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Saturday, March 08, 2014


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Alison at The Gracious Posse

I am loving the purple poppies in that last pic, Kristin. Spring blossoms seem so far off here on the East Coast. You are blessed to have such beautiful scenery to give you at least momentary pauses during these last efforts on your book. The simultaneous kitchen renovation can't be helping, so I send you best wishes from across the big pond.

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

Thank you very much for this springtime tour of your garden !
I love mufliers, or "gueules de loup" (wolf's mouth).
Children usually love to gently squeeze their flowers in the middle : they open widely and... just look like the laaaarge mouth of a wolf !

and... this poppy is definitely a poppy !! ;-)

Have a lovely weekend.


Beautiful pics. Having a few bad days myself, I can understand frustrations.
Good luck and take care.


Well, you were right to suggest I not be fooled by that "tulip". It is indeed a shape-shifter!

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend! We finally have some sun and 45 degrees here in Charlottesville, VA. I'm hearing the birds chirping and I feel like I need to get out and plant. Your photos have gotten me into the gardening mood! The photo with Braise and the clothes line...looks like pink zinnias there? Lovely! Hope your renovations are going smoothly! I had to laugh at a bidet full of dishes!

Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

Spring has come to your home! I look forward to ours but it is not yet here. Gray rainy day and very cool for us. Love the empty kitchen - now you get to enjoy to fun part! Making it your own. Enjoying your lovely purple bouquet. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

Marianne Rankin

Was there supposed to be a photo of the laundry baskets mentioned? I didn't see one. The other photos are wonderful, especially the last one. Here, outside Washington, D.C., today is predicted to be sunny and up to 60 degrees, so I may do some outdoor work, as well.

Names of plants in different languages are interesting. In Russian, a snapdragon is "l'vinny zyev," or "lion's yawn."


Oh my...simply breath taking. Meanwhile back in canada I was thinking we were having a marvelous spring skys and only -10. Ah I can dream of France until my garden melts some time in April. Thank you for the break.

Chris Allin

A cold, gloomy, soon to be drippy day has been brightened by Braise and your colorfully rich repertoire of spring blooms, Kristin. (Even the laundry is gorgeous.) A sign of an eternal optimist, to find such beauty in the midst of upheaval. You seem to have creative ways to deal with it all. Thank you for such an uplifting glimpse of spring!

Kristin Espinasse

A big hug to Chris and to everyone here. My kids have stolen me away and this drive is doing wonders for the soul. Now to quit checking comments and pay attention to my sons driving :-)


Kristi Darling,

I love you Honey - this post was so refreshing, only if you could bottle the Provence air, which is the first thing I notice when I walk out of the airport terminal in Marseille. There is nothing that comes close to that first breath.

Great photos - how about a nice 10 minute video walk around during the magic hour of light.




PHOTO #2 shows the big almond tree moving into full bloom, this is the tree JM fell out of last summer and dislocated his shoulder.


such a charming home in a land of beauty. here on the east coast all is still cold, grey and deadly looking. i LOVE your husband's idea of a roadside stand for his wine! i came from a recent trip to Hawai'i where you see people selling most anything on the road sides---and now, of course, i want to pack my kits (literally, my two cats) and go there to do the same.

you can't imagine how much it means to someone just renting a room in a dreary New Jerssey "berg" to be inspired by others who made their dreams come through. your kitchen reno may seem a series of annoyances, but to me it sounds like heaven: a family and a kitchen of my own. not everyone has even one part of this.


I love all the beautiful photos of your yard, Kristin. Here in Orange County, CA, we are blessed to have spring/summer weather already. Today it will be in the 80sF. (We could actually use some rain though!)

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

Thanks for the beautiful photso of beautiful blooms.

Hope your kitchen turns out as you want it.
When you posted photos of it soon after you moved in, I thought that was one room that would need no work, it looked so good. But you are the ones cooking in it and know best.

Still waiting for the snow to melt here. By the equinox, I do hope.

Heather in Arles

I hope that you are having a wonderful Dimanche! Everything looks so beautiful there (thank you for NOT showing the bidet to pop the bubble) but please give some extra loving to Braise from me if you get a chance! How crazy I am for your two...even if my two are charming as well. ;) Hooray for Goldens!

Gordon R. Vaughan

Thank you for the link for "Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food". Our oldest son is GFCF, so I'm sure he'll find it interesting. Plus, his birthday is coming up, so just had to order. Don't see many books on Amazon with 5 stars after dozens of reviews.

It's frustrating trying to accommodate dietary restrictions, but if he ends up learning French cooking, I'd call that a win!

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