are better for New Yrs Eve !!



I´m so sorry you have a cold, wish I could take care of you right now with some good hot Mexican food and my great tacos. Call me - I´ll cheer you up this morning.




Feel better!

Have a Very Happy New Year!!!

Christine Dashper

Hope you are feeling better Kristin and a very Happy 2014 to you and your family

Carolyn Dahm

Sending healing energy your way Kristin...Hope you were able to ring in the new year with Jean-Marc, the kids, doggies and kitties! Feel better very soon!

Thank you for the stories you shared in 2013. I can't wait to read about your new adventures and thoughts in 2014!

Love and hugs,

Mara in Wisconsin

A friend just posted this link to YouTube, about Christmas in modern Bethlehem. I think you will find it interesting.


Suzanne Dunaway

Kristin, a cold is the pits.
A good shot of vinegar can ward off the worst sore throat, but sitting up in bed with a hot coffee and a good book seems like a good way to start the new year.
My wish is for you to have your wishes granted.


Bonne Annee Kristine. J'ai toujours plaisir a lire vos mail et les histoires pour expliquer le vocabulaire. Amicalement de Floride,Christine


So sorry to know you are with a cold, your body is telling you to rest it would seem. What I plan to do in 2014 is visit France, my first ever time there. And this will happen as a honeymoon! My fiancé was hoping we could marry in Paris but as we have found out that is a rather long process - I am so very excited. To be married to the man I love AND visit France all in the same year - 2014 will be fabulous. (so I need to stay with you a bit and benefit from your words!)

Leslie Molnar-Grabowski

I'm sending you healing vibes. Have a Happy and Healthy 2014.

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