"Smokey's Temptation" La galette des rois was not planned. I'd gone to the supermarché for eggs--to mix in with three overripe bananas (for sweet bread). Only, when I pushed my cart into Carrefour I saw the traditional stuffed cakes. "When is the actual date for eating these?" I asked the pretty check-out lady. "Epiphany," she said. "... Read more →

I have a little gift for you today. The gift of language. Today's word of the day--make that "words" of the day, for there are many here--is in the story below. You'll also learn about this photo--snapped December 19th in the town of Bandol. France and Monaco Rentals: short-term holiday rental properties throughout France. Click here for... Read more →

The other day while Smokey and I waited in the school parking lot for Jackie, kids filed past our car, occasionally stopping to point and to laugh: "Mais regarde sa langue! Just look at his funny tongue! Ahahahaha!" "Laisse tomber! Don't worry about it, Smokey. They don't know your story." So many stories out there... how little... Read more →

Do you feel like this Santa, during the holiday rush. Just hanging on? Waiting for it all to pass? Read on. fêtard(e) (feh-tar, feh-tard) : party animal, someone who likes to party Audio File: Listen to the following sentence in French Download MP3 or Wave file Dans ma jeunesse, j'étais une fêtarde. In my youth, I was... Read more →

I'm getting ready to film the first in a series of videos about our home renovation. Don't miss a clip! - subscribe to our YouTube channel. Forward this and tell a design savvy architecturally-minded friend about the channel. They might have fun following us on this project in the sunny South of France (...meantime we are freezing... Read more →

The scene was so classic that I wondered, as I snuck up to snap the photo, if it wasn't staged! Notice the underwear: one per "hook". Photo taken in Nyons (next to a chichi restaurant. Well, that oughta show 'em!). It is exciting to watch the numbers as this self-published book competes with the "big guys". At... Read more →