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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


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David Sheegog

I did see that "Honey Moon", night of Friday the 13th. The first Fri/13th full moon in our young century. The next one will be 2048, which I won't live to see.

Thanks for the pics of your renovation, been wondering how you were getting along - looks stunning.


This is my first time commenting, but wanted to let you know that I love your blog and that I purchased First French Essais today which I'm so excited to have as a summer read. I am in the States and your blog makes me feel like I'm back in France. The images and the writing are so lovely. Please keep it up!

Laurel Fingerle

Ahhhhhh! This post washed over me like a cleansing wave. My husband and I argued his morning about whether to turn on the air conditioner (him), or not (me). Here in the states, we barely let the summer warmth envelop us before we hit the canned air switch. It's an eternal marital disagreement for us........but this soothing smile post with pictures helped me gain perspective. No big deal. I'll go sit outside today, like your mere in the picture! I'll try to look as elegant!


Lovely pic of Jules at the cafe. I can hear the excitement and near desperation to squeeze every last microsecond of goodness from your time with your Maman. What a great memory to have viewed the Honey Moon with her in such an idyllic way. The photo is stunning!

You are quite right to run repeats (much appreciated, though we would completely understand your absence during this precious time), and grab all the hugs and kisses and special moments you can-- the significant stuff get lost in the shuffle of the prosaic otherwise.

Light & Life
to you & yours...


I have only recently come across your blog from far away Australia but your photos always makes France feel so much closer. Thankyou.

I have bought your book so I am really looing forward to reading that as well.

Enjoy your week with your mum.

Chris Allin

A magic garden! Whether words or pictures, your post nourishes the heart, the mind and the soul, reminding us of the reasons we love France so. Thank you, Kristin~ Savor your time with your mom!

catharine ewart-touzot

lovely poem..a smile,although not as common in France as in the states, is such a lovely gift.sharing with my dog people on facebook around the world

Leslie NYC

This post captures the ease and beauty of early summer. Your life is clearly nourishing you, and now us! As a friend of my mom's says, "Your cup has to be full before it can runneth over."
Here in NYC, we have a doo-wop group that sings in the subway. They like donations, but also add, "Remember: smile! It won't mess up your hair!"


Don't worry about your friends. We'll be here, waiting for you, once your maman heads home. These are precious moments and I'm glad you are savoring each one. Many thanks, though, for taking the time to send some pictures, and I just love the poem! Will be taking it to my French class on Thursday!


About the cabbage insects, I just discovered NEEM OIL, it is an organic spray-on treatment. For years it was race to see if my cabbage could mature before the insects spoiled them. I envy your garden and climate. Thanks for sharing photos of it.


ahhh, this brightened my heart and made me smile ;-) I am stressed and frazzled these days...
there is something about your writing and approach that is simple, transparent (no hidden agendas!) and humble that it spreads
a lot of goodness and healing energy to those who read it.

Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

Loved the pictures and the poem. Have fun with your mother. You both were just given a big smile.

Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

Just read Dreamer comment about Neem oil. I just started using Neem toothpaste - a friend told me about it. Very clean feeling. My six month check up will have the final word on it.

Diane Young

You have a green thumb, no matter how much you deny that. I always liked the song, "let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy,rainy day..." the poem is so sweet and true. Enjoy every moment with Jules. I really like the blue in your picture of the interior of your house.


So happy you are enjoying being with your mom!

Cynthia Lewis

Thanks for a lovely post and thank you, Jean-Marc, for reading the poem; it is a special treat to hear french being spoken! Your home is beautiful and the dining room has such a welcoming feeling. I enjoyed all of the photos, especially the one of Jules. Give her a hug for me.

Très mille mercis, Cynthia


Hi Kristin!

God bless you and your mom and your time together. Thank you for the poem, it's beautiful. Love your home and all it's imperfections - paint or no paint!

Arnold Hogarth

Here's one I made up for the occasion . .

A mind too hard at work can steal your smile,
A mind at play, I think, is more worthwhile.

Faye Stelly

La belle nature...a feast for the eyes and the soul...j' avais besoin de ça ce matin....merci beaucoup, Kristin!


And are you standing behind GIANT blooming artichokes?

alicia brown matthes

Thank you for the lovely poem.

Luann Marie

Have a relaxing and wonderful visit with your Mom. What a gem she is - one to be cherished. Don't worry about us ... we'll still be here for your next post!

Mary Jeanne Reich

Chere Kristin, Merci pour le beau poeme, eh oui un sourire peut changer la vie d'un autre...Nous venons de rentrer mardi dernier, avons passe 2 semaines en Alsace, France avec ma maman qui vient de celebrer ses 88 ans...Je vous souhaite a toutes les deux de passer de belles journees ensemble....Bisous de la Floride, Mary Jeanne

joie in carmel-by-the-sea

Your garden is amazing. But you let all those tasty artichokes bolt and flower. I know they are pretty, but very tasty. If small I cut them in half, boil just a bit and then grill them. The larger ones: cut the top of the leaves off, spread them, douse with olive oil, sprinkle with garlic pwdr, or stuff garlic in them. boil

and then I use a dipping sauce of half mayo, half lemon and a pinch of cayenne.


Our dear Kristi,
Today's post is absolutely beautiful!
Between that lovely poem and your gorgeous pictures,you have once again wrapped us in hugs.
Natalia XO

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Thanks so much for the lovely poem and fabulous photos. I'm so glad you are enjoying your mom's visit.

Treasure these moments with your mom!

Be well!

Elizabeth Lopez

I want to memorize this poem. I'm so glad you ran this offering today.

Janine Cortell

Several years ago my husband and I were eating in a restaurant when a man came in looking somewhat sad. I gave him a big smile and he smiled back. After the man left we asked for the check. The waitress said that the man had paid our bill and that she should not say a word until after he had left. I always wondered if my smile had something to do with it.
A smile can make everyone feel better. Thank you for the beautiful poem and pictures. Amities, Janine

dorothy dufour

Ah, gardening in the south of France! And we think we`re lucky with climate in this mild corner of BC - some even say we`re smug. My
daughter upstairs keeps 4 hens who last week escaped and headed to eat her kale seedlings. I`ll show her your photos.

Translation question: how do you describe someone we call a piece of workÉ. (That is how my computer sometimes makes a question mark.


Love the poem...have to copy that one down!
Lovely story from Jaine above!

Your garden is looking beautiful! :-)

Enjoy your week with your lovely mother Jules!

june furey

Kristin, thank you for sharing the lovely poem, it brings back so many memories of the smiles I have given and received one in return , I feel as if I have been given "a special gift". May you have a week of beautiful memories with your lovely Mother, I am looking forward to my daughter arriving later this month, so know your joy of those precious days. affectionately June,G.C Qld

namjoshi vikas

j'aime cette poeme tres tres tres fois. mercy aimerai lire beaucoup de poemes a cette place. au revoir

Ann Marie Corcoran

Dear Kristin! I loved the poem & the pics. Well done on getting your garden going. I am visiting Istanbul at present where we were served large artichoke hearts covered in oil & lemon juice-tres delicious.
Fondly, Ann Marie


Dear Kristin! J'adore le poeme (accents will not type. I will be sending it to MP Thomas Mulcair, the opposition leader of Canada. He will appreciate this as our current Prime Minister of Canada almost never smiles.
Karen in Canada


Thank you, Kristin. Your mom (and the photos and poem) brings smiles to us all! I treasure each of her visits as it gives you such calm and so much joy. I hope your busy husband enjoys the mellowness of the scene too. It is a gift to count your blessings, gardens and all. Give her lots of hugs.
Your renovations are looking lovely. Bravo for the patience!


Loved the poem ! Sounds like you and your Mom are having some serious good times together! I know how it feels as the end of the stay draws that old song.."the days dwindle down a precious few...September , November and these few precious days I'll spend with you ...these golden days ..I'll spend with you ..." Enjoy every moment you two !!

Mary in Oregon

Your poem is so inspirational, Kristin. I, too, rewrote it many times and took it to my french class this morning to share. As intermediate-advanced students, this poem was easy to read and comprehend which is oftentimes not the case. There was no author listed, was it you, by chance? If so, nicely done!

And...of course, enjoy every last minute you can with your Mom, from reading the other's comments; we certainly understand!

Mary in Oregon

Suzanne Dunaway

Go for more nude pics!!!! It's okay to shake up a few people some of the time...haha.
Love the poem.
Off to buy a skin-colored tank top.

Rich Saylor

So very nice to have a simultaneous translation from French to English, giving a very easy to understand explanation of the French language sentence construction & syntax, without having to consult a book on verb conjugations and of course the dictionary- which gives many different meanings & usages for the same word. if there were more easily available stuff like this it would be a whole lot easier to learn French as it's really used today.

Olga Brown

I love the poem! That's what I always do- smile. It helps me and other people.

Thank you for that wonderful post!

Carol Jo

We saw the "Honey Moon" on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and it looked almost exactly like yours! Love it.

Linda Faas

Hello Kristin,
I have been following your daily email for a couple months, and, thankfully, yours was one of the few I didn't "unsubscribe" during my recent vacation in the Dordogne.
I adore France, but have never come close to mastering the language. I will share this poem with our little French film and conversation group at our local library next week. Thank you for being a constant reminder to me of the beauties of France and thanks for sharing such lovely thoughts. You make me smile!

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