What's your favorite way to get around France? Walk or ride? If you said "ride," then today's covoiturage tip is for you! le covoiturage (ko-vwah-tewr-ahzh) : rideshare, carshare, carsharing, carpool Audio File and Example Sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file BlablaCar est un service de covoiturage economique, ecologique et convivial. BlaBlaCar is a carpool service that's economical,... Read more →

Four weeks flew by since Jackie received this warm welcome from her cousins on arriving in Denver. I picked up my daughter at the Nice airport on Sunday, only she wasn't smiling anymore and neither was I. Read on. manque de chance (mahnk-deuh-shahnse) : bad luck, ill luck Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wave... Read more →

Never stop receiving these words and photos (this one, with flax flowers, taken in the back yard) Today's word reminds me we need a Plan B! Recently I've learned that French Word-A-Day is not delivering to all subscribers. Rather than panic (changing mail carriers), I'll continue sending out these posts via Feedburner. But before we lose each... Read more →

Thank you, Eileen DeCamp, for your photo vignette of Jean-Marc's wine & my First French Essais! Eileen titled her picture, "Two of my favorite things!!!" With any chance, Eileen's photo, taken on Seabrook Island, SC, will work better than my publicity stunt, filmed here near Bandol! le flic (fleek) cop Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's... Read more →

L'île de Groix, where we vacationed in 2006. We are heading back to Brittany, to a different island, on Friday.... Note: French Word-A-Day will be on break through August 3rd. rouler de nuit (roo-lay-deuh-nwee) : to drive through the night Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc's French: Download MP3 file or hear this Wave file Pour rouler tranquille... Read more →

Name this photo! Click here to add a picture title or a thought bubble. (Photo taken near St Cyr-sur-Mer). céder le passage à quelqu’un : to yield (when driving) A Day in a French Life… by Kristin Espinasse I woke up this morning with the nagging doubt that the kids might not make it to school today—worse,... Read more →

In contrast to the chaos in today's story, we'll begin with a peaceful glimpse of Morocco. Read on, now, for another 'picture'! (Photo taken two years ago, on a family trip.) le trajet (trah jay) : trip, journey In books: French Demystified...simple enough for a beginner but challenging enough for a more advanced student. Order your copy... Read more →

The exact meaning and origin of "fuzzy dice" is unclear, but one theory holds that U.S. pilots in World War II used dice in their cockpits for good luck, and they continued the practice when they came home from the war. (Text & image from Wikipedia) dés en peluche (day on peh loosh) noun, masculine : fuzzy... Read more →

Braise, Smokey, and family wish you bonne fêtes... "many happy returns"! If Smokey looks a little pained in this picture, it is the photographer that is troubling him: why, he wonders, is her cross-eyed face contorting like that? Wouldn't "Cheese!" or "Ouistiti!" be just as effective in getting us to smile? How she troubles herself! poix (pwah)... Read more →


My 10-year-old style-conscious daughter. More in today's story... photo taken two years ago, when this edition was first published. Yabla French Video Immersion. The fun way to learn French le secours (suh-koor) noun, masculine help, aid, assistance, relief * * * Viendra au secours de la peine d'autrui celui qui souffre lui-même. (He) will come to the... Read more →