How "to pamper" in French & some intruders...
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livre numerique - limited offer!


"With my husband's blessing, I quit my job and turned my attention to writing, learning to spell and punctuate along the way." --from the chapter "Valorisant." (Thanks, Patrick & Sandra, for the photo!)

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Then read the chapter "Valorisant," and let me tell you how a below-average student came to write French Word-A-Day, for university professors. Order the e-book here. It's priced less than a café-au-lait and croissant in Paris--but not for long!

livre numérique (lee-vruh-new-mer-eek)

    : e-book, digital book


Beautifully renovated and decorated home in the Luberon. 4 bedrooms and a study with a sofa bed, each with ensuite (full) bath. This villa comfortably sleeps 7-9 adults.


Audio File & Example Sentence
Listen to my husband. (God knows I should.Download MP3 or Wav

Un livre numérique (terme officiellement recommandé en France...), aussi appelé par métonymie livre électronique, est un livre édité et diffusé en version numérique, disponible sous forme de fichier, qui peut être téléchargé, stocké et lu sur un écran tel que celui d'un ordinateur personnel, d'une liseuse ou d'une tablette tactile. A digital book (official term recommended in France), also called by metonymy "electronic book," is a book that is distributed in digital version, available in the form of a file that can be downloaded, stored and read on a screen, such as a personal computer, a reader, or a tablet. (French text, above, by Wikipedia)
New rental in Provence. In the charming village of Sablet--this spacious home is the perfect place to return to after sightseeing, bicycling or hiking.


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And now, it's time to celebrate--by sharing a piece of my sister's birthday cake!
Here is Heidi's gâteau and the message I left her on Facebook. Note: I found a picture of the cake on the internet, and added this personal flourish above the skirt ruffles...

  French-birthday cake
Joyeux Anniversaire to my sister, Heidi Ingham Stiteler. Wish I could hand-deliver you a cake like this one. Wish we could go back to the good ol' days, when you did my laundry  Or simply the good ol' days... when we lived much closer....

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Une dernière chose (One last thing)
You don't need Amazon's device to read a Kindle edition or e-book. It took a second to download First French Essais on my iPad, but you can use your iPhone or...

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Wonderful essays designed to lead the reader gently into French life. Special vocabulary sections for French learners. Lovely photos. Attractive and clear layout - a well-thought out book which should be a favorite for Francophiles for years to come. (Goodreads review by Paris Short Story)

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