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Friday, March 28, 2014


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Late here in Australia Kristin and just as I checked my last emails in bed before turning the light off, your blog post came in.
With one click I'm now the proud owner of your livre numerique.
Excellent news, been waiting to have it bundled up in my iPhone for joyous momentary snatches when time permits.
Downloaded in a heartbeat, might b a while before lights out. Happy camper.
Thanks. Nikki

Betty Doolittle Tuininga

Delighted to get the kindle addition. I dont buy real books doesn't allow. So looking forward to reading your latest!

Love the picture of you and JM! You are the "poster children" happy relationship!

Love, bj


Thank you for the wonderful gift. I just bought mine, and am looking forward to reading this week on a trip out of town. I love the picture of you and JM.


I, too, did one-click ordering, and in a flash it's on my tablet! Received the hard copy last week, and love it, but my eyes prefer reading a tablet at night before bed, which is my only quiet moment to really relish your words. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. I will read and re-read with delight! Love the pics in the book of the kids as little ones. Time goes by so quickly... You helped capture the memories for your family as well as for your loyal readers. What a treasure...


The two of you are absolutely adorable!! Can't wait to read the book.


Wow, what a cake ! Seems so yummy !!!
Nice decor (french word and I guess it's the same for that..?) and.... just a little stuff, dear Kristin : "quand je suis en vacanceS". Yes , always plural when we mean... vacationS !: Because "vacance" means "vacancy" and we don't use it when we speak about vacations, days off, etc.
I always enjoy a lot your billets quotidiens (or not !) even I don't have the time to post something..!
Continuez comme ça. Amitiés !


Just bought it, I now have ALL your books.

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
What a great photo of you and Jean-Marc! So glad you have a Kindle version available now!
Bon Weekend!

Jackie Satterlee

Ebook! Formidable!

Luci Lewisohn

I love my Kindle. But for your very special books I must have a hard copy. Waiting for mine to arrive today, as a matter of fact. Now all three will be side by side on my bookshelf. They're a treasure and so are you, Kristin.

:), Luci

David Sheegog

OMG, jean-marc has the same shirt as mine. Always knew he had good taste.

Ally Davis

Zut alors! I was hoping that there would be a kindle edition but I was losing hope and ordered a hard copy the other day!

Norman Silbert

Sorry, just some the best of my knowledge the French word telecharger means to download, and stocker means to store (eg a file)

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and positive feedback! So happy to read your notes, which are the most encouraging!

David, I think it is a Gap shirt? Bought with my sister during a trip back to Phoenix :-)

Ally, sorry about that. I just got the e-book conversion file a day ago and uploaded immediately to Amazon.

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Norman. Off to fix that now... :-)


Darling Kristi,

I love the top photo of you and Jean-Marc. The love in his expression is precious. I am so happy that the two of you have the love and life and family that gives a mom peace each day. Can I download books on my MacBook Air?



Bud Frawley

Congrats on the book, in all of its incarnations.

I'm sure that your Kindle-reading fans are especially pleased. Ah yes, but some of us use the Nook.

Bon chance,


Kristin Espinasse

Bud, I am working on making the Nook version available. Please check back.


I am so enjoying reading your books, Kristin! I've got one review up, but need to get one up for each of your other books as well now! I really like that photo of you and JM!

Hi, Jules! I have a MacBook Pro. You can download a free Kindle app from the App Store (I think the icon should show in your dock) and then download eBooks, oops, I mean livres numerique, and read them on your computer!

Once you get Kindle downloaded and opened, just click on the Shop in Kindle Store button. That will open Amazon where you can shop to your heart's content and download all of Kristi's books! :) There are also a ton of free books available, mostly classics to give you hours of things to read! Just type in free in the search box!

Enjoy! ! !


Our dear Kristi,
What an absolutely adorable picture of you two!Wonerful to see how you both are treasuring every second together!Love is written all over your faces!
Just downloaded the ebook;already have the paperback and really enjoyed it! Whatever version,your books are keepers!
Happy Birthday to dear Heidi!(what a beautiful cake!) Wishing her blessings and happiness always!
(I'm an Aries,too! Just celebrated my 67th on the 26th!)
Natalia XO

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Natalia!

And Sherrill -- I was so happy to see your review. I really appreciate it, and thank you for reviewing the other books, too! That is a great help.


Hi Kristin,
I LOVE that picture of you two!!! Your mom is right, the way he is looking at you is priceless!!! True love!!! Both of you are an inspiration and a testament of love, devotion, and hard work!!! Thanks for being you and thanks for FWAD! It is a real pick-me-up! Hugs!

Pat Ferguson

Just a quick question. Did you kitties ever return?


As I still like to hold a book in my hands, I already have that version.
You can see the warmth and love in JM's eyes. Unlike on the wedding day ;-) You should frame todays. How wonderful that you both so totally support each other's passion.


ah, I meant his for your writing and yours for his wine making.

Karen from Phoenix

What a great picture. I agree with all the above messages, you can see such love and warmth radiating from both of you.

I too want to know if the kitties ever returned?

Even though I have a Kindle Fire, I buy the books that I want to keep and display on my bookshelf. Of course I have a collection of your books. xoxo

Max Roberts

Artistically decorated cake's picture very nice. Decorating took planning and effort.

BUT, by far the prize-winner is the foto of your husband and you. Abs. beautiful and warm. So human.

cynthia lewis

"A picture is worth a thousand words" and that is so true of the picture of you and Jean-Marc in today's post. Your readers have written the words to go with it and I agree with them. Many thanks,Cynthia

heidi mc elroy

I am excited to have the Kindle edition downloaded on my app, Now can I wait until I travel next week to read it?????

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Salut Kristin,

I read the book and it it SUPER!!!!!

karen mckeon wilson

Many, many congratulations on your book, its absolutely wonderful. The photos and stories are so precious and personal, thank you for putting them into a book! I received my copy today and am so looking forward to reading it. What a lovely dedication too. love and namaste Karen


Who could resist at that price. I'll try and write a review on amazon once I finish it.


Bonjour from Vermont, USA.
Congratulations on the publication of "First French Essais". I received my copy from Amazon the other day and really am enjoying it.
The personal stories, the beautiful pictures, and the opportunity to learn words and cultural details of a beautiful country. Merci beaucoup!

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