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Friday, August 22, 2014


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Gerry Ventura

I think the Ice Bucket Challange is great. When I think of all the silly things that people put on Facebook , I chuckle over the complaints. This is such a great cause and I am so glad to see it reach across the Atlantic to France. Hope it blooms over there as it has here in the USA!

Bert Pigg

Hi Kristen:

I'll enter the derby. A dear cousin of mine was just diagnosed with ALS.



It seems to me that making a donation is more useful than pouring water over oneself -- to avoid making a donation. Or am I missing the point?

Barry Draper

In the spirit of the LEE ANN WOMACK song

♫ And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.
I hope you dance....I hope you dance. ♪

I will give The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a dance! It's a great thing for awareness and additionally it will be 98f degrees today and tomorrow here in The Deep South!


That photo of Smokey in the snow is too precious! :) I was confused, at first, by the challenge, upon seeing videos that did not explain the background story. Since then, I know that the challenge helped raise money and awareness about ALS, so I would say it's an effective method.


I learned about the ALS ice bucket challenge from my niece and nephew who posted videos on Facebook. One friend jumped in a bathtub of frigid water. It has raised awareness even if it appears silly and not that much water is wasted. I'd be willing to do it too although making a contribution would probably be more comfortable!

Patricia Sands

There will always be naysayers! I love the creativity you and Smokey shared with us ... watering the plants! Brilliante! ALS is a cruel disease and your touching story about Melanie underlines that. The more ways we find to contribute to ALS research, the better and I'm off to make my donation. Santé!


I remember what you shared about beautiful Melanie. This wildly successful fundraiser is also a 'hope-raiser'. Example:

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
I think the Ice Bucket Challenge is great and my niece nominated my daughter and I. We made some silly videos and also donated. I think it is a great way to raise awareness for this devastating illness.

Jeanne in Oregon

Dear friend,
I have hoped I would and then hoped I wouldn't be nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. A dear lady in our church, one I met years ago as a vibrant, beautiful and energetic volunteer, has now been confined to a motorized wheelchair for several years. This horrible disease has robbed her of all mobility and speech. With great difficulty she operates a "joy stick" on her wheelchair to move and to laboriously type out a few words on a computer screen. Her husband is an absolute saint, having retired early to provide her with the 24-7 care she needs. I would LOVE to help bring awareness to this awful disease.

Faye Stelly

I remember the beautiful and so very sad story about Melanie. There is now an increasing number of professional football players who are being diagnosed with this horrific disease.
I'm aware of the water shortage - our most precious natural resource - & love your very creative solution.

Jill Switzenberg

I so enjoyed your blog today. My daughter was at the ALS challenge in Mesa this past weekend. She challenged me, of course, when she came home. Your writing is, and continues to be, so enjoyable. I really wanted to see Smokey in a Speedo though!


You cannot be serious that some are upset about the use of water for this! As you said, most the time it waters some portion of a garden . More water is wasted when someone washes their car. Most the people I know including myself accepted the challenge and donated what they felt they could afford. And if y
One is unable to get ice cubes, we'll cold water out of the garden hose works just fine.

Chris Allin

The story of beautiful Melanie still haunts me today. Thank you for increasing awareness about this devastating disease, Kristin.

And thanks to Smokey as well. (Has he thought about writing his biography, puppyhood to today, complete with some of the sweet and engaging photos of himself? He has a survivor's story to tell for sure...)

Catharine Ewart-Touzot

so many needs one cant' give to every one..but the ones that pull at ones' personal heart strings ...this has raised money that would not have been raised..the need is real..the method creative; so it works and that really is the bottom line.

Lucia Shaeffer


Great blog today for the awareness of ALS. Your friend story is very touching and I am sure that are many more touching stories like this. I'll definitely donate. I just wish people would give more thought before waisting water. Water is gold for many and essential to all of us.

I am with one of the readers. If you get wet it means you are not donating. Am I missing the point?
Let's donate and save water!

Geraldine Ventura

To clarify, the Challange does not excuse you from your donation. But, you can donate w/o doing the ice bucket.


Kristin, Thank you for the challenge. We do have a drought here in Napa in California, so I do understand about the wasting of the water. However, one could always stand in something that catches the water or needs to be watered! I had forgotten that you had lost your friend to ALS, and I would be glad to take the challenge in her memory and in support of ALS. Pick me! Best to you from Napa, Frances

Carolyn R Chase


Georgia from Northern CA

Hi Kristin,

Here in CA, water is a big issue, but as I wrote to friends and family yesterday, we received our water bill and due to my husband, the Chief Gardner at our home, he has reduced our consumption by 40% over the last year same billing period. He has worked very hard to maximize our drip irrigation system, and I have to admit our plants are not quite up to par but surviving!

Therefore, I stand ready, through conservation, to provide an ice bucket of water for this worthy cause (and a donation)! Now that I heard what you did, I will stand or sit tall with my end of the season tomatoes for the soaking if you should pick my name. And I am supposed to video it?

Thank you for caring and spreading the word about ALS!

P.S. Would love to see Smokey in a Speedo, too!

Melissa Britton

My father died of ALS just when he had finally retired to enjoy his grandkids. I would love to participate for my dad.

The worry about water doesn't make sense to me, all the images from the site of the challenge show a bucket of crushed ice, not ice water. Not the same thing!

LOVE your blog.


I am in the big drought area of California. My garden suffers greatly as I have cut back so much. But dumping a bowl of ice water over your head and donating so perhaps one day others will not suffer does not constitute being wasteful in my eyes.


Our dear Kristi,
This is a beautiful and touching post (as always!)Not to mention a welcome,Summertime fun diversion to the world's horrific events.
What I started to do a few years ago is something I made up--called PPTW (Pray and Pass The Word).There are so many worthy causes,not enough resources in my pocketbook to be able to support all the ones that need it most,and I am too old for antics even if they are fun. PPTW seemed the best way for me to tell my heart that I have contributed something worthwhile.
You(and Smokey!) are dear friends and AWESOME (no other word will suffice) to bring ALS to our attention.
Natalia XO

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