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Thursday, July 03, 2014


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Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

Hummm, I wish I could be there on the 12th! Another very good idea !

What is the lovely old bench made of? Bamboo? Osier? (no idea of what the English word for 'osier' is, can you tell??)

Here, people make benches with branches of cherry-guava (called goyavier here). I'm sure they would grow in your beautiful South. and... they're full of vitamin C and make delicious jams and aperitive drinks.
Have a great 4th of July tomorrow!

Alison at The Gracious Posse

The 12th sounds so lovely. Unfortunately I can only be there in my dreams. Sigh, maybe one day . . . .

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
Enjoy your first meet up! Wish I could be there…maybe one day!
I was thinking the word for today almost sounds like lacquer. That's what I think of when I use hairspray!

Leslie NYC

I love a sea view, but I can't get over the beautiful spectrum of blues on your line! It makes me want to paint.


Next summer 2015 when I visit my daughter again, I'll be in the area! :-)

Chris Allin

Dear Kristin,

How your garden thrives...must be really rich soil you put in the raised beds along with tender loving care. If the vineyard, with all it's nurturing, continues to grow like your garden grows, happy day!

So nice of you and Jean-Marc to share Mas des Brun with friends and faithful readers~

Cynthia Lewis

How wonderful that you are beginning your charming "meet ups" again......wish I could be there, but I'll just have to imagine that I am there soaking up the sun,sights and hospitality. Happy Fourth tomorrow and then Happy Fourteenth! My best wishes for all, Cynthia

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

Your new home has become so very much like a sanctuary; how gracious to share it and Jean-Marc's wines.

I just adore your sense of humor, dear Kristi, thank you for the sunshine you bring to my day.

Joy A. Beebe

Dear Kristin,
I am thrilled to read all your stories and I enjoy visiting in France where I have friends. I always stay near Pezenas, is your winery within driving distance? You have me interested in visiting,
A devoted reader,


Our dear Kristi,
The only thing more wonderful than your glorious pictures is your gifted writing!
What a slice of nirvana you have!
We'll be with you in spirit(always!) for your meet up and your daily adventures.
How privileged we are!
Thank You!
Natalia XO

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

Hair spray is also called hair lacquer in English.
Which word (lacquer) we of course took from the French.

It is neffective stuff for my wayward hair. It does what it wants to do, no matter what is sprayed on it.

Are you switching away from the blog and into facebook?

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

*ineffective, I meant to type

Kathleen from Connecticut

Wish we could be there in July,but we will be in La Ciotat the first week of September. Love the have done so much work.


Karen from Phoenix

The beautiful garden and the picnic table are so inviting. I just love your pictures.

How exciting for your first wine-tasting.


Charlotte West

Hi Kristin, I love your photos of your garden, and the thought of 95/5. Still smiling over your mother's disappearance and chance meeting with a different Raul. I'd love to be there on the 12th, but can only visit online. Best wishes for your first wine-tasting.

Charlotte, New Zealand

Ken Wallace

We hope you will do this again later in the year--and by later we mean in September, which is when we make the move to Provence ourselves!

Ken and Felicia Wallace (et les enfants)

Marti Hinman

Your new "piece of heaven" looks ideal. Thanks a million for sharing it with your readers. Lucky, those who will be able to
make it on the 12! A lot of us will be there in spirit.
Thank you for sharing Desiderata in french.
Marti from Florida

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