I made a lovely acquaintance. Don't miss her in today's story. Picture taken in Morocco, where my mother-in-law once lived and where we celebrated her 70th (in 2011). la conscience multiculturelle : cross-cultural awareness Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav Comment développer la conscience multiculturelle et le respect des autres régions du monde? How... Read more →

Miam-miam is French for yum. Recently, Jean-Marc bought some used wine-making equipment. The farmer's wife who sold it to him threw in a couple of antique wine-presses, some old wine barrels, and even a bucket of pomegranates! (Have you ever eaten one? Inside, there's a bunch of ruby red fruit, the size of a tooth. The French... Read more →

Wish I'd gotten a picture of the hero in today's story. Meantime, here's a lovable stand-in. Photo taken somewhere in the Vaucluse... le locataire (lo h-ka-tair) : tenant Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file Le locataire ouvre grand ses bras. "Entrez, je vous en prie!" il dit. The tenant opens his arms. "Come... Read more →

La Grotte - the restaurant at the end of Marseilles located dans les Calanques de Callelongue (les Goudes) un kleptomane (klepto-man) : kleptomaniac Audio File: Listen to the sentence below: Download MP3 or Wav file Un kleptomane ne peut se retenir de dérober des objets, la plupart du temps sans aucune valeur. A kleptomaniac cannot help himself... Read more →

Thank you for the encouraging feedback you sent in, following Monday's video! I learned so much from your comments and am reminded to just keep on keeping on! If you haven't yet, check out our Youtube channel--and look for the "subscribe" button! Today's picture was taken in the Queyras valley, near the French Hautes-Alpes. douze (dooz) :... Read more →

I couldn't find a picture to illustrate today's word (oreiller) so how about a snapshot of a favorite summertime libation? Also a great way to recycle these Domaine Rouge-Bleu wine bottles! oreiller (oh-ray-yay) noun, masculine : pillow prendre conseil de son oreiller = to sleep on it (re decision making) une taie d'oreiller = pillowcase une bataille... Read more →

Decking the French halls in the town of Barcelonnette. bouée de sauvetage (booay deuh sove tazh) : lifebelt, lifeline, lifebuoy A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse I sit and I listen. I try to ignore the temptation to go upstairs and work on the computer. Email can wait. So can senseless surfing. This is... Read more →

Stair-painting in Provence = creativity in the Midi. Share some arm-chair travel with a friend or a family member: send someone a free subscription to French Word-A-Day. Click here. troisième age (twa zee em ahze) : senior citizen Sound File: (a little behind the scenes clip today in which I demonstrate to Jean-Marc how I want him... Read more →

Sicilian photos coming soon. For now, here's our twelve-headed tournesol (around twelve flowertêtes per plant)! And never miss a photo or French word: Sign up for FREE email delivery and receive this edition in your email box. chut (shoot) : shhh! Sound file and Example Sentence: Listen to my mother-in-law pronounce today's word: Download MP3 or Wav... Read more →

"Aubergines." An old door/former shop front in the town of Suze-la-Rousse. caviar d'aubergines (kah-vee-ahr doh-behr-zheen) : eggplant caviar . Audio file & Example Sentence: Download MP3 file or Download Wav "...profiter des bontés de cette généreuse saison des récoltes et courir acheter aussi des paniers d'aubergines et de courgettes, pour... ratatouille et ... caviar d'aubergines." --from Le... Read more →