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Wednesday, January 08, 2014


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Roger Anderson


It would seem appropriate to send Max over to repair the neighbor's chicken fence to me. Actions have consequences.

Benjamin Palmer

Il faudrait faire installer une barrière invisible (électrique). C'est un produit miraculeux.



You are so precious - loved every word. Soon the problem with the dogs will be behind you, don't feel bad when people make all these suggestions, I know you are doing the best you can. Thank you for your courage in relating what a real life is all about.



Diane Gravitt

Thanks for sharing this delightful story and I enjoyed the video...the background music was very appropriate!


I agree about the electronic fence. Best for the safety of the neighbors' possessions and peace of mind for the dog owners. As long as you have young adults in your house, you will have these mishaps. It's just not in their nature to be so particular about such things as making sure the door is closed.

Being a good neighbor is paramount. an electronic fence gives the dogs room to roam without doing any damage to neighbors. We had one for our golden, and once trained he wouldn't even break through the fence to chase a wild turkey in our woods.

Patty Austin

A great reminder on what is important!
Um, how did our Potatoes turn out? Delish?
Happy New Year - belatedly,

Patty in Bethesda MD today (at almost 20 degrees brrrrrrr!)


I loved the story, I loved the video, I loved the music and... of course I cut my fingers peeling those patates !!

New Year's dogs resolution : we will stay home, we promise ! Tell Annie we won't do it again !

Chris Allin

I would peel potatoes for you all day if I could sit at that table, looking out that window at that view!
Smokey is sooo cute, in spite of his shenanigans with mama Braise. (Country life for a dog is a bit different than that of a city dog, n'est-ce pas?) The kittens are adorable....Life at Mas Brun seems so enticing from here!


Forgot to say I loved the pictures too ! Cats and dogs are getting along quite well aren'they?

Irises blooming in January... spring time is there !

Barb Friedman

I love your videos!! I'd love to see more of your family and daily life for you.

m.g, moore

Why not use a peeler instead of a knife??Much safer and faster!

Marcia Douglas

We had a siberian husky that liked to run off and had a taste for the neighbor's chickens. My grandfather taught me to peel potatoes. He would sit patiently at the kitchen table (1950's - 1960's) peeling paper thin skins and trying to teach me to peel them just as thin. I've never seen anyone able to do this since. My mother-in-law liked to say she peeled them thin, but you could mash potatoes with those thick peels! lol Me, I use a peeler ;-)

Sarah LaBelle, near Chicago

You have yellow flowers and blue flowers in bloom and visible on January 8!

Here we are under snow cover, checking just what sort of record the low temperatures set, and finally sending children back to school now it is safe for them to be outdoors without getting frostbite. What a difference.

That photo of the dog out in the flower really stopped me in my mental tracks. I will be happy when the temperature goes up to freezing, then over it, to melt some snow.

Enjoy those lovely days !

Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

Enjoyed your story and agree with the electric fence suggestions. My niece got one for her dog and it has worked great. Trixie knows her limits and she stops at the very edge. And you will not have anymore sleepless nights thinking they are hurt (or worse) someplace.

Thanks for the picture of the window - it looks wonderful. Wish i had one like that in my house.


Sorry , I am the worst writter in French , but I could not help notice , the "contrairie ' which should be contrariee .( with an accent !).
And oh please no inivisible fence , dogs when taken somewhere else can run into terrible and lenghty escapes . Better train them . I found electric fences awful!.


Kristin, as your mother commented, you are doing a wonderful job with your busy household. There is no single 'right' solution. Thank goodness your adorable puppies returned home unharmed after having been out all night! I can just imagine your relief. As always, your photos are inspiring, beautiful, and those furry babies are adorable. The video adds a perfect touch, and I hope the potates were delicious.

Shirley Babineaux (Houston, Texas)

I loved pretending to peel potatoes with you! That scenario made me laugh with joy, because to do that would mean I would have to be in France with you, looking out a window with a beautiful view! XO


Too funny Kristine, your description of how you feel when you see Braise and Smokey...and so true. Love the kitties, now your household is complete. xx

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Loved the story -- I know you will come up with a great solution for both the puppies & the neighbor.

Thanks again for a peak into your life. The video was too cute - esp the end with the beautiful smiling pup!

Be well!


I loved the pictures, they give me a lovely impression of your place.

Frances Anamosa

Loved the video - would love to know the music you had playing during it - I liked it a lot.

Frances in Napa, California

susan klee,

Loved this story, too -- ah, les chiens! How we love them, are exasperated by them, can't live without them.
I've always thought that /patate/ was the French-Canadian word for "pomme de terre." Can you set me straight, please? Is "pomme de terre" frightfully out-dated?

Christine Dashper

Your stories always go straight to the heart of things Kristin. Thanks!


Our dear Kristi,
What a(nother!)wonderful post today,only outdone by such pictures to steal my heart!
It is hard for me to imagine your dogs having the ability to wander off;we live in an eucalyptus forest,one filled with coyotes and predators!
You always bring us smiles and inspiration.
Natalia. xo

Karen from Phoenix

The pictures are beautiful. I would be sitting at that kitchen table most days just staring out the window.

Love how Smokey and Lily are looking up at each other, so very cute.

Pets add so much to our lives, still missing my Sox.


Dave Kapsiak


I loved the video-very zen like! Love to all your family!



First of all, I am a late well wisher, Meilleurs Voeux pour une excellente annee, pleine de Sante, Bonheur et Joie!
I missed so many episodes because I was busy moving from a home in the country to a condo in the big city. It is not over yet, I just popped in to say Hello. Your today's anecdote is so well written, I love your sense of humor, Kristi. I could just sit there to help you peel les pommes de terre and listen to your enchanting stories. Mais non, Braise et Smokey ne sont pas des vilains. C'est leur instinct... animal. Perhaps you could offer Annie to pay for the repair of the fence.
Bonne et Heureuse Annee, dear Kristi!

Sue, Australia

So pleased the beautiful Braise and Smokey returned home safely!
Thank you so much for your French Word-A-Day

Leslie in Oregon

Delightful video...thank you!!


Kristin, your stories and your photography are a delight. Like many others I have a love for all things French so your twice weekly blogs give me great pleasure. And your husband is one to keep!

Georgia from Northern CA

Hi Kristi!

Oh dear! I would not suspect that your adorable Braise and Smokey would be up to such mischief! Perhaps there is more to the story!
If not, it sounds like you did well with your neighbor who seems to be settled in the matter now that she had the opportunity to vent her frustration and annoyance. Seems that your listening skills came in handy!
Loved the pics! Seeing your doggies helps me since I still miss our Serena. The kitties are way too cute and of course, the flowers delightful in the middle of winter!
Thanks for your words, pics and that video with the music was such fun!


Ha, -:)..

As if.. :-)

"..she had the opportunity to vent her frustration and annoyance. ..."
... :-)

It DOES look like much more than that for me.. :-)..

There is - Reality. ( no matter if we like or not)..
And there is -- the Realization (of what IS Real).
And what works or what does not, to simplify the matters.

After all, it IS talent to simplify matters.

Cuz if you don't, at some point, it would grab you by your back. Sooner or later.

I wish this statement were not true, but it looks like it is. :-)


Lovely picture of Smoky greeting a kitten on HIS property.. :-) permitting it to enter..
..look at the "asking-to-enter-risen-paw "of the very polite (in the animal sense) kitten.


Thank you, Kristi.

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
You probably would have some peace of mind if you installed an electric fence. You seem to go through this scary situation of the dogs running away often.
As soon as I clicked on the video and the music started playing, my husband said, "are you in France right now?" haha...can you share the name of the music or the artist?

julie camp

Brilliant storytelling, Kristin. I'll peel potatoes with or for you any time. -julie-

Lynda Karen Laun

It took me five years to learn to walk my dogs on leashes. They never infested the neighborhood again. I was happy and so were they. At least you have a fenced-in yard. My Irish setter jumped right over ours the day it was built.

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