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Sans déconner (time to rewrite my blog's about page)!

(Updated September 8th, 2021) Next year this French journal celebrates its 20th anniversary and it is time to rewrite a page in history (or simply amend this outdated "About" page found in the sidebar of the French Word-A-Day blog)! As I reflect on what to include, let me share a brief introduction (in lieu of a longer version).

American, born in the Philippines in 1967 (wait, that's the long version!) I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. The desert was my playground, monsoon season was my favorite for its rain, thunder, and heavenly scent. I have always been a dreamer and feel lucky to be alive in the era of blogging, which led to this unexpected career. Without the invention of the internet (and its futuristic job possibilities), I might be teaching aerobics in the city.... for that is as far as I could imagine my life back in 1989. Though I did dream of Paris!

A fateful trip to France changed everything. While on an ASU university exchange program I met Jean-Marc in a nightclub called "Le Mistral." In a flurry, we married and next our son Max was born (1995, Marseilles). We then welcomed our daughter Jackie (1997, Aix-en-Provence). If you will read the 10-page introduction in my book "Words in a French Life" I promise it will be of interest, especially if you have ever felt that mysterious "pull" to come to France. The memoir will also give you the background needed to catch up with this journal if you have just landed here (bienvenue!). 

Middle-aged now, with many delicious French meals behind me, a career in aerobics might not have been a bad idea. Still, I am glad to have stuck with writing. It's easier on the joints and I'm amazed at the body it has given me!--this body of work. Since beginning this chronicle, my kids have flown the coop, my mom has moved in, my marriage skidded past the 27-year mark and I was awarded a gold medal by the French government for my efforts. Sans déconner! 

It is colorful words and phrases such as sans déconner ("no kidding") that keep me interested in the French language. May they interest you too, these words that come up in our everyday life, as everyday life is the heart of this French word journal. From puppies to religion (I know--you're not supposed to talk about that...)--I invite you to discover a variety of topics in the blog archives, and many thoughtful comments from readers which round out the subjects.

These two decades of writing have been deeply rewarding and for that I have you, dear reader, to thank (and my loving family who've given me endless inspiration!). A little prayer now for a second wind, a mighty Mistral, to carry this keyboard into the future. And wish me luck keeping up with the very technology that got me here in the first place! 


P.S. For the longer story, please check out our memoir, "The Lost Gardens"

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