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Friday, April 18, 2014


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Seems no one is immune, even in Sunny (and sometimes rainy) Central Florida, where the passing of the seasons is oh, so subtle-- only observable to those who are really paying close attention. Though, we barely broke our sweaters out "thrice", still, we are afflicted by "spring fever" all the same. ENJOY, Kristie! You deserve it! The knife is awesome! How thoughtful of JM. Your family photos are, as always, beautiful, mostly because of the subjects/characters within them, about whose lives we eagerly await to hear each week. Popped over and read your interview, too. How lovely it was! You are quite funny, as your readers here already knew! Wonderful! Now, what are you doing over here reading your comments, when you should be out under the trees watching forever in the making? Go! Go! We'll still be here later... :)

Kristin Espinasse

Love it! Than you, Alisa :-) Off I go....

Amber Hopwood

Lovely interview with Bonjour Paris! I especially like what you have to say about language blunders! Excellent perspective!

We have had a tough winter in Illinois, but now the grass is green and we will be planting 2 apple trees this weekend. Oh, and even though I DID NOT cover the strawberries this year (the coldest, snowiest winter in 30+ years) they are coming right up!

I love the change of the seasons!
Bonne journee et bisous!


Have a Blessed Easter weekend on this Good Friday !

Chris Allin

Ah, Kristin ~ one must live life to write about it. Go for it!

julie camp

What is that pink creature with floral tail? -julie-

Patty Austin

Spring Fever to the Max! Great Post - got senioritis too, retiring Sept 1! What is the french word for senioritis? Now I will have time to amble thru France, draw and try some figs.

I thought it so cool you had a photo here from with the Paris Lady who is on House International my favorite show, awesome Miss Kristin!

Happy Easter this weekend,
Patty (in Bethesda, the place of healing waters) MD

Kristin Espinasse

Hi Julie, It looked exactly like a praying mantis -- only fancier. How about a Parisian praying monk?


Love how your writing brings us to your true experience, full of life!


Hi Honey,

I loved this story - thinking of you today. Wish we were all spending Easter together under the olive trees. What is the weather like?




Hi Kristi, happy Easter to you all. I wonder about your cute appetizers, what is the topping on the cucumber slices under the borage flowers? Still loving your blog.

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you, Laura!

Mom, the weather turned chilly today. Thinking of you -- and all readers who celebrate Easter this weekend. So sorry I forgot to mention it! It is one day at a time, for me! We will get to Easter, next :-) XOXO

Leslie in Oregon

Yes, spring fever is rampant here too. I'm not sure how well I'm quelling, or otherwise combining, it with Good Friday, a day for quiet contemplation. Happy Easter, Kristin,

Linda R.

I've been enjoying spring fever in Arizona, California coast and Portland - all oases of beauty this time of year. Now to return home to Montana and ... snow!

Kristin Espinasse

Enjoying reading what some of you are up to today. And , Leslie, thanks for the thought that today is a day of reflection.

Judy, I meant to point out my mother-in-laws tapenade. That is what is spread over the cucumber slices, beneath the borage blossoms.

Jon-Henri Bonnard

One day in spring Prof. William James announced he was giving his class a test. Radcliffe student,Gertrude Stein looked out the winddow at the beautiful spring day, sunny and warm.
She wrote on her test. "Dear Prof. James. It is such a beautiful spring day outside I really don't feel like taking this test. She handed said paper to the Prof. He glanced at it and said "My sentiments exactly, Miss Stein" and he gave her an "A"

dorothy dufour

Don't worry about spring fever - your great photos take up the slack!

Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

Spring fever gets us all (thank goodness) - have been going to the nursery every other day for new plants. Mostly perennials for the back garden. But I think it is the trip to the nursery and seeing all the flowers in bloom that really makes me happiest. And the wonderful aroma!!! Even my dogs, Goldie and Yogi have been into Spring cleaning - they both went to the groomer yesterday for their cooler trims.

Just now a little white furry face with chocolate brown eyes, black eyeliner and black nose is asking for a little lap time. Bye for now and Happy Spring!


It is difficult to get Spring fever when it snowed here in New York two days ago! But I move to Atlanta next week where Spring is in full swing.

Happy Easter!

Kristin Espinasse

Jon-Henri, I love William James. This is a treasure. 

Dorothy, :-)

Tom, happy demenagement

julie camp

It's Julie, back with internet confirmation re. the pink mantis:

Orchid Mantis, or Hymenopus coronatus, is a pink and white mantis with lobes on its legs that look like flower pentals. Although this species does not live on orchids, it does a flower or orchid.
...popular and loved because of its beautiful bright colors and amazing camouflage. In the wild Hymenopus coronatus is found in Malaysia.

I'll bet bet it's a praying womantis?

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Julie. I had been searching but could not find the name. Aha, orchid mantis! What a creature!


Hi Kristin,
We were out most of the day today, enjoying the beautiful spring weather with our grandchildren!



It's the last days of summer where I live "down Under" and this year it has lasted longer than most we are enjoying every last minute....loved that gorgeous Mantis creature. )

Bette Goode

Hi Kristin,
I take an adult jazz dance class once a week with students aged 30-ish to 60-ish. A couple of weeks ago the whole class had a touch of spring fever and laughed and goofed around the whole class! Our teacher joined in too. We certainly had fun and it was just so convenient to blame our lack of focus on spring fever!

Audrey Wilson

Hi Kristin,
An itchy feeling (Spring Fever ?), has us opening up our caravan (trailer to you Americans!) and planning a trip to the Costa just near us, over the border, pour l'aérer after winter.
Enjoy the sun & the great outdoors & A HAPPY EASTER to you & yours !


Happy Easter!! I had Spring fever last weekend when it was warmer, then winter came back this week. I worked in my gardens, and enjoyed the warth of the sun. I recognized your mother-in-laws tapenade; would love the recipe!

Take care, and enjoy the Spring!!!

Debby howell

Wow- the orchid mantis- apparently it can change colors. And we can order them as pets- with cage and necessities!

Eileen deCamp

Joyeuses Pâques Kristin! I get "spring fever" every year!! I pour through garden catalogs and buy plants at the local nurseries and garden centers. Sometimes before the last frost! Love the interview and the orchid mantis! We grew borage last year for the bees and I heard they were edible, so I will try them this year in a salad!

Jennifer in OR

Fun post, and I love the photo of the pink orchid mantis -- so amazing! Happy Spring! ~Love from Oregon, Jen

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