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Friday, May 09, 2014


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Eileen deCamp

The flowers are in good shape and so is your relationship. Relationships are a lot like flowers. They need water to grow. We water relationships with communication, honesty, care, love and LOTS of patience. You can always return to the roots, what kinds of things made you fall in love in the beginning.

Roger Anderson

Uh...Kristin, that's a putter in your hands, it's for putting on the greens! :-)

Dawn Willey

Always, always enjoy sharing time with you, Kristin. Thank you again

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

All is well that ends well! So glad for you all!
These were flowers from the heart, the loveliest!

Joanne Polner

In ten-pin bowling, rolling a ball straight down the middle of the alley, to hit the headpin straight on, will usually cause the center pins to fall away and leave two or three or four pins left standing far apart from each other--that is called a split. A split is very difficult to "convert" or "knock all down."

If you want to use the bowling metaphor, please know that a good curve ball send-off, with spin on it, that veers from the center of the alley and comes back to the "pocket" on either side of the headpin, is more likely to knock all the pins down--a strike! Success! It is sometimes good to meet problems head on, but it is often best to come to some from the side with a little bit of spin--maybe a shower of kisses or hugs or nice actions on behalf of someone--sort of unexpected goodness--you can then strike to the heart and fall back/down together in all manner of love and friendship. Joanne Polner, Franklin Lakes, NJ


I appreciate you sharing your stories with us, Kristi. We all can relate to the bowling ball metaphor, for better or worse. Your bravery is inspiring, as always.

Kristin Espinasse

Roger and Joanne, I appreciate the golfing and bowling notes :-)

And thanks for all these lovely responses. Wishing everyone a happy weekend.

judi dunn

.... His gift of wildflowers is from the heart, often easier than words to give... arrange them lovingly, display them at a place for two , make a little cheese and fruit plate, du vin, deux verres and voila... your love will grow and all will be fine... tell him how much you love and appreciate him.... Judi Dunn, Tallahassee, Fl. .. we never know what tomorrow will bring.....

Cynthia Lewis

Joanne and Judi, what wonderful words of advice and encouragement you have sent to Kristin. The bouquet of wildflowers has meaning beyond its wishes for a peaceful and loving weekend. Also...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !

Bon week-end à tous. Cynthia, Salisbury, MD

Chris Miasnik

The first question for advice should be "Which golf club should I use?" Of course the ball won't reach your daughter, you've got a putter in your hands.


Our dear Kristi,
What a beautiful post(and picture!!No matter how much upheaval you've been enduring,there is still love,still happiness written all over you!)
The most wonderful thing you have shown us(again!)(in your last line)is to have compassion.There was a song (LONG ago) called "Walk A Mile In My Shoes".
Easy to say,hard to do,but in a lifelong cherished commitment it's a necessity.
You have such a gift for giving us hugs!
How fortunate we are!
Happy weekend and Mom's Day!
Natalia XO

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

Dearest Kristi,

Just catching up on this weeks posts and once again, I am encouraged and uplifted by your bravery, authenticity and heart. This week I implemented a plan similar to yours: one of action which is already reaping rewards. I can giggle about your fear that a messy car equates to a messy life as when faced with having someone new, or particularly tidy, in my car I am overcome with this fear (my car is orderly yet hair and dirt abound due to my dogs, my constant companions, and driving off road for hiking). Oh, now add in the droppings splattered across the outside from Mr. Bluebird who has decided to roost on my car while his mate is in the nest box which hangs on the side of my garage --- bluebirds signify happiness, right? I’ll need to deal with a bit of “dung’ in order for happiness to grow.

I love the wildflower bouquet; a sweet offer of beauty, care and love, not at all unlike the generous bouquets you offer us three times a week. Hugs and lots of love to you.

catharine ewart-touzot

wonderful gift of flowers and as wonderful being able to see another's pain and unhappiness..know you all will have a lovely weekend



THIS IS NOW MY NUMBER #1 FAVORITE VIGNETTE (sp?). You haven´t changed a bit from being an adorable 9 year old who used to keep me in stitches with your yarns. I was a true witness to all of Kristi´s escapades, she hasn´t changed….just use´s French phrases now.



Chris Allin

Dear Kristin,

After reading your missives early in the morning, my mind turns back to them during the day. With pause and reflection, new insights often emerge. More than one metaphor comes forward today. being yanked along your uneven path, holding tightly to the dogs collars to
keep up and to keep from tripping... only to find safe refuge and perhaps serenity upon arriving at home. And the wilted flowers, like injured feelings, swell with renewed strength and life with a little and nurturing. Sprinkle in your humor and the mental images you paint with your words. It is enough to help one smile through the day~

Pat Cargill

It must be much mote difficult for both spouses to work from the home, more time together, more likely for internal irritations to be transferred to the other. Very demanding emotionally. Finding time apart is helpful, perhaps even silent times. I don't know. Life is goofy, we struggle for balance in the whirl of it all. Silence - sacred time - a breather from the often constant demands. Maybe. In the big picture, love is the force which can jolt us out of our foxholes of fuming, licking our wounds. Sometimes we just need space, time, silence to be able to move forward. Sometimes I am so exasperated with my Randy-like my head is spinning in disbelief! After 30 years together we know waay too much about the other's foibles and weaknesses. It is not easy this relationship business.

Don't forget to b r e a t h e.


Chris Allin

Post Script.....Hello to Jules! From our introduction to you through French Word a Day, it seems you are very much a free spirit. As such, you must have given your little girl the freedom to soar... and we, her readers are now given the gift of her ability to express her thoughts with insight, understanding, caring and humor and most of all, honesty. Thank you for sharing her with the world. Wishing you an especially beautiful and happy Mother's Day!

Diane Young

Have a happy Mothers Day, chere Kristi. Your real life accounts are so reminiscent for most of us. Don't despair - Amor vincit omnia. (Latin for l'amour conquit tous les choses, I think.) Having two teenagers would seem even more difficult than one mari to me. And two runaway-at-leisure dogs. Give thanks that you are still sane and keep on keeping on.

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