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Friday, June 27, 2014


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Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
Wow, what a trip your Mom had and how confusing to find out where she was! Glad everything worked out fine and you have a great story to tell! Love the sunflower!
Have a wonderful weekend!


I suspect Jules is a person who meets kind and helpful strangers wherever she goes since she radiates warmth and generosity herself.

You may be a prude, but obviously I am an innocent because I followed the link and completely failed to understand what I assume must be a double entendre in the name of the fishing tackle shop!

Cynthia Gillespie-Smith

Kristi, I'm so glad to know Jules made it back to Puerto Vallarta safely after her adventure, but I know she gave you a fright! The tackle and bait shop, Passante? It starts with the word "Master". See if you can get there!


Glad your mom arrived home safely! You must have been very worried. What a sense of adventure she has :-)



Wow! That's quite the adventure! I'm glad your mom eventually arrived at home safely. Thank you for the entertaining, hilarious story! That's a very creative name for a fishing shop. :)


And just when you may have thought "Where will I come up with a story for today?" Two, not one, popped up. A Possibly Lost Mom or Garage Renovation!
I can't tell you how much I enjoy your writings!
Susan, NYC

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

So happy your mom is home safe --- what an adventure! Kind of scary -- sort of funny.

I love the ideas of the garage renovation --- a green house would be lovely ----and what a view!

Great sunflower - thanks for the post & photos.

Be well!

catharine ewart-touzot

what an adventure for all..and the conservatory idea sounds great

Judi, Lake Balboa, CA

Another great 'real life' story! Just think how much less stress there would have been if no cell phones existed- John just would have had told you her plane was delayed and stopped in Mexico City and she would be home at midnight. Ta da, no drama! But oh was it ever a good story for us, in your retelling!! Glad all is well and now you're on to another great thing - a conservatory. Quelle bonne idee!

Melanie Reed-Zukowski

Hi Kristin,
We have chatted by email before... I'm a Canadian who has a little place in Pezenas (Pez). My aunt, Jan Macklam, has also chatted with you be email. It just so happens that mid-July, Jan (who will be in Pez with my mom and their other sister... all of whom are avid readers of your blog), will overlap in Pez with me and my cousins for a few days. We are having a party on a borrowed property on the edge of town, with fun, musical talent from Ireland and Canada, and lots of laughs.

It dawned on me that you are doing book-signing trips to different places... so if you are available, we'd love to have you come to our party (with as many friends/family you would want to bring along)! While you are in Pez, we could organize a book-signing, meet-and-greet ... there is a large contingent of English-speaking (trying to be French-speaking) folks in Pez... Irish, English, American... and of course, Canadian!
I realize this is short notice, but thought that it was worth extending the invite... you just never know what might work out! So, the time that all of your long-time blog readers overlap is July 14-16. I'll be staying on until Aug. 10th, so if a book-signing trip would only work later, I'd still be happy to arrange things. If you'd like more details, please email me.

BTW, love the conservatory idea!
A bientot!

Luann Marie

Such a wonderful story, thank you! Been reading your blog for awhile now and I feel like I know you and your family because of your easy and friendly writing style. I'm so glad everything turned out okay with your Mom. I can only imagine how scary that must have been for you. She's such a lovely person, as are you - the pomme does not fall far from the tree! Oh, and the name of Stan's sports shop in Puerta Vallarta is hilarious! I can only assume they have a sense of humor, too!

Faye Stelly

I can well understand your concern about your many "not so good" things happening today...but all's well that ends well....good adventure story for us, however! idea of conservatory & love the lone sunflower...thanks for French words as well!

Anne Maitland

What a cute (but hair raising at the time) story! And I love the photo of your mom WITH the hose. Makes it real. And anyway she's what catches the eye.
P.S. We have a friend in common, Phyllis Adatto.

Betty Doolittle Tuininga

Never underestimate the power of the older woman for adventure! Way to go Jules!

Sorry that you went through so much Kristin. I can remember going through a similar worry with both of my parents returning from Europe during Hurricane Gloria...Alas,we do manage to pass the worry on down!


Loved the mysterious story. Glad it worked out great. Thank you, Raul, whereever you may be. Xo


I read my French blogs with coffee each morning and today it started with a lovely story from Tongue in Cheek, with "The Blue House In San Francisco" in the title. I thought to myself that the only famous blue house I know of is Frida Kahlo's home in Mexico City. Then I move on to French Word a Day, where Kristin is telling an amazing story of her mother presumably lost, but found in Mexico City wearing a Frida Kahlo cape.
Happenstance perhaps, but I found it quite interesting. Love your stories and hope to be visiting the south of France in the near future.

Chris Allin

Dear Kristin,
A potential disaster turned into an heart was in my throat, followed finally by a good chuckle. I remember hoping after the delayed take-off that perhaps you would let us know that your mom made it home okay. Never even imagined this story, but oh so glad that she is home, safe and sound. Such a beautiful, happy sunflower...our Kansas sunflowers don't bloom until August but when they do it is Provence on the Prairie! Now I have visions of a glassed-in garden on three sides with french doors opening up on one side. I see your workspace in a corner, looking out onto your garden...plants and flowers...a table and chairs for that cup of morning coffee or tea. A sanctuary during cool, windy or rainy weather. Oh the possibilities~

edie schmidt


I'm glad your mom was just "misplaced" and not lost.
I'm also glad she found the kindness of stranger and handsome ones at that! Travel in our world today as much more stressful and it doesn't get any easier as you get older.

Edie from Savannah


Hilarious account of your anxiety while mom's enjoying an adventure! I must say she did what she thought was prudent - and TRIED to notify you, in the only way she could think of! It's amazing how we naturally transition into parenting our parents, and how they are often blissfully unaware. I have had similar instances where mom was off having a grand old time, and did not even think we were worried sick that she was lost or taken ill! Truthfully, I do the same thing already, so I can only imagine what a hard time my kids will have with me when I'm a senior!


Please may I come help you build your greenhouse?! It's a fabulous idea!


P.S. Did you ever find out why your beau-père did not just tell you her flight was delayed? Obviously he knew this somehow ... was it just too early in the morning for him to think clearly yet?

I also wanted to suggest tracking your loved ones' flights til they are safely landed. There are several websites that refresh the info every few minutes, so you always get a heads-up to delays, and then you can decide when a call to the airline is necessary. We have even texted updates to the traveller while they are sitting in a plane that hasn't left the gate yet! The most common one is: flightaware[dot]com. Hope that helps!

Diane Young

I can't believe you were as calm as you sound with the missing Mom. I admire your ability to keep on looking for answers without totally freaking out. Jules is lucky to have you and I suspect she is quite aware of that. It sounds like the makings of at least a short story. whatta you think?

Linda Chontos

I am new to your blog Kristen. My daughter, who lives in Courbevoie, and sent me the link to your blog.
I really enjoyed your story. I know whenever our daughter visits, I can't relax until I know she's safely home. We pray her all the way there!

Trina, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

You had me on the edge of my seat with every word! Wonderful writing of a wild adventure (internal and external)! Glad to hear Jules made it safely home.


Our dear Kristi,
You have written too many wonderful posts to even count,but today'!Is one of your four star best!
Your description of this entire worrisome time had me both laughing(Raul in jail???) and then praying for a safe outcome for dear Jules.(who,by the way,is an inspiration!I had a hard time making such a trip at your age,much less even contemplating such a thing at the age I am now!)
Your beautiful home is coming along by leaps and bounds.How wonderful to transform such ideas into reality!
THANK YOU for sharing everything with us.What a way to begin the weekend!
Natalia XO

Cynthia Lewis

Dear Jules..... so glad you are safely home. You have the most wonderful ability to make a lovely and interesting experience out of a long and tiring trip. Now we know that Kristin can write "cliffhangers"! Many thanks to you both. Best wishes, Cynthia


Love the drama...and knew all along that your Mama would be just fine!

Chris Allin

I love reading your readers' comments almost as much as your post! Such lovely and insightful things they say. What an inspiration it must be~


Vous avez de la suite dans les idées.


and you are ready to write a detective novel too.


Lori, Your post made me think of Maxim LeForestier's wonderful song, so I looked for the blog you mentioned and saw that fantastic video about the house! Thank you!!
If anyone else wants to see it, here's the link

Mary in Oregon

I just couldn't stop reading, Kristin! I had to find out just what Jules' situation really was and whether or not she made it home. Well done. Now I can go out to the Blueberry filed and pick 7 pounds while rehashing my own Mother and Father's adventures. They stopped in another town for 3 days while we were anxiously waiting for them to arrive! Parents! Daughters! And now Granddaughters! Life is interesting, n'est-ce pas?

Nancy, San Antonio, Texas

I do not see my comment -- very glad your mother was home safe and what a great story for the grandchildren. But the uncertainty must have been awful.

Eileen deCamp

La Maison Bleu is such a pretty song! I had never heard of it before but listened on youtube.


blimey, my heart was pounding on this blog!! But then I remembered, your mum would be just fine as she always is when she is out and about meeting new people and having new experiences!! xoxox


I love the idea of the conservatory/greenhouse and the gravel floor. Brilliant! Would love to have one even here in the good old USA but how very lovely to have one with a French view!


I do not see my comment(s) either. I commented on how we become 'parents to our parents', and then posted again to suggest an online site to follow your mom's flight next time - as you would have known much earlier that her flight had been held up, and could have tracked her down sooner. Were these comments somehow not fit for posting?

April Ott


I am a new follower of your blog, but what I have read so far is wonderful! I have a funny story for you. I am here in PV visiting my parents with my husband and children. Mom and I were walking the other day when a sweet lady stopped us and told us where she goes for her walks in the mornings. She introduced herself and then gushed about her time in PV, her daughter in France and her daughter's blog we HAD to check out. We said our goodbyes and went on our way. My mother was telling my dad about the nice lady we met on the street and when she was finished he said "that must be John's wife". My mother laughed and laughed because they have known John for years but never met his wife. What a small world even in PV! Your mother was a delight to meet. I am hopeful all of our paths will meet again in PV one day. We connected with Jules only a day or two ago, but I think my mother has already bought 3 of your books online. :) blessings to you and your family from ours in PV. - April and Alice


Hello Kristin, I'm Fabi, I'm 16 and I met your mom Jules in Puerto Vallarta :) she's a very nice woman, it was a pleasure to met her, she told me about this vlog, its amazing

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