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un embarras (om-bah-rah) noun, masculin
  1. a difficulty, worry; a predicament; an uncertainty  2. an embarrassment

La nécessité nous délivre de l'embarras du choix.
Necessity delivers us from the difficulty of choice.

Today's word is "embarras" as in the popular French expression "l'embarras du choix" (to be spoilt for choice). Such is the predicament that we currently find ourselves in: the difficulty in choosing a wine label for our vineyard's first bottles! Thankfully, there is a choice....

So many creative designs arrived into our e-mail boxes, both Jean-Marc's and mine, after the last Wine Label Poll and subsequent "call for help". Mille mercis* to the artists, both seasoned and "seasonal," who responded. Whether designers or dabblers, doués vous êtes!*

It is time now to cast your vote for Jean-Marc's wine label. I'd better rephrase that last sentence as the word order would seem to show favoritism! (While Jean-Marc did design one of the 37 labels in today's poll, the goal is to choose the best one for his wine.) To vote for the best wine label:

* First, please view the choices (click on the image to see the complete label; to simply see the corresponding number, put your cursor over the image). View all 37 labels here.

* Next, cast your vote, here:

To read what people are saying about the various labels, click here.

Thank you very much for your vote! For updates about the wine label and to see which one ends up on the bottle check Jean-Marc's blog.

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References: mille mercis = a thousand thanks; doués vous êtes = gifted you are

:: Audio File ::
Embarras. La nécessité nous délivre de l'embarras du choix.
  MP3 file: Download embarras.mp3
  Wave file: Download embarras.wav

:: Expressions ::
  être dans l'embarras = to be in a predicament
  faire des embarras = to lack simplicity or ease in decision making
  avoir l'embarras du choix = to have too much to choose from
  tirer quelqu'un d'embarras = to get someone out of a tight spot
  mettre quelqu'un dans l'embarras = to put someone in an awkward position

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