SABLET HOME- for high quality vacation rentals in the heart of Provence. Recommended by readers. Click here for photos. Thank you very much for the feedback you sent in on the website redesign at French Word-A-Day. I've so far added a search box, included more posts on the front page and brought back the "recent posts" in... Read more →

Today, try the online edition--and let me know what you think of the new background (from red to some lighter shade...). photo: Chris Davis Speaking of colors and shades our Mas des Brun is now available in the US at these addresses. TODAY'S WORD: envers : to, towards : back à l'envers = upside down Try Mastering... Read more →

Beneath the wicker baskets you can see the stand of neatly-stacked espadrilles at our local quincaillerie here in St Cyr-sur-Mer SABLET HOME- for high quality vacation rentals in the heart of Provence. Click here for photos and more details. TODAY'S WORD: porter : to wear prêt-à porter = ready-to-wear Click here to listen to Jean-Marc read the... Read more →

Our son Max turns 22 years old today. On this special occasion I have asked Jean-Marc to express his thoughts, which are especially moving in today's recording (don't miss the sound file in French). The English version of this letter follows, just below. Where to find Mas des Brun Wines? Thanks to those of you who have... Read more →

Today's bilingual post was inspired by Douglas's comment in a post called Papillon. Douglas shared the following recipe for beauty, adding it was from " Sam Levenson (although often attributed to Audrey Hepburn because she enjoyed reading it to her children)". Listen to our daughter read these sage words in French.... TODAY'S WORD: bichonner : to pamper... Read more →

Peace and quiet outside the Relais Odeon Bistro in Paris. Sit down and enjoy a slice of pie--just don't fling it at anybody.... TODAY'S EXPRESSION: clouer le bec : to shut somebody up French listening tip: do you hear "le" in this French sentence? * * * "Le Bec ( the beak) has lots of uses in... Read more →

I am turning over today's post to my husband, Jean-Marc, who has written a commentary in French (with an English translation) on Sunday's French presidential election. (Photos from yesterday's walk in Calanque de Port-Miou, Cassis. For more photos, follow here on Instagram.) TODAY'S WORD: Laisser le champ libre à quelqu'un : to leave the field free for... Read more →

I am the last person to's word (in English or in French). Blame it on this little boat! If you are new here, don't worry, it is rare that a word deemed "vulgar" is featured. But the past year has had a loosening effect (we are unmooring and moving on, or trying to) and not... Read more →

A "liste des courses" spotted at our local supermarché...where pick-up artists and good Samaritans operate. Read on. TODAY'S WORD: se faire draguer or se faire brancher : to get hit on brancher une nana = to hit on a girl CLICK HERE to listen to the following example sentence Ah bon? Tu t'es fait draguer au supermarché?... Read more →