Mom's wish before she took off this morning (it could be custom fit to speak to any one of us, no matter our hearts desires!). Read to the end and find out. (Photo of Jules admiring the poireaux, or leeks, which went to seed, beautifully.) Mas la Monaque - Rent this beautifully restored 17-century farmhouse. Click here... Read more →

Today is your story. Write on! Tenir tendrement, bercer : to cradle AUDIO FILE: Jean-Marc recorded the example sentence, below, in lively Marseilles. Enjoy! Download MP3 or Wav En regardant bien cette photo, on dirait que les fèves, les artichauts, et compagnie sont en train de tenir tendrement ma maman. Looking at this photo, you could say... Read more →

Never stop receiving these words and photos (this one, with flax flowers, taken in the back yard) Today's word reminds me we need a Plan B! Recently I've learned that French Word-A-Day is not delivering to all subscribers. Rather than panic (changing mail carriers), I'll continue sending out these posts via Feedburner. But before we lose each... Read more →

Has a friend forwarded you this French word journal? Sign yourself up for the free newsletter and never miss a word or photo. Photo of front porch, where Mom and I will soon have coffee. The wind blew off the makeshift curtain (an attempt to shade the area at lunchtime...) Villa Royale apartment in Monaco. Large studio... Read more →

Pétanque and potager. Been planting lettuce, kale, and goji berries beside the boules court, turmeric, too! It looks like the Braise and Smokey are busy with a game now... OK, as long as they don't stop for a healthy snack! Click to enlarge photo. Provence Villa Rental Luberon luxury home; 4 bedrooms, 5 baths; gourmet kitchen, covered... Read more →

From Mexico to France. Mom, out walking Smokey R. Dokey along the boardwalk in St. Cyr-sur-Mer. Following our big move south, the dog leashes are still packed.... I know they're around here, somewhere. For our Sunday stroll by the sea, belts doubled as dog laisses, or leashes. (I thought to use the belts on our bathrobes, but... Read more →

Who (or what) is your muse? For me it can be a scene, like this one... and suddenly inspiration comes! Photo taken in Les Arcs-sur-Argens, where we lived from 1999-2007. France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. I tried to find a French synonym for une muse, but I landed on a French definition... Read more →

Jean-Marc's latest pastime. Read on in today's story column. un casse-tête (kass tet) : jigsaw puzzle, brainteaser : difficult problem, headache Note: un casse-tête is a synonym for puzzle. The French more often call a puzzle "un puzzle" or "un jeu de patience". Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc read today's word and the following example sentence: Download... Read more →

Does one need to hit the road to sell books on French life? Not when your MOM is busy pounding the pavement! Read on... (photo taken in Briançon). Note: the next word goes out in the new year. Meilleurs Voeux! Bonne Année! le baratin (bara-tehn) sweet talk, smooth talk baratiner = to sweet-talk somebody, to chat someone... Read more →

These ladies light up my life. Mom and I had an inspiring visit with the Dirt Divas. I wish I had had a tape recorder with me to capture some of the chippy bantering! From left to right: Malou, Jules, Doreen, Kristin. Click to enlarge the photo. avouer (ah voo ay) : to admit avoue-le! = admit... Read more →

Never miss a word of photo: get French Word-A-Day delivered by email, here. Pictured: our daughter, Jackie, at the écurie, where today's story takes place... By the way, is anybody else as terrified by horses as I am? zone de confort (zown deuh kohn fohr) : comfort zone . Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the following... Read more →

Mom has arrived! Here she is in her bump-me-up outfit (do you see Frida Kahlo on the cape?), the one that got her whisked into business class the moment she stepped onto the airplane. "Who can resist Frida?" Mom demanded, with that testy twinkle in her eye, when I asked for the specifics of her airline upgrade.... Read more →

In pursuit of one's shadow... read on. (P.S.: ever seen the shadow of a tongue?) . Sur La Production de La Passion (On Manufacturing Passion) During a telephone conversation last night, Mom and I talked about passion and peace (a dichotomy?) On the one hand, our passions drive us... and yet we are always looking for the... Read more →

Current events have us wearing our hearts on our former façades... and it's a good thing, n'est-ce pas? haut les coeurs (oh lay ker) : lift up your spirit, take heart, be brave! have courage! Thank you, Carolyn Foote Edelmann, for today's French expression: Carolyn writes, in response to Monday's seisme post: Small thought - watching their... Read more →

"Jules & Frida." À la recherche du temps perdu : in search of lost time; remembrance of things past* *One of the English translations to Proust's famous "A la recherche du temps perdu". Have you read it? Pick up a copy, here. .. A Day in a Mexican Life... by Kristin Espinasse In Search of Lost Time... Read more →

Picture of Mom and me taken by Abdalla of Quebec. We met him and his lovely wife, Colette, who are here visiting Puerta Vallarta. I hope to share more about our meeting with these sparkling sweethearts sometime... raconter (rah kon tay) : to tell (a story) raconter une histoire A Day in a Mexican Life... by Kristin... Read more →

Picture of a "fools the eye" or "trompe-l'oeil" taken in the medieval village of Les Arcs-sur-Argens (Var, France). revivre (reuh veevreuh) : to live again Listen to 13-year-old Jackie pronounce these French words (Download MP3 file) Aimer, c'est mourir en soi pour revivre en autrui. Love is to die to self so as to live again in... Read more →

Respirez! Breathe in! And let out all your cares. Photo of a merry minou taken in Nyons. respirer (reh spee ray) verb : to breathe synonym : souffler Note: I'm running behind schedule this morning... any terms and expressions related to "respirer" are most appreciated in the comments box only: click here. Audio File and Example :... Read more →

Meet an extraordinary 8-year-old and a giant named Hefty in today's story. All photos by Braden (except for the one above...). abracadabrant(e) (ah bra kah dah brahn [brahnt]) adj. : amazing, extraordinary syn: invraisemblable (bizarre), extravagant abracadabra : interjection , also, masculine noun for magical formula Audio file: Listen to "abracadabrant" at French Wikipedia... A Day in... Read more →