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Friday, January 24, 2014


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Kristin - I grew up here in the South (Georgia, to be exact)hearing and using the word "shoo" all of my life. It's used just like your "zou" to mean "go" or "run along". Now I know the origin of that word, thanks to you! Those "sawtooth sunflowers" of yours look just like a plant we grow here called a "swamp daisy". they can get to be 8 to 10 feet tall.
Thanks for your always entertaining, informative and delightful entries!


Always thought it sounded like "Soo" and not "Shoo".
In Italian they say - Andiamo, su - which is short for subito.

Love all your posts -

Joanie Clark

Hi Kristin,
Love this new word "zou". I think It will be one of my favorites. And I love he picture of you with your Cosmos. They were one of my fathers favorites. He loved to garden and he always had tons of cosmos mixed in with the other flowers for cutting. My mother hated gardening but fortunately for me I have my fathers love of the soil and the marvelous things it produces. Even though my mother hated gardening she decided one day to help dad by weeding his garden while he was at work. When dad returned home that evening Mom was so excited to show him what she had done (it was truly an act of love in her eyes). He looked at his garden that had started to sprout hundreds of cosmos only to find mom had weeded them all out. Good thing they really loved one another.
Mom was informed that in the future HIS garden was off limits. My brother-in-law says "It is sometimes true that good deeds hardly ever go unpunished."

Linda R.

Good morning, Kristin. Your photos are wonderful - they remind me that spring is not too far around the corner. I have never heard the expression allez zou - love it! Thank you for bringing to us 'all things French'. It's a nice ray of sunshine to begin the day.


Hi, Actually for a Provençal-born (is it correct ?) and overall born in Marseille, you can imagine I am very used to this expression "allez zou !" and... we also use it for : "dépêche-toi" (hurry up !), it depends on the situation - the moment - and the way of pronouncing it.
Have a very nice WE all of you here in France and/or in my favorite foreign Country !

Patty Gibian

Good Morning,
It is -10 degrees Celcious this morning here in
Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. We are expecting more snow tomorrow.
What fun it is to look forward to seeing French Word of the Day.
I always thought it was sout now I can pronounce it properly,
Merci and thank you. Two members of our French Conversation
Group also get your blog. I love to read the ads for rentals too
All the best,

Kristin Espinasse

Claudette, sorry for the confusion. The correct pronunciation is zoo. :-)


Chere Kristin, today's post brings a bit of printemps to a dreary morning in south Louisiana. Everyone is hoping for snow but getting rain and sleet accidents, unwanted lagniappe. Love the photo of you among the Cosmos! Brightens my day. Merci!

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,

I love this word and the last definition which I did read a second time! How many of us will go out on an adventure now this weekend?! Your photos are gorgeous and I ordered some of the sawtooth sunflowers too! I had some Cosmos last summer that were the same color!

Jan greene

Thank you for the sunny, flower photos as we are in the deep freeze,

Audrey Wilson

Hi ! Kristin,
It's always good to learn new expressions in day to day french . Here in the Roussillion the expression is 'Allez-y ' ! . I shall try the Provençal version out & see how many locals know it . Might be a one off score for l'anglaise !!
Perhaps one day you could cover the french expression for missing someone or something . For we English it is a strange arrangement of the words.."Ma mère me manque " to say "I miss my mother"
I collect seeds from my acanthus molinus Perhaps we could exchange ??!

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Salut Kristin,
Today’s French lesson helped. The conversational French course I’m taking often used that phrase at the beginning of a session. For a long time, because of the French liaisons, I thought they were saying “aller òu” (go where) which didn’t make sense in the context. Your FWAD today helped with the usage of the phrase.

Gaelle from AZ

Hello Kristin! Planted my Hollyhocks and nasturtium last week. Am inspired to plant the sawtooth sunflowers and cosmos now as well! The seeds are in my Amazon cart. Winter seems to have deserted us (someone told it to (allez zou?) here in the desert so...on with Spring! Thank you for the inspiration.

Gaelle from AZ

Oops..sorry for those typos!

David Navarre

Oh, I didn't realize they were right outside our doorstep when we visited in September! We stayed in Avignon, but ventured afield often in our two weeks, including attending the Festival des Chefs in the amphitheatre in Orange. If I'd realized where they were, we'd certainly have visited.

I missed my first chance to taste at the dinner in DC with the Chief Grape when I was bed-ridden for 3 days last year, forcing us to cancel our reservation. If they come to the US, make sure you announce it, so we can make it to one of their events.


The tall pink flowers are hollyhocks.


Our dear Kristi,
This lovely post today does indeed start
our weekend off in the best way!
ESPECIALLY the photos of beautiful you and our bouquet!
Truly a treasured gift!
Natalia XO

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

I love all your photos & posts. Today was so needed, to just think about Spring is a treat!

Thank you and stay well!

Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

I have allez zou ed into my painting studio. Thanks for your energizing post. Have a great weekend. Off to mthe garden center tomorrow. Love your blog!!!


I looked up "oggling" because it was a new word for me. Urban dictionary says it is secretly staring at a woman's breasts or derriere. Is that what you meant to convey?

linda doyle

The site is a super idea BUT let's not presume that we all know the actual pronunciation. It'd be a WUNderful idea to include the phonetic pronunciation. Right? Allez, for instance...

Kathleen from Connecticut

I used to say "Allez-y" to my cats. They have since passed away,but I will try the Allez zou when I am again in Provence.
Love the pictures of the flowers and maybe I'll try growing some cutting flowers,but deer seem to eat everything unless I continuously spray it. They are pretty,but they do a job on the garden and now that it is winter, they are eating all the food in my bird feeders.


Kristin Espinasse

Ellen, LOL! On second thought--maybe not. But I sure so lust after those flowers :-)

Linda, Zut! Forgot the pronunciation guide this time. Be sure to listen to the sound files --recorded by a French national (myhusband).

Lis Steeden

Hope more wine tasting to come later in the end of February we'll be 'in' Provence and setting up our little B&B in La Roque d'Anthéron - so lots to do this spring...have a nice weekend :)

Diane Young

Vivent des fleurs! What a wonderful sight, all those beautiful flowers to cheer up my cold, gray day. Milles remerciements. Vous etes toujours bienvenue chez moi.

Joan Linneman

I've used Allez-y, Allons-y, and Vas-y forever. Allez zou is fun; I'll have to remember to use it. It seems especially approrpriate for piling the dogs in the car. I've always liked "donc" too, for stress. We are sitting here in the midwest waiting for the new eruption of what the meteo here is calling a "polar vortex."
Joan L.

june furey

Kristen, so love the photo of you amongst the cosmos flowers. I really enjoy all your pictures but I think this one captures your lovely smile also, may you have years of happy days ahead,will try and capture a likeness in a painting, its so full of color. June, Gold coast, Qld

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