un endroit

une pente

Pente (c) Kristin Espinasse

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse
(Spring Break: April, 2005)

Did I mention my children are on vacation? Things are a little "en pente," or sloping, around here and I feel I am sliding, trying to keep up with word weaving and kid wrestling. The two pint-sized giggle machines stop by my keyboard every five minutes with: "Can you fix Elodie's hair?" (handing me a doll with finger-socketed locks) or "My football is stuck on the roof. Tu peux me le chercher?--Can you get it for me?"

Yesterday I took a break from the giglet and the ball-toting Gaul to snap a few more photos of our village. I hope you like the image above, with its mingle-mangle of old stones and non-consistent patterns. By the way, Max and Jackie, who are leaning in so close to this keyboard that the keys are now coated with a humid layer of kid breath, would like to add "Salut!"

Roquebrune 012
Max & Jackie: Fueled by giggles, they race through the town of Roquebrune.

Today's word: une pente

une pente (pahnt) noun, feminine
1. slope (of a roof), incline
2. tendency

French synonyms:
la descente, une inclinaison, un escarpement, la montée, la côte

en pente = sloping, inclined
avoir la dalle en pente = to love to drink; to be a boozer
descendre la pente = to let oneself slide (morally)
être sur une mauvaise pente = to be going downhill
remonter la pente = to get back on one's feet again
suivre sa pente = to follow one's (natural) bent or inclination
être sur la pente glissante (or) savonneuse = to be on the skids; to be on a slippery slope

Citation du Jour
La vie offre toujours deux pentes. On grimpe ou on se laisse glisser.
Life always offers two slopes. We climb or we let ourselves slide.-
-Pierre Hebey

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