Taken from The Wine Spectator magazine, the line just above, inspired today's expression... from scratch : à partir de rien, de zéro Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following sentence Download MP3 or Wav file Créer un vignoble à partir de rien, c'est pas commun aujourd'hui. Starting an estate from scratch has become rare around here.... Read more →

Un vrai bonnard. Don't miss this inspiring story about a winemaker's comeback following a devastating storm. Pictured: Raimond de Villeneuve. Photo montage from Google images. la grêle (grel) : hail Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file Un orage de grêle détruit en deux minutes deux années de récolte de raisins. A hail storm... Read more →

Le littoral, or the coastline, near Agay. If you enjoy these scenes from France, perhaps a friend would too? Forward this post. New friends, sign up to French Word-A-Day by clicking here. Begin growing your vocabulary, illico presto! Today read about the fascinating process of turning grapes into wine! Jean-Marc takes us through the step-by-step process, from... Read more →

"The Rooster Thief". The French sure have a way with window drama, as seen here (see the full photo, below). Today, read about an American chick in a French autoparts store... or try your luck... with the anecdote on offer in the following story column! Please forward today's post to a dog lover or a wine lover... Read more →

Trellised vine in the town of Sarrians. Never miss a word or photo, subscribe to French Word-A-Day la treille (treye) noun, feminine : trellised, climbing vines, vine arbor le jus de la treille = wine, lit. "the juice of the vine" treillage =lattice work . Audio File: (the francophones are absent... so you are stuck with my... Read more →

Smokey says: Give her a hand -- help her out by buying her book! Yes indeed, step right up and have a look at the la book! When you click over to the book page you will: Enjoy a 15-page preview -- including a favorite quote of Kristin's and pictures of Smokey "R" Dokey's dashing dad! Benefit... Read more →


The walls may need paint but the grapes are now pressed... and in bottles! échantillon (ay-shahn-tee-yon) noun, masculine : sample, tester (product) In French reference books: the French/French dictionary on my desk. I'm just itching for an updated version like this one. . On our kitchen table I see échantillons,* shiny and black! Row after row of... Read more →


Though we still don't know if our loan has been approved, or if our home will be mortgaged, Jean-Marc has gone ahead with the plans for his wine cellar. hypothèque (ee-poh-tek) noun, feminine mortgage Une dette flottante est un navire hypothèque. A floating debt is a mortgaged vessel. --Jean-Charles (French humorist) . At the Crédit Agricole bank... Read more →