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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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Oh it was loads of fun. I had a wonderful time both at the event (not often I get to dress like a grown-up these days) and reading your book as I headed home on the train. All the best to you and don't take the few dark reviews in the usual places at all seriously. :-)

Patricia Sands

What a lovely evening! Having become a newly-published author in my 60's, the collegiality and support of the writing community has been a delightful discovery and I can imagine the ambiance of your special evening. My husband and I have been coming to France, often for extended times, for 15 years and feel like it is our second home. Perhaps one of my stays will coincide with one of your speaking engagements. A Toronto travel agency has developed a tour to the south of France based on my latest novel, The Promise of Provence, and I will be leading two tours for 14 women this June. Would you perhaps be interested in speaking to the groups if we could tee things up? Would you be willing to travel from Bandol to Avignon for an afternoon? Just a thought.


Kristin, I so enjoyed your very down to earth -- as always -- accout of the event . Sounds like everyone had a good time!


Sue J.

what a wonderful event! (and I can't believe how unbearably rude some people can be! I see this gathering as redemption. stupid trolls.) Enjoy chaque moment -- and keep writing.

Kristin Espinasse

Patricia, that sounds lovely. Would your group be able to meet any closer, say in Aix-en-Provence? Could anyone reading this joinus? :-)

Also, I just realized I left out another wonderful blog! Do not miss Viictoria Ferauges latesr post: The Four Pillars of French Nationality. I greatly admire this writer, who was also with us last Thursday.

Priscilla Fleming Vayda

What a lovely evening. I envy each and every one of you who could attend. As always, Kristin, I enjoyed your posting of the event just as I enjoy your blog. How I wish I could be in Paris! It has been 15 years in the physical body, every day in the wishful soul. Keep up with your writing,
Priscilla in La Nouvelle Orleans where it is cold and wet. No sunny south today!


In your photos I always look for the place, usually outside in Provence, where one might sit with a few friends for an impromptu café littéraire. I loved reading about your Parisian one.

Eileen deCamp

Looks like so much fun Kristin! I enjoyed reading Ann's book too!


Thank you for sharing with those of us half way across the world. I like the reference to speed dating.

Rina Rao.

It was wonderful meeting you Kristin---you looked lovely and spoke so honestly. I have thanked Robin, for opening her home to us--it was lovely evening.
And thanks for specially mentioning my name-I am glad I have made it to a'name dropping
Like you,just joking, no offense meant to the remark by someone in the earlier blog!!
It'll be a pleasure to catch up with you in April. Please let me know your programme, so that I can check my calender.Thanks.
Love, Rina.

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

Thank so much for sharing your feelings and pictures. A well deserved success ! A great time, no doubt ! Smiles and pleasure on all faces... Sharins the same passion, isn't that great? Thank you once again for sharing your time with us ! We love you !! Please... keep on dropping names, we enjoy them ! ;-)

J Newsom

So very interesting. Always love the stories of your life in France. Am reading Ann's book now & there was Adrian from my favorite House Hunter's international!
Will be in Nice March 24th-April 23rd. Any chance of you having a book signing in the south of France during that time? We would surely come.
Blessings to you & your family,
Judy Newsom


Kristin, I love these last two blog posts. I live vicariously thru you adventures. What a treat to be in the roon with such literary notables. I recognized Adrian Leeds from House Hunters International. I love when she guiding buyers in finding apts. in Paris. I must now read Ann Mah's book.

Thank you for sharing your experience!


Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for sharing - what a lovely evening with like minded people.


Our dear Kristi,
WOW! What a fantastic event with a fantastic group!
As always,we are so very proud of you for not only being there and looking/speaking
wonderfully,but also for your gifted writing,which earns you so a well deserved place at join-ins like this.
THANK YOU for the privilege of being there with you!
Natalia XO

Heather in Arles

Oh I am just getting caught up with these past two posts and I loved them, so very you--but how they filled me with regret for not being there! Another time...

And I agree, "name drop" away! It is very generous of someone that has such a big readership to mention other blogs that we might not have heard of. That said, I am off to go exploring! Merci, Kristi!

julie camp

To you, a silly girl you are;
To me and others, you're a star!

Congratulations, Kristin. Keep twinkling your brilliance. -julie-

Katheryn Lyman

“Criticism is something you can avoid easily — by saying nothing, by doing nothing, and being nothing.”
- adapted from Elbert Hubbard
Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. -- attributed (but disputed) to Aristotle.
Second comment: Your story takes the saying, "Her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top" to a whole new level (pun intended).

Jill Switzenberg

Congratulations Kristin! You should be very proud, not only of your accomplishments, but your attitude, warmth and caring and giving nature. I agree with above "name drop away"! And we will continue to enjoy every minute and written line!
From Sunny Scottsdale!

Ellen Fetu

Amen to all of this, Kristin!! I so enjoy your writing…and recall fondly another evening with you and Ann at Shakespeare&Co a few years ago. I applaud the sharing and celebrating here, at which women generally do so well. Would love to see you again at American Library in Paris as well. For now, bon courage!


It was so wonderful to spend not one but TWO evenings with you, Kristi! Thank you for sharing you time in Paris with me and for these lovely posts about the events. xoxo

PS My comment on the other post disappeared -- otherwise I would have been in touch sooner! :)


P.S. Heartfelt thanks to all who have read Mastering the Art of French Eating, including Eileen, Judy, and Laura from this post and so many others who discovered through this blog and Kristi's generosity. xo

Debbie Ambrous

Kristin, Now you have another wonderful memory for your personal scrapbook along with sharing a glimpse of it with us. How I wish I could have been in one of those chairs or even sitting on the floor. I also wish your scheduled event in Paris would be just a little later in the month. Jim and I will arrive on April 17th in Paris for a long stay in the Loire Valley with excursions from there. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful people and their creative works with us.

Sherry in Kentucky

Isn't it amazing how small this world is. I am reading Ann Mah's book and have friended her on Facebook because of you. Now you will be speaking at one of Adrian Leed's events. I have been following her blog for years. (Not quite as long as I have been following yours). We also love her International House Hunters episodes on US TV. I feel as though I have a circle of friends in France. You must get to know Carol Drinkwater, author, actress who is in Cannes and has an olive farm.

Nikki Maxwell

Don't even know you Kristin but I'm proud of you!

Karen from Phoenix

What a wonderful evening you had. You have so much to offer and your bright warm smile is all people see. How exciting. I too have corresponded briefly with Ann Mah because of your blog and read both her books. By the way I found one of your old books on amazon and can't wait to add to my collection. I think I the only one I am missing is Words in a French Life Volume 1 and of course you newest book. Can't wait to see it for sale. xoxo

Robin Katsaros

Chere Kristi, I am touched beyond measure and so blessed to be surrounded by so many bright, talented and loving women in my life! You and Ann are superstars and I felt, for at least two nights, that I was lucky to be around your "shining" personalities. It was the distinct pleasure of both John and I to host this wonderful gathering. What fun and what a super time we all had. Thank YOU for being who YOU are. Grand bisous, Robin

Carol Clark

Hi Kristen, I have been reading and enjoying your blog for years--almost as long as I have been following Adrian Leeds writings. I go to Paris several times a year (mainly to go to the art and photography museums) and I'm excited to say I will be in Paris on April 8th! Hope to see you at the ususal cafe...the name of which escapes my Senior brain at the moment.

Carol Clark from Los angeles


So wonderful to read this today and what fun you must have had. I also get Adrian's emails, so I had read her account of the day, as well. I am a member of Alliance Francaise de Napa, so I am also sharing your blog and books with our members. I am encouraging them to read your books and follow your blog. We are quite the active group, and we also offer French lessons, so I think they should be using your books! Frances in Napa, California

Julie Farrar

I can't believe you are still worried about speaking in public. You did so well on the cruise. When I'm in France there never seems to be such interesting literary events happening. I'd be willing to take the train to Paris for one. I wish I could have heard you and Ann talk.


It seems like a wonderful evening for you all. A French amie brought me to a cafe litteraire in Paris, once upon a time and it was a good experience.

Once, I was googling for free online Chinese lessons and I came across Adeline Mah. So when I saw the name Ann Mah in your blog, I connected the two Mahs and it turns out they are mother and daughter, both writers! What a small world.


I did a double take while scrolling through your photos of the event ... I have seen Adrien on several episodes of Househunters International, the HGTV show that features families, usually American, looking for homes overseas. Now it seems like an even smaller world!

Leisa Smith

So proud of you and the courage you have in bucketloads!!

Cate Salenger

Bravo, Kristi! I know I would be a wreck under such circumstances but you're becoming an old pro! Congratulations!

Zoe Willet

It was interesting to compare your report with that of Adrian Leeds, whose newsletter I had already read.


Hello Kristin, Pourquoi y a t'il que des expatriés invités à vos réunions, présentations?
Merci pour être vous :) Jocelyne

Kristin Espinasse

Hi Jocelyne, I ask myself the same question! Everyone is welcome and inviited!And the next meet up is April 8th. Can you make it? Let me know! P.s. Ironically I have had French readers at a meetup... In London :-) you are right about those expatriates!

Julia ~ Falling Off Bicycles

Hi Kristin! You are on my list to email, as I have an exciting book to tell you about that I'm a part of. I wish I had been able to make it to this event. So glad to see so much support from all we expat France lovers. I'll be in touch soon.


Merci Kristin de votre réponse! j'habite en PROVENCE et cela m'est difficile d'aller à Paris, peut être un jour dans le sud, si vous organiser un événement similaire?
Bonne journée et à bientôt de vous lire :) Jos


Patricia the Promise of Provence, OUI, j'aimerai vous rencontrer pendant ce tour en Juin! Avignon ou Aix en Provence. Puis je avoir plus de détails. Je suis parfaitement bi-lingue. Je suis Provençale, j'ai vécu 30 ans à Londres et je suis de retour dans ma terre natale depuis 8 ans! mon mail est
Kristin je viens aussi de lire la version française de votre rencontre avec Mr Farjon et je suis heureuse de pouvoir dire à mes amis français qui ne comprennent pas l'anglais qu'une version française existe :)
A bientôt.

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