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Friday, May 23, 2014


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So glad to hear of the sweet harmony back in your life : )

Eileen deCamp

Great story today Kristin! I can picture a little pillow and a beaded curtain on the cabanon. I bet your mom would love to spend time there! Glad there is household harmony! :-)

Chris Allin

Aha...the technology twist to your recordings would explain the occasional wind behind the voice! You both seem well grounded, Kristin, with roots that run deep. No surprise that after the storm, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow runs over. Thanks for the new perspective for the multitude of twigs in our woodland garden. Mulch....but of course!

Kathleen from Connecticut


I never thought of using sticks or twigs for my garden. I buy mulch to spread all around my plants. What an unique idea.

I have been watching my lavender and it has not been sprouting new leaves. I hope that I did not cut it back too much this year. I don't want to have to buy new plants, so I will keep my fingers crossed that it does start to grow soon.

I love to garden but I have to keep warding off the deer and rabbits and an occasional ground hog. They love the salad bar which I provide for them.


Darlene Pajo

The pseudo hula hoop could be transformed into the frame for a mirror. Or perhaps I've been browsing too many home decorating websites!


J'adore votre blog! je suis indienne et j'apprends cette langue maintenant. votre methode d'explication est tres bon! pardonnez-moi, il n'y a pas des accents sur le laptop de mon mari!

Bon chance!


Lavender & mulch! Aha! You're giving me gardening ideas!


You are such a wonderful writer! Your stories are from the heart, of the heart and for the heart. Thank you from the bottom of mine!

Suzanne Dunaway

The brindilles are very charming, but it will take years for them to break down, whereas paillis breaks down very, very fast and you will have NO WEESDS--EVER!!!!Cuts down on work no end, but the gathering of twigs appears to be a pleasant pastime so...
my twigs all go into the fireplace!

Suzanne Dunaway

Make that "weeds"...

catharine ewart-touzot

think the pillow and door flap sound charming..wondering if you and your daughter also use the boules court..when I was last there women were definitely "discouraged". I have taken to sharing this on facebook, with many positive comments.My "dog account"has
1000+ Old English Sheepdog fanciers worldwide..quite a few in France although my time there I never saw another Old English.


Thank you very MULCH :-) Kristin for this charming posting.


Linda R.

l'embarras de choix - quelle bonne expression : ) I like your backyard court - colorful pillows and beaded entry might be lovely as well. "Summer-like weather" has finally arrived along the Montana Hi-Line - brings a smile this morning. Bon weekend.

Susie Wampler

I live on San Juan Island in Washington State and we are a non-GMO county. People that care are working hard. Love our Farmers! Thanks for sharing Kristin. xoxo

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

I love this post Kristin --- thanks. The photos are great, but where's the photo of JM in his summer outfit? Did I miss it?

I love the phrase Mellow Yellow! Be well.

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Oops! Found the photo from the LAST post! Merci!

Kristin Espinasse

Chris, good to know you can sometimes hear the wind and the background melody!

Darlene, great idea for a mirror. The old wine barrel belt has been begging for a project. Sadly, it does not live with a crafty gal :-)

Avi, welcome! We are so happy to have you with us!

Suzanne, I did take your idea and use the straw. Boy did it break down fast! 

Catharine, Thank you for sharing these on FB! Re girls and boules, Jackie sometimes plays and I rarely do, though I see French women enjoying the sport.

As Alain says, thank you very mulch for these delightful notes. What a pleasure to read your feedback! Happy weekend. 

Diane Young

Great idea - twigs as mulch. The price is right. Glad you and JM are reconciled once more. Here we will be celebrating Memorial Day on Monday. Let's all commemorate the brave who gave that we might live.


Dear Twiggy, I must follow suit and go out to gather brindilles. The base of the pine tree in front of our house needs a lot of work. It's a great idea to use twigs as mulch.


Our dear Kristi,
Only you could write about brindilles and
turn the story into magic!Ekphrasis all over again!
Best part: harmony in your life has returned. You've been in our prayers.
What a wonderful way to begin the weekend!
You've wrapped us in hugs!
Natalia XO

Debby Howell, West Linn, OR

This is an adorable, wonderful story. All charming and positive and informative!

Cynthia Lewis

That Smokey is one lovable fellow and constant companion. I can feel the love and happiness in your writing glad for all of you. My best wishes, Cynthia

Leslie NYC

I love your photos. The one of brindilles could be a beautiful screen-saver. And Smokey is the same color as the rocks and boules court--native camouflage. It's good to have mulch that doesn't break down quickly, unlike compost, in my experience.
I also find it impossible to be depressed or cross if I am out gardening. It brings me right into the present and towards something other than myself.
Glad you are in a better rhythm than before. You were due for some ease in life.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm`

GREAT ideas, Twiggy!

Happy Mother's Day!

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