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Wednesday, August 06, 2014


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Jan in Colorado

Am I the first to comment? Must be the jet lag! We just returned from a Danube River cruise a few days ago and I'm still waking up at 3:30 a.m. Kristin, I want to thank you and your travel agent friend Susan for recommending AmaWaterways. We cruised from Prague to Budapest with four other couples and had a marvelous time--comfortable, clean, cozy accommodations,great food and entertainment, and personal service-everything very classy!

Fay Plauche' Butler

I have long dreamed of joining the volunteer grape harvesters in the south of France - too long, I am afraid.

They say that, as one ages, far memory is much more vivid than current and that must be true. Now, in my dotage, I retrieve memories of picking cotton as a child when I get an envie to join grape harvesters. ;o)

Fay Plauche' Butler

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
Congratulations to you and Jean-Marc on your first wine tasting at Mas de Brun. The baby vines look wonderful and looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I love the vignette of your book, bougainvillea, tapas and wine glass. Wish I could have been there! I would love to pick grapes but don't know if I could do it for 2 weeks straight! Is there a masseuse on call? :-)

Ophelia Paine

Great photos. So much fun to see. Loved the father/son photo. Two very handsome guys!


Kristin, I would love to hear YOU speak French. Might you provide the next demonstration of how to pronounce the item you post? Love your site/newsletter.

Barry Draper

Congratulations on your first wine tasting! I loved the pictures and felt a sense of place! Seeing the photographs made me want to be there and make new friends. I have recently discovered your blog and have read a few back issues. Perhaps I will retain/learn a few French words as well. Barry in Alabama

Cynthia Lewis (Eastern Shore of Maryland)

Looks as though the wine tasting chez Mas Brun was a great success! Thanks for posting all of the wonderful photos and thanks to those who sent them to you. I really enjoyed them!

Kathleen from Connecticut

It was great to see the first wine tasting. The pictures are wonderful, the vines look great as does the family. I think it is cute the way JM sneakers match his shirt. Did he plan it?
Everything is "is coming up roses", as the saying goes.
So how was the first rose? Could JM describe it for us?



The enticing is "Si fort" !!! I am so looking forward to a visit in the near future. Good luck in the harvest & growth of ur own !!!!

Bill in St. Paul

Great pictures! In one of the pictures it looked like J-M had a bottle without a label. The last time I bought a bottle of wine was in 1973 in France, it had a used cork in it and tasted like vinegar, but I'm sure Jean-Marc's bottle contained wonderful wine.

Catharine Ewart-Touzot

great pictures of a successful first tasting..the past 2 years have, I'm sure been hard but it appears quite fruitful..I am sure you all look with pride upon the fruits of your labor.

Joie in Carmel

The mas is a photographers paradise!

Joie in Carmel

Are the letters placed differently on a French typepad?


Hi Kristin -
Since you have invited us to offer corrections, I'd like to offer the following:
never heard "to have the munchies" as a description of wanting a snack - rather it's either an offer: "have some munchies" or "here are some munchies
Tip toes, I believe, is only used as a verb
"at the next chance" should be "the next chance I have, I'll..."

Really hope you wanted this type of comment!B

Trina, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Am I missing something here? I did not find anything to read about munchies or tip toes. Then, I also did not see the usual list of word explanations? Dar dar? Have not heard that expression before though I get the drift from the usage. LOVED the photos! Thank you! And would love, love, love to pick grapes in September except for (sigh) am a bit out of shape for some reasons right now and, like Eileen, and not sure I am up to working so physically all day for two weeks :)


Hello Kristin :-)

dar dar! should be dare-dare!

Bises, Alain

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you Barbara and Alain for the corrections (and, Trina, I think some of Barbaras corrections are for previous posts).

Barry, so good to know you have signed on! Welcome, and to all who are new to this journal.


Wonderful post!! Wish I were in France NOW! I feel your new vines are the promise of the future and the olive trees speak to wisdom from the ages. They are splendid in my opinion. thank you for the wine tasting experience via your post.

Karen from Phoenix

Your vineyard and the surrounding area looks so serene and peaceful. I close my eyes and I am there.

Pat from Oregon

We had the privilege of attending one of your last wine tastings in 2012 at your beautiful home/vineyard. It was delightful. I'm curious what wines you are tasting in your new location. Aren't your vines too young to get enough of a harvest to 'bottle'? Maybe you are tasting wines from Rouge Bleu?? Maybe we will be back in France for a future wine tasting. We were there a few weeks ago, but not at a time when we could 'run down' to your new place.

Chris Allin

Just love what Nancy wrote about the baby vines and the time-honored olive trees! The legacy of Mas des Brun, graced by the honey bees and gardens.
I do believe that the words and phrases in question can be considered correct: tiptoe is a noun as well as a verb and the two phrases are often used and seemingly acceptable, perhaps depending on where in the world one lives and considering regional usage of words and phrases...which happens in any language.


Our dear Kristi,
Such a beautiful post today(as always!)
Just reading your words(and of course seeing the pictures)fills me with peace and a sense of tranquility.Nature and beauty are gifts from God,as are dear friends (YOU!)
Congratulations for all you've accomplished at Mas de Brun(as well as your lovely home!)
And! Your book review!(Yay!) So well deserved!(Yay again!!)
Natalia XO


How I wish I could join you for one of your get-togethers! Everyone always looks like they are having so much fun! Lovely photos!

Ellen A. from B.H.

Love the photos of those healthy baby vines.
Your dear reader Barbara must not be familiar with American "dude" type slang. "To have the munchies" is a common phrase used tongue-in-cheek, referring to the increased appetite that one gets after taking in a copious amount of alcohol or drugs, but especially marijuana. Don't worry, Barbara, it's better that you did not know. :-)

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

Those are marvelous photos in the album, thank you for sharing them. The brand new vines and the very old olive trees, that is especially well-framed.

Sharon Auckerman

Kristin, I think you live in paradise, even if paradise is a lot of work!

Diane Young

I agree with Ellen about "to have the munchies" and "tip toe" and "tippy toe" are pure Americanisms. One correction: "appellation"..I expect some of your errors are just typos. I've never found the computer typing as easy as the old typewriter and can't get through a whole paragraph without hitting the wrong key.

Congrats to Jean Marc and all his helpers for the grape harvest. Your photos are really great.

Leslie in Oregon

Thank you for the photographs taken at your first wine tasting. Everything pictured is so beautiful, including the happy faces of everyone in attendance. The Espinasse's have worked hard and to gorgeous and tasty effect...well done!!

Rosalind Mustafa

Je me rappelle....the design and voting for Rouge-Bleu labels, the coaxing of the vines, the beginning. It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since you sold it, when just last week you were planning and working so very hard to build the vineyard. Thanks for sharing so many journeys with us.
Roz Henderson-Mustafa

june furey

Wish I could have shared your tastings together with your friends in your little piece of "paradise", I realise it is hard work but when one is using ones labor in such a fruitful (pardon the pun) way how much rewarding it must be. May you share many happy years ahead in the harvests to come. June,G.C.Qld

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you, June. We would have loved for you to be here too.
And thanks to all who take the time to sign in and comment. Your words are much appreciated and so enjoyed.

edie schmidt


Somehow missed this post. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves at the wine tasting.
Nice photos!Makes me wish I lived in France!

Edie from Savannah


Have you thought of selling Mas des Brun wineglasses to your blog readers?

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