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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


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Bonne chance et bon courage, Jean-Marc!

Kathy King

What an informative and delightful story today!

Bill in St. Paul

Bonne chance, J-M, avec votres jeunes vignes. And what a beautiful kitchen!

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

Félicitations pour cette belle naissance : une nouvelle vigne ! Une belle promesse pour l'avenir.. Tous mes voeux accompagnent Mac Gyver Jean Marc.
Jean Marc has a will of iron and knows his stuff : a huge success is in sight ! (isn't his birthday coming soon? Well he will be able to say : I planted this vineyard for birthday!! Who else can say so??)

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Thanks for your wishes
What to see the video (taped by Kristi) of the horse-man seeding mustard flower and raking them with dirt after... Here it is :
Enjoy !

Robert Wildau

I'm considerably older than J-M, but after having struggled with the heavy work of creating permaculture mounds, I envy his physical fitness. "Allez les (Rouges-) Bleus!"


Jean-Marc seems to have a wonderful and true connection with the good earth. Bonne chance et bon courage, Jean-Marc!

Eileen deCamp

Bonne chance Jean-Marc! A dream realized is always such a beautiful thing! All your hard work will pay off! I enjoyed this line today…"There is just no word for it, and no term to describe the man."

The kitchen looks lovely!

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

I just got your book ---- started reading it -- it is a page turner and it is lovely.

Good luck JM! You are a hardy worker - so happy for you!

Stay well!

catharine ewart-touzot

how wonderful that he has a dream and follows fortunate you are to have married such a man and to have had the wisdom to allow and encourage his dream.

Rosalie Isom

Kristen, that is a funny post today.
I can picture him… The images you describe are so alive to me.


The plants are so small it is hard to believe they will bear fruit in just 3 years. Does he plant rose bushes at the end of the rows? I can't remember why one does that...something to do with insects or a blight and they will get it first so something can be done to the vines. Bon chance.

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

The link from Jean Marc is not working. Is it possible to get another link? I would love to see him at work.

It is grand to read about someone doing what he loves and having so much skill in doing it.

Kristin Espinasse

Sarah, will try to get that one to work. Meantime, heres a fun video of Jean-Marc, Max, and Jacques planting. Let me know if it does not work:

Debra Karimzad

Enjoying your post this morning in Palm Desert and feeling the wine country in my bones. I never knew that the mustard flower fed the vines or even that it might have been planted intentionally. I was captured by the mustard covering the hills on my last visit to the Bay Area where I am from. I have always loved it and followed the Mustard Festival in the Napa Valley. Bonne chance to you and Jean-Marc; it's a beautiful life!

Marie-France Gaucher

Bon courage, Jean-Marc. Je suis les aventures de Kristin et les vôtres avec beaucoup de plaisir, depuis San Diego.


What?!?!? No photo here of the pregnant winemaker with a tail? I would love to see that! I hope you can get the link to that video to work soon! :) I enjoyed the other video, though!

You must be excited about your new kitchen! It looks so cute!

I am very much enjoying your books! I am reading them in the order you wrote/published them. Though I am having a hard time not flipping through the others a bit before I finish the first! They are as lovely as your blog here.

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

Thank you Kristin, yes the other link works well.
Max??? well, next Chief Grape, no doubt about that ! Father and son working together.... Simply great!


I hope you both realize that you're living a dream that many would love. Enjoy every minute and bonne chance! :)


Another vineyard at last, planted with loving care and homemade contraptions by the unsinkable, nonpareil Jean-Marc!

May God bless you, Jean-Marc, and your whole family, who have worked and struggled so hard to achieve this dream. Let it come to fruition and become the blessing you all so richly deserve.

Bette Goode

Hi Kristi,

Your new kitchen looks wonderful. I love the sink edges at counter height. I didn't even notice the compost in the photo.

All that physical work must keep your husband fit and healthy. I just read an article in the paper here about doctors writing prescriptions for patients to exercise. Jean-Marc will never need one of those.

Have fun with your new vines and your garden.

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Thank you again for all your wishes. We are both living our dreams to be writer and farmer. May I just say that it is quite a demanding dream (and no complaints here, of course). And the hard work from Kristi and I are so rewarding.
Thank you my lovely wife for this beautiful post

Colleen Osten

We bought a Bichon Frise while living in Aix, and she has lived up to the verb se bichoner! She is pampered and pampers us. Congratulations, I love seeing your passions unfold in your lovely stories.

new pc games

I am very much enjoying your books! I am reading them in the order you wrote/published them. Though I am having a hard time not flipping through the others a bit before I finish the first! They are as lovely as your blog here. - See more at:


Easiest way to get 1st video is to go to youtube & type in: Jean-Marc Espinasse.
Really enjoyed today's post. Probably passed by that plot in our travels. Best way to a rich full life is to follow your dreams. You both do that so well.

Diane Young

Jean-Marc is unsurpassable when it comes to zest for life! Vive le bonvivant. Smokey looks happy, the kitchen is gorgeous, and la vie est bonne, n'est-ce pas! Now if Amazon would just send me the book, life would be perfect. Looking forward to Spring, which I'm sure will arrive even though it was in the low 40's this morning in sunny North Fla.



What can I say except thank you for picking me to be your mom. I love all of your words Kristi, you are so lucky to have JM to give you an open pass to process his life out into our hearts. I love you both so much, you post made me cry.

The new kitchen is wonderful, so crisp and easy to keep. I can´t wait to bring in some color…ha-ha.

I am so sad that we live so far apart.



Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

Kristin, thanks, I could see the planting video easily. That looks like a lot of work!

But google makes me sign up under my account, then when it gets through that rigamorole, tell me "nothing is found" for the other video. I will keep trying. I wonder if it is the fault of Google/you tube?



Our dear Kristi,
What a beautiful post today,accompanied(as always) by such wonderful pictures.
Congratulations and bonne chance to you both
for (first of all and most important) your love for each other and(!)making your dreams come true!
What a gift and an inspiration!
God bless you and your beautiful family!
Natalia XO

cynthia lewis

Congratulations, Jean-Marc! May your newly planted vineyard flourish and grow.....every single plant. Kristin, your post today was filled with the emotions which you and J-M both have with the dream come true Bandol vineyard. Thank you for sharing. My very best wishes for all, Cynthia

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

Beta's suggestion worked so well. First get you tube, type in Jean-Marc Espinasse, then filter for the last week, and there it was. Spread the seed then turn the soil to keep the seed in place.

The URL that works is this one:

Yes, that works, to see Seeding Mustards flowers.

Thanks for the suggestion, Beta, and thanks, Jean-Marc for showing how you work.

Leslie NYC

I have prayed all month for les minous to return. It makes me so sad, clear across the Atlantic.

Ann Marie Corcoran

La Bonne chance, Great grape. I thoroughly enjoy Kristins illustrative tales.

Linda C.

I wish you both the very best! May your dreams and all your hard work be fulfilled.

june furey

Jean-Marc, your efforts are so inspiring,
may I send you organic roses for placing at end of some of your rows. I wish to offer assistance with this small gift..
June, Qld /


I SO MUCH loved your old range hood in the original kitchen. Please say you didn't do away with it.

Marianne Rankin

Jean-Marc has so much energy and initiative, as well as creativity. I hope he will be well rewarded for his hard work.

I'm a little curious: You all left Domaine Rouge-Bleu because growing grapes, bottling them, marketing them, etc. was really too much for one person, or even more than one. Yet you now have 3500 vines - which sounds much like what you had before. Was the main idea to move to Bandol and do the same sort of thing? I had thought at the time you announced your move that the idea was to be a bit less involved in the world of wine. Hope everything will work out, whatever you do.

Chris Allin

Dear Kristin and Jean-Marc,
For so any of us you represent the risk-taker and the dream-maker and you do it with commitment, passion and grace. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. (So inspiring is Jean-Marc that my husband announced that he would have really liked to have been able help Jean-Marc plant the 3500 vines, after telling me he had dug far too many planting holes for trees and bushes on our little piece of Kansas!) As we enjoy the blossoming beauty of Kristin's words, we look forward to the blossoming beauty of the vines.... both words and vines seeming to come from the heart . Cheers to and for you both!

Chris Allin

Oops.. For so many of us......

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Dear Marianne,
There was 8 times more vines at Rouge-Bleu...
Thanks all again for your kind words

Alison at The Gracious Posse

Looking forward to watching the vines grow into a vineyard with you. Bonne chance, Jean-Marc!


Merci Kristin for this charming and amusing post.

I also enjoyed the video of Jean-March seeding his ground with flowers and his "rateau-barbell" contraption attached to his back :-)As us French tend to do, he used creativity and "systeme D" to come up with these kind of ideas.

I love your book and savor it one reading bite after another and allow it to linger in between readings, as one would do between sips of good wine.

Bonne chance et merci encore.


Regina Domkuski

Coucou Kristin and Jean-Marc! I wanted to wish Jean-Marc bonne chance with his vineyard! He is fulfilling his dream and for that I am envious! His heart and soul is in it so therefore it will be a success! Gros Bisous XX


Augusta Elmwood

Ooh, is that an Ikea kitchen?? Sweet !!

Carolyn Dahm

Dear Kristin and JM,

You're both such an inspiration. Thanks for the wonderful story and congratulations on your first planting JM and your new book, Kristi. You have a lot to celebrate! I'm off to order that book and watch the videos.

I hope to have such courage in my own life...
Carolyn Dahm


Oh how I miss it when you don't give me the little list of vocabulaire at the end of your blog . . .

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