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Thursday, February 13, 2014


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Deedee McDonald

Good morning, I love in boston but my coworker's son is a director of a camp just outside of boulder Colorado. If you want more information I could send you the link. The only glitch might be the age. I am not sure if she would be to old.
Message me and let me know if that is something that may interest you.

Take care!


Kristin, I'd love to be able to suggest a summer camp but Jackie's age may be a bit of an issue if she only intends to be a camper. By the time my kid's were 14 or 15 they were working at the camps they'd attended as campers for several years previously. My son started camp at age 6 and my daughter started at age 8. Maybe Jackie could apply for admission as a "leader-in-training" (LIT) or a "counselor-in-training" (CIT). She could have the camp experience while training for a higher position next summer. Who knows - being a "foreigner" may even give her an advantage. Good luck!


May I recommend Maine Teen Camp at, a camp that is for teens and obviously in the beautiful state of Maine.

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

Oh, une Deu-deuch ! Such a lovely vintage car ! Sooo French!!! If you happen to see a green one, make a wish, they are said to bring luck !


Alabama will sound like a crazy place for a camp, but they DO have mountains.
The age may be a bit of a problem except for CIT, etc. I dunno, but Camp Mac has been run by the McBride family since the late 1940's.
And though small it has kept up with the times, offers many, many activities and yet has still remained a very wholesome place.
My children went there, and now my granddaughter has gone and can't wait to get back. The website is very informative. You will note that they still have flag raising and vespers...the young children (I don't know about older ones) are not allowed electronics or phones...just something like a Nano w/o internet service,
Blah, blah.......
Think Jackie should learn the Southern accent, it complements Take a look! You'll be surprised.
xo from GA.


I can't suggest a particular camp but I had a wonderful summer in my late teens working at YMCA of the Rockies. It is a job and they expect you to say all summer. There were a few foreign students on staff with us, and it was a great experience in a beautiful place!

Mary Lou Unangst

For Isabelle - I would love to host her son in August. My children are older - in their 30's - but I have 16 nephews and nieces to meet. I live in Easton, Pennsylvania and have hosted other summer exchange students. Last year the program they attended lost its coordinator and unexpectedly moved somewhere else in Pa

Suzanne Serino

The girls attend a camp about an hour from our house and they love it! I looked online and they do have a teen camp as well and Jackie could stay with us before and after camp. Great way for her to see Chicago too! I have a few friends who live nearby with teenage girls and I know Ollie and Izzie would love to have Jackie here. Website is

Lynn McBride

Love the Blog post, Kristen. I have passed your request along to the local Alliance and also to Nicole, who is the châtelaine of Balleure and used to run an exchange program for high school students.

Muriel Teusink

In English speaking Canada there are a network of "Pioneer" camps. Pioneer Pacific on Thetis Island off Vancouver Island; Pioneer Ranch Camp and Pioneer Lodge in Alberta; Lake of the Woods Pioneer Camp; Pioneer Ontario...

I do believe they have programs from 6 to 17 at various times of July and August.

Renée C.

We live in Miami, Florida and although are youngest son is now in his mid 20's, he used to attend the 'People to People Student Ambassador' program. Check it out! Lots of fun opportunities with that group!
Hope this helps!

Andrea Thurm

Buck's Rock in Mew Milford CT. It's a creative and performing arts camp. All three of my kids went there for many many years. All of the usual offerings, painting, ceramics, sculpture, music, theater, dance, a nice pool, an unbelievable woodworking shop and even glassblowing.

Barbara Lynch fabulous ranch in Wyoming - horseback, fishing, hiking. I'm thinking she is way too old for camp Mac! My daughter loved it for two summers when she was 7 and 8 years old. Good luck!

Name Young E. Paciello

Hey Kristin, it's your favorite critic who has been very quiet for over a year (fighting another bout of the big C) but all is good now. There is a camp in Northern California (airport is Sacramento then 2 hour bus ride into the mountains)called the JH Ranch that has every activity known to man including horseback riding and white water rafting. If you call the Director, you can ask them if Jackie could go as a staffer, then it would be free except for airfare. It's a non denominational Christian camp but not stuffy or judgemental. website is


I think Jackie may be a little old for a traditional American camp. You might consider an academic camp at a university. Search a university's website under summer programs for teens. This would be better because the kids will all be new and therefore open and willing to make new friends ( also great for her resume). At a traditional camp the kids will have attended together for many years by that age and be too cliquey. I met Jackie this past summer, she'll remember my daughter Colette :) . Maybe she can FB Colette and discuss this with her. Good luck, I know how challenging this age group is to keep safe, happy and productive during the summer months.

Donna Johnson

I can definitely suggest Shaffer's High Sierra Camp in northern California not far from Lake Tahoe. Their staff is an international mix and I often see the campers at our local lakes, etc. having the time of their lives. Many campers go until they are 18. There is paddleboarding,horseback riding, rock climbing, archery,backpacing, white water rafting and many others.
She's not too old for this camp!

Donna Johnson

Oops the website didn't print!

Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

What a cute car!!! thanks for the pictures of it and its owner. Good luck with the camps, etc. I do not have any experience with that. Sorry I cannot help. Have a great day.

Marcia Douglas

I have a friend near here who is an English teacher and her husband is a professor at Purdue University. They host foreign students every year in their home. I've shared this on Facebook too.

Kristin Espinasse

Diane, great idea about the academic camp at a university. 

Thank you all for these responses and ideas! 


I'm so jealous of those beautiful flowers and obviously mild's snowing like crazy right now in NY/NJ and I was even crazier to come to work. Thank you for a breath of fresh, Southern French air...

Leslie A. Riley

Kirstin, we live in the mountains near Cripple Creek, Florissant, Woodland Park, Colorado (mailing address is Florissant). I don't know about summer camps, but I have a friend who volunteers at a stable and could hook her up with working with horses that way. There is also tennis locally, which my husband plays. Our home is rather remote and we plan a 1 week vacation in NY in August, but would otherwise be home. There is hiking around here, about 2 hours from Denver. There is also a wolf sanctuary where she could perhaps volunteer, stuff like that, if interested? For fashion around here - think denim and "old west". Unfortunately, there are no kids her age in our remote woodland home, and my husband and I are in our early 60s, but active. Leslie

Meredith Callahan

Hi Kristin,

Our daughter went to Sanborn Western Camps and she loved it. It's outside of Colorado Springs in Colorado. www.

Many girls love Cheley, near Estes Park.

Meredith Callahan
Boulder, CO

Gail Lentz

Hi Kristin,

My nieces and nephews have gone to Colvig Silver Camp in Colorado every summer since they were 10. Kids attend up thru 18. Their dad, my brother in law, went there every summer when he was growing up. The kids love it. Lots of bonding and fun making new friends as well as outdoor hiking, camping, etc. The camp isn't far from the Durango area. My kids always were involved in lots of camping with Boy Scouts so we didn't opt to send ours there. Hope that helps!
Gail (Gaelle in Mesa, AZ)

John Patte

If looking for an English speaking country, why not consider Canada too?
Also consider applying as a Rotary exchange student - great experience!

Julie Schorr

We have surf camp in San Diego in the summer. Also, there is a summer sailing camp in Dana Point in Orange County. I will ask my students today if any of them might be interested in hosting a French student. I will keep you posted.
Bonne journée!


Hello! I absolutely recommend Blue Mountain Ranch Camp in Florissant, Colorado (about 45 min. outside of Colorado Springs and 2 hours from Denver)!! I was a camper there from ages 10 - 16, and a counselor for years after that. It is an incredibly active camp with many activities including a great horseback riding program. It is a wonderfully unique family atmosphere where kids feel safe, challenged and motivated. They have had international campers for over 30 years, so are equipped (but 90% of the campers are always American, so English is what's spoken)! 16 is about the last year that most kids go as campers, but they can be CITs (Counselor in Training) at 17 (or sometimes younger if they want to be!). Going to Blue Mountain was truly my favorite part of my childhood. Pour moi, c'était un coup de foudre! ;) Check out their website ( and please don't hesitate to contact me with ANY questions you may have. It really is an absolutely AMAZING place!!!
Thanks so much for your emails! I miss living in France SO much!

Edie DeWeese

Dear Kristin,

Cheley Camp in Estes Park is "A four-week camp in Estes Park with horseback riding, hiking, and sleeping under the stars in the Rocky Mountains." It's a little pricey, but amazing--designed to bring out the very best in kids.
Classic, real West experience.
I've lived nearby all my life and always wished I had been able to go to Cheley.
P.S. Comment dit-on "Oh no! Don't drive off!" et "May I take the photo with you in it?"

Bill Rawsky

Hi Kristin,

There was a recent news article here in Colorado about the National Parks being woefully short of workers for 2014. The following link has information about various job opportunities, including a hyperlink to a "Jobs for Students" page. And, of course, Rocky Mountain National Park is right here in Colorado.

Regards, Bill in Boulder, CO

Kristin Espinasse

John, The French love Canada! I mentioned the States (specifically Colorado) with my daughter in mind--so that she could be close to family.

The more I click on the camp links, the more I realize that at almost 17, Jackie and Thomas are a bit too old for camp. If anyone has any ideas for the college camps, let me know and thanks!

Kristin Espinasse

Julie, are the surf camps *day* camps? If not, please send the link and I would also be interested to hear back from your students. Thanks!

Kristin Espinasse

Bill, thanks for the great tip! With Jackies American nationality I think she could get a job--and contribute alot with her French background. Now to find something for Thomas!

Sheryl in Denver

Hi Kristin! My kids both went to Camp Chief Ouray, which is near Granby, Colorado. They loved it and it has lots of great mountain activities. They do take 17 year olds and they have more advanced activities for them. Check it out: Also, we live in Denver and would be happy to host Jackie. We have had 2 other French exchange students in the past. But it sounds like you have Denver covered by family. I have talked to you before. In 2010, we were trying to visit you at the winery, but we got lost in Grenoble and had to cancel. We are open to any kind of arrangements, and I'd be happy to be a connection in Denver for any camps you want to explore. You and I are friends on Facebook, too, so lots of avenues to discuss. Write me anytime. Good luck! - Sheryl Simmen

Kathleen from Connecticut

J'aime Le deux chevaux, and this one is in excellent condition .
Good luck on finding a camp for Jackie and a home for your friends son. We have hosted Spanish students several times, but they always had classes and programs to attend, therefore, they did not feel bad about being with two 60+ Year old adults. In fact we still correspond with some of them.

The flowers are beautiful. I can't wait for spring and working in the garden. We have a huge storm here right now in Connecticut and the snow just keeps piling up...ugh! There is 18" or so on my outside table, although most of it is from the previous snow storms. Wish I was in Provence!

Deidre Ross

Sanborn Western Camps are wonderful. My son went there and loved it. They are in near Colorado Springs. Looks like they have openings for assistant councilors:

The oldest age for campers seems to be 16.

sally vegso

We recommend the American Youth Foundation camps in Michigan and New Hampshire.

They have a range of programs for older teens and the camps are beautifully located and run well.


My grand daughters have been going to this camp for 8 years and they love it. It is through the YMCA in Ann Arbor, Michigan - I hope the website below will help.


Why not NYC for a summer fashion camp?


I worked at a language-immersion camp in Bemidji, Minnesota for the summer, back in 2003. It's called Concordia Language Villages. I worked at the French language camp, and, when I did a little research, it turns out that they have an English immersion camp too, called Hometown, USA.

I highly recommend these programs, since, as a counselor, I was there to see all that goes into them. The staff is trained and excellent in their respective languages, and, it's extra fun because the campgrounds are designed to look like a real city in that country. So the English camp will likely have the look of a town in the US, where the French camp main building looked like a large French home, or chateau of some sort.

All the activities and food are based on the language and countries that speak them. There is time each day for language "classes" as well as for recreation like canoeing, volleyball or other sports.

I had an excellent time working at this camp. I even worked in the kitchen for half the summer and I can tell you that the food is excellent too, and quite authentic.

I think Jackie would get a lot out of this camp, and she certainly would come back home with a new confidence in her English abilities.

Here is the website:

Please let me know if you'd like any more info!

Karen Jensen

If your kids are interested in science, this is a great "geek camp" in Alaska:

It's a 2 week residential camp, where the students stay in college dorms. Applications are due soon. My son has enjoyed it for the last couple years.

Erin Edwards is a french camp in the San Juan Islands. She might be able to work there as a counselor teaching french but as most of the kids don't speak french if at all she will be speaking English too.


Young Life Camp Malibu in Princess Louisa Inlet , British Columbia, CANADA. ... totally teen oriented but with a very strong "born again" Christian core. As-teen I was shocked by the pressure to witness ( I am a Lutheran ) I learned a lot about respecting others faith systems & how to stand my own ground. Unbelievably beautiful setting. Why did I go ? Neighbor kids were talking about it & I wanted to see a foreign country (I was from Oregon) !


Oh... One more thing the Young Life Malibu Club camp in BC is specifically for high school teenagers. So 17-years-old is just right. Most of the campers were American teenagers. Getting there was a lovely adventure -- a day long trip by ship from Washington state.


Sounds like you have loads of good suggestions. I am sure Jackie and Thomas will find something to suit them. My family and I would be happy to host a student, but my children are younger and do not fit the demographic you are looking for. I was an au pair in Paris years ago, and so have a heart for youngsters away from home in a new country.

Sarah LaBelle, near Chicago

A friend of mine did an exchange of their son and a boy from Lyon, both about age 16 or 17. It was two weeks in each country, and the boys liked it very much, as did the two sets of parents. So that idea for Thomas might work out well if there is a family with a boy the same age. I met the boy from France, said Bonjour, and got the immediate response, he just wants to hear English. So I shifted back to English.

I hope you find a good place for your daughter, too. It seems likee she has a lot of options, with fashion or in a regular outdoor summer camp.

More amazing to me is how your husband is planting now! We are still under snow cover, will it ever melt? I know some parts of Europe have had hard times this winter, like Slovenia, hit by a terrible ice storm. Probably compensated by one of their athletes winning gold in the Olympics.


If Jackie is interested in a music and dance camp, there is a wonderful one here in northern California. All ages, all imaginable instruments. google Lark in the Morning, Mendocino, CA.


I can't recommend highly enough Canoe island French Camp, for 9-16-year-olds (most campers are teenagers in the three-week sessions) in the San Juan Islands (where I've been a camper/work as a counselor). A French camp might sound contradictory to what you're looking for, but in fact we frequently have French campers come to practice their English, because it is not an immersion program and English is the primary language used among campers (most of whom are not yet advanced French speakers) and in activities. As a French camper, though, Jackie could share her culture with the other campers, and have questions answered if needed by French-speakng staff (half the counselors are Francophone, half Anglophone, but all speak French). Canoe Island is really a magical experience, an opportunity to escape technology for a few weeks, bond with a small group of students and staff, and discover the outdoors on a private island. I'd recommend session 2 for Jackie, a 3-week session with a focus on Native American culture as well as the history of French explorers in Canada, which tends to attract older students and offers several off-island overnight outings. Sessions fill early, though, so act quickly if you're interested! And of course let me know if you have questions, or email the camp director who'd be happy to help.


How about Sydney Australia? We have a very active local venturer scout group and Rover scout crew who regularly have european visitors for a few weeks? They do a lot of exciting things

Kristin Espinasse

Bob--Sydney, Australia? No, that is on the parents bucket list! Our daughter does not get to go before us!

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you, DSB! The summer fashion camp is a great idea. Any ideas for student lodging in NYC?

Vicki Majors

Wouldn't it be more fun and much easier for her to stay with family in USA?

Joan Linneman

How come I didn't get to go to any of those fun sounding camps when I was growing up?
Boo-hoo... Joan L.

Trina, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

You might find this article about women's residences in NYC interesting.

As mentioned in the article, this residence began as a temporary home for French girls when they were separated from their families.

A former co-worker's daughter was considering these two when she had a fashion internship in NY one summer. I am not sure which one she chose.
My personal preference on location between the two would be the Upper West Side.

I often passed this residence; it was in a lovely location, but the acceptable age begins at 18.

I think Jackie's age (being under 18) might pose a problem for her to live on her own in the women's residences. I hope you can find a lovely host family wherever she goes! I know a family here who hosted a French student last year, but they leave for Europe in summer.

Trina, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA


I thought I posted this separately prior to the other post, but apparently it didn't take.

The 92nd St Y in Manhattan has housing for students and interns. Jackie is a student, but residents might have to be attending a semester in NYC to qualify.

As for the neighborhood, when I lived in NYC, I took Italian language lessons at the Y and, as a single woman, I always felt safe walking or catching the bus or subway at night after class.

Tracy H

Do you know about En Famillle International? My daughter did an exchange with them and we had a French teen live with us. Their exchange was 6 months each but they do shorter ones too.

Tracy H.

Also, Camp Augusta employs an amazing international staff of counselors. My daughter and her French sister were there as campers when they were 13 years old. But once you are over age 16 you need to be a CIT or a counselor. The counselors go through a wonderful team building training. It's a rare and wonderful place.

Barb Mitchell

i think most of the YMCA camps in the US hire "international students" to be counselors or to help wherever they are needed in the camp, or if they have talents to help coach swimming. sports, sailing, canoeing or whatever their special talent might be. I am sure you can Goolge YMCA CAMPS to find out more info........Barb


Any Fashion Design School or University summer camp program will normally offer housing and meals in their dorms. This offers a level of supervision and monitoring, not to mention all night chat fests with pizza and new friends. If fashion design and styling are her passion I would suggest looking at a camp that would allow her to develop her portfolio. If NYC is too intimidating I would look at other programs in smaller cities or with a contained campus.

Jackie is also old enough to go to "summer college". Many US colleges offer a program in which high school students live in dorms with other high school students and take 1-2 university classes in the summer. If there is a geographic location that interests you more than another, this is also an option.

We live outside of Philadelphia and I have included another link to a summer design program known for architecture, but has fashion as well.

Should she end up in this part of the world we can get her settled and look after her. However, with the posts I have read so far, I imagine she could go anywhere in the USA and one of your readers would be there to catch her.

Kristin Espinasse

Trina, wonderful info and links about the womens residents. Thanks.

DSB, more great ideas. Thanks, everyone, for these possibilities!

Jessika Mancini

Hi!! I am a French student in San Diego, CA and I can recommend a great surf camp here! I have been going to YMCA Camp Surf for 5 years now and it is an AMAZING experience. We have campers from all over the world every year. For Jackie and Thomas's age group, they would be Beachcombers or S.O.U.L. surfers (soul includes community service and other projects and it is really fun. You really become a family with your counselors and fellow campers. I have participated in both programs and have to say I enjoyed S.O.U.L more, but both are great :) ) I will be a CA (counselor assistant) there from July 6 to July 27 this summer.
I would love to have them stay with us, but we will be so busy and traveling over the summer that it probably wouldn't work out.
Here's a link to YMCA Camp Surf's website :)

janet b.

LOVE the citroen! it is beautiful and looks like fun to drive! i must say that when i saw the photos of CHIEF GRAPE planting the lavender, i got very jealous and began to yearn for springtime. on this valentines day, in the hudson valley of new york state, we awoke to TWO FEET of snow!! spring seems so far away, and those two photos made it feel just a bit closer!

Janine Burge

Chère Kristin,
J’adore cette idée. Mon mari et moi avons deux filles et cinq chats. Nous habitons à Rochester en l’état de New York, mais nous avons beaucoup de famille en New Jersey. C’est facile aller à New York City. Mes filles ont dix-sept et treize ans. Ma fille plus âge append français et elle doit trouver un emploi a temps partiel pour l’été parce qu’elle va en France l’année prochaine. Elle doit l’argent pour son voyage. Cependant, voudrait-elle votre fille trouver trop un emploi a temps partiel au camp ? C’est un camp de YMCA pour les enfants que les parents travaillent pendant l’été. Ma fille a reçu son certificat pour être une maitre nageuse. Le camp est dix minutes en vélo ! Nous n’avons jamais été une famille d’accueil, mais nous avons eu ma famille en Belgique (mon neveu et deux nièces) nous visiter pour quatre semaines pendant l’été. Peut-être ceci peut marcher avec beaucoup de travail. Si nos filles voudraient envisager, Je voudrais aussi!

Janine Burge

PS Peut-être je pouvais une famille d’accueil pour le garçon de votre amie dans cette région.

Carmen Clarke

Hi Kristin,
I have heard good things about San Diego Zoo Safari Camp and the Fashion program at the Putney School
Neither are in Colorado but look like fun. Good luck!

Colleen Osten

FANTASTIC CAMP - Chimney Corners in Becket MA (Berkshires). Many international counselors, and an incredibly beautiful, welcoming and judgement free place. French children come to this camp.

Here is the link.


C'est UNE deux chevaux...

et Vive la Saint Valentin!

Lisa Lekberg

I have been following your blog for a few months now and love it - we have been having a really COLD and SNOWY winter in Chicago, so your stories and photos allow me to escape for a moment!

Another fashion option is the School of the Art Institute of Chicago - they offer summer classes with two and four week sessions. It is worth looking into. I used to work there (almost 18 years ago managing the art history department - then kids became my full-time job), so know the school/program first hand. My daughter is 14 and wants to get into fashion, so I have been looking into classes for her to take when she gets into high school. The school puts on an incredible fashion show which we are going to this Spring :)

Chicago is an easy stop on the way to Colorado.

Good luck with the search!

Terry Moore

Canoe Island French Camp in Washington State's San Juan Islands, c'est l'été avec un petit accent français et c'est pour rêver. Allez vite à la site web ( et découvrez l'endroit parfait pour votre fille. Elle sera bien contente!

Trina, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA


You are probably overwhelmed by now with all the suggestions. However, I thought I sent this yesterday in a separate comment on housing for the Vogue teen camp.

The 92nd St Y houses students and interns in NYC. Jackie is a student, but I don't know if she would have to be enrolled in a summer semester in NYC to qualify.

Today, though, when I went to pull the housing link, I noticed the Y also has a summer fashion camp.

When I lived in NYC, I took Italian language classes at the Y. As far as the neighborhood, as a single woman, I always felt safe leaving class at night to walk or catch a bus in the neighborhood.



I know of a great summer camp in Mexico….it would be a tough two week course though. Rise and shine every morning at 6 a.m. and paint for 2-5 hours. Then off to the beach to sell jet-ski rides at a beachside resort just a bus ride from her own private room in a fabulous condo with 4 tennis courts and golf course right out of the kitchen window, plus located right on the Marina. Two mornings a week Jackie would have to run on the Malacon downtown when all of the good-looking guys are there around 8 a.m. Then lunch and shopping. Scuba diving is also available….

Homemade beautiful meals by Chef John everyday….all laundry washed and ironed by Adela plus her room cleaned for free.



Georgia from Northern CA

Loved the pics in your blog! The car is too precious!
It seems as if you have been given some great ideas to pursue. I will add one more: Pali Overnight Adventures in southern CA. They host children from overseas as well. Most of the pics on their website show younger children, but their are older ones as well. One of the features is a Fashion program.
Good luck!

Minnesota Mom

I also worked as a French teacher at Concordia Language Villages in Bemidji, MN. It is a world-class camp and students come from all across the US and foreign countries, so you meet cool people. It's also remote and in the woods, with high technology! They have an International Day at the German Camp (this is where Chelsie Clinton went to camp years ago) and you can taste different foods and participate in a cultural soccer match or debate world peace.
Colorado Springs, CO sounds like fun too.
Have Fun!


I'd consider hosting a student; would have to talk it over with the hubby first. We hosted a student from Toulouse a few years ago, and it was a great experience. My boys are both in college now, but I know plenty of teenagers. We live in the Atlanta, GA area.

Joanie Clark

Hi Kristin,
I had the pleasure of my granddaughters company for this weekend and I was telling her about you. She was looking at your blog and when I told her about your request for information about camps and such she was excited, and thought she had a grand idea. She is 18 and attending BYU in Provo, Utah, a great student and always up for new adventures. She had the opportunity to go to Spain last summer and so saved her own money to go (very independent girl) She has a brother that is 16 and is a junior in high school that is also a great student, has tutored several years students older than himself. Patient teacher. They both love sports, especially basketball. Her brother is an avid fisherman and he and his father and brothers do a lot of fly fishing. They live right outside Durango, about 4 hours from Denver. Family life is the center of their world and they have very high standards. My granddaughter thought it would be "awesome" if both your son and daughter could come at the same time, then the four of them could have a great time horse back riding, fishing, playing ball, hiking (their father loves to hike) etc., etc. My granddaughter will be home from sometime in April till August or September. She is waiting to serve a mission for our church. I think you might want to talk to her parents if you are interested. Just let me know if you would like to contact them. I might just be a little prejudice, but they are one fabulous family. They are so fun to be with and they really love life. We are a close knit family and there also might be a chance that they could visit family in Southern Utah and Northern Utah. We have some beautiful parks and other great places to visit. I also would love to meet your children. Hope you find just the perfect place for them this summer.

Joan Clark

Kristin. A little added note. I've asked to have you join my Facebook. I don't spend a lot of time on it but you can get an idea of what our family is like.


Hi Kristy,
Enjoyed catching up with your posts today. Your car story in Malta reminded me that I haven't told you our car story from Bandol yet. Someday.
I wished I had known earlier about Jackie and Isabel's son wanting to make an exchange. I have 2 sisters from Paris coming in July and Jack will return with them to spend August in Corsica. Lucky boy!
This is a camp that Jack attended for many years. He loved the Ranch Camp section, because it was all horses, everyday. However, the Balagan camp for older teenagers is the bee's knees of the whole camp. Treehouses about the river, with LOTS of activities including river rafting and horses.
I know it's not Colorado, but I would be willing to help in any way I can to get her there, airport transfers and of course, host her at our place for a few days in between if she wants. She could go to Denver afterwards?
Gros Bisous Kim


We are nowhere near Colorado, but there is a lovely summer camp here on Cape Cod, in MA called Wingate Kirkland.

I teach the daughter of the owners and several years ago, I tutored a girl in French during "rest time" once a week. The camp is quite international as far as counselors and campers and the owners really have their act together.

One of my students who is in the picture I sent you last year (the 9 girls who LOVED Words In A French Life and would fight over who got to read it) has gone and worked there and loves it.

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