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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


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Christine Dashper

Hi Kristin, even though I live so far from Phoenix, I will send positive thoughts that Mary Glen is found safe and well soon.

My own mum recently passed away due to advanced Alzheimer's and although she never wandered, this was one of our many fears. It is a difficult and heartbreaking condition and I send all manner of love and support to Mary's family. Thank you for spreading the word.

warm wishes
Christine (from Australia)

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

I'm in the cool pines of Flagstaff currently, but have forwarded your post to my local email list.

Sh'reen Morrison

Have posted to Facebook. I travel between Yuma, AZ and Phoenix every 3
or so and head to Cottonwood. I have friends in those 2 places as well as
the Phoenix area as well as Prescott, Prescott Valley, Payson, Tucson, Safford etc.
will contact everyone I can.
My mother wandered as well but only down the hall.

Catharine Ewart-Touzot

Both of my parents have now died, well into their 90's..both with a bit of stepmother put a stop to my father's walks years before..strange and frightening how we revert back to the children we once were.

Pat Cargill

For Tanya and family, hoping and praying for your dear Mother's safe return.


I send the missing person notice to my cousin in Phoenix. We both just returned from Chicago where we were helping her mom, also in early stages of dementia. I'm sending positive thoughts, too. Thanks for posting this, Kirsten.


I send the missing person notice to my cousin in Phoenix. We both just returned from Chicago where we were helping her mom, also in early stages of dementia. I'm sending positive thoughts, too. Thanks for posting this, Kirsten.

Kelley Loftus

Please, Kristin - do post any updates about Mary Glen. We all hope very much for her safe return.

Cynthia Lewis (Eastern Shore of Maryland)

My heart goes out to Tanya and her family. I hope that their mother is soon found and safely returned to her home. This "avis de recherche" is a wonderful aid for her recovery. Best wishes for all.

Micki Simms

Lovely that you posted this. My heart aches for Mary Glen and her family. I have faced this illness fist-hand and know the perils. Though I don't live near Phoenix, I hope that getting the word out on FB and sites such as yours will bring her back safely.

God speed and thank you for your generous heart.


I've posted Mary Glen's info on the Tucson LYFT drivers FB page. Eyes in Tucson will be on the lookout for Mary.

E Ross

I am from California (now living in NC) with lots of friends / family in AZ... I passed this on on my Facebook page and sending prayers for her immediate return to her family! Heartbreaking!

Sheila , Charlotte, North Carolina

Although I don't live there I will pray for her safe recovery.

Linda R.

how kind you are to get the word out, and I pray for a safe return - I am remembering heart-stopping moments with my own wonderful mother years ago. I wanted to comment on your photo as well, Kristin. The drying sunflower with the heart (intentional? nature?) is captured very beautifully.

Patricia Sands

I just posted your link on my Facebook feed too. Good for you, Kristin, for being so compassionately proactive!

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

My thoughts & prayers are for Mary Glen's safe return. I had some of these experiences with my mom. It is so sad and scary.

Thanks Kristin for your kindness.

Be well!

Trina, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Thanks for posting this, Kristin. I have passed this along to my cousins in Phoenix. My heart goes out to them. My mother died of Alzheimer's disease. It is such a devastating disease. Fortunately, my mom did not ever wander and get lost, but I can't begin to imagine the fear in my heart if she had.

In the US, there is a service available for those who wander called Safe Return. I have attached the link.

Additionally, I am not a lawyer, so do not intend to provide legal advice. However, one might also check into Durable Power of Attorney. In some places in some instances, a standard POA may become invalid if the originator becomes mentally incompetent. A DPOA covers, in advance, that situation. Something to inquire about with a lawyer when obtaining a POA. Instead of just asking for a standard POA, let the lawyer know you want this situation covered in the future, even though you hope it never happens, to be sure to be advised what document is best.

Robin Allen

Sending up prayers that Mary Glen is safe and that someone she speaks to today realizes she needs help.

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

God bless Mary Glen and family! God bless you Kristi!

Mary Keates

I just know she will be found safely...positive thoughts sent out West.


Our dear Kristi,
We're sending prayers for Mary Glen and courage and strength to her family.
May God bless all of them.
You are a kind and caring friend,Kristi,and we are privileged to have you in our lives.
Natalia XO

Kitty Wilson-Pote

Have posted the information to Facebook though my contacts tend to be local, since y'never know through whom or where a break may come.
Prayers abounding for Mary's safety, with thanks to her family for already sharing what they have learned thus far re protecting elder family members.

Karen from Phoenix

I have talked to all in my area which is very close to where she went missing. I so hope they find her soon. The heartbreak the family must be feeling.

Jules Greer

Kristi Darling,

I am so shocked to hear this news, even though I do not know Mary or her family I will hurry home now and start praying for her safe return. It is good that you can offer assistance and prayers at this time.I will post on FB....

Real life is tough...we must have faith.




I live in Tucson, AZ. I do lots of hiking in the mtns and deserts. Will be on the alert for Mary Glen. Have hope. Sending Light and Prayers really works. Bon courage!

sarah auffret

I live in Tempe, just outside Phoenix. I have posted your link and Mary Glen's photo on my Facebook page. Praying they will find her.


I hope she's found!!!! Thanks for your blog!!!

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you, Mary, for such positive words. And thanks to all for sharing the info, no matter where you live.

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you so much just returned home to check the missing persons page for Mary. Still no news. Remember to pass along the information--even if you do not live in Phoenix.  Someone you know may live there, or know someone who does, and be able to assist.I just received a note from a woman visiting France who lives just up the street from Mary Glen.  It is a small world after all, and chances are someone will spot Mary. As the Phoenix missing person site says, many eyes are what we need to find these loved ones.


I live in Ga and posted. I know it is a long ways but I actually know someone in Phoenix. Your information regarding what to know and do before someone with Dementia/Alzheimers is important and good to know. I will be sharing with my mom as my grandmother is having such problems. Prayers for you & your family.


I am praying that Mary will be found. My heart goes out to her, and her family. It's wonderful and compassionate that you are reaching out through your blog to get the word out.May they find her soon.

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
I will say a prayer for Mary Glen and hope that she is found soon! How heartbreaking for her family.


In the small world theme....I sent the info to my cousin in Phoenix, and she said:

"Not so unlikely. She is from our old neighborhood and the next-door neighbor to church members. We prayed for her in church last Sunday. I'll post it on our lunchroom bulletin board. You never know; it just might help."

Diane Young

My prayers are with Mary Glen and her distraught family. Sorry I don't know anyone in that part of the country but it's encouraging that some comments have come from the Southwest.

Robin Lewin

Hoping and praying for Mary Glen's safe return to her dear family.

Kristin Espinasse

A very sad day for Tanya and her family. Thanks for your support and the kind words you sent Tanya and Kassi and their dear father during the search for Mary Glen.

Kristin Espinasse

Chris, it is heartening to read of this connection. Thank you for sharing. Once again, whoever may be reading, please share this missing persons report--no matter where you live. Someone knows someone who lives in Phoenix and may have seen Mary Glen. 

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