Meet "Dot" the exotic caterpillar we met last Saturday morning while picking grapes in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. S(he) has lovely painted "fingernails". Maybe I'll show you those another time?

Today: Your French Vernissage. Read today's story column and find out how you, or a friend, might participate in our second vernissage, or "art showing", here at French Word-A-Day.

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(shuh-nee) noun, feminine
    : caterpillar

Le plus beau papillon n'est qu'une chenille habillée. (French proverb)

A "véhicule à chenilles "is a "tracked vehicle" and a "chenille du mûrier" is a silkworm. Do you know any other terms or expressions associated with today's word? Would you like to translate today's proverb? Please share your "chenille" savoir faire here, in the comments box.

Audio File: hear today's French word, "chenille" and the proverb (above): Download chenille.wav . Download chenille.mp3

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There is a real whirlwind of creative activity going on around our household, ever since Diane and Ralph sent in the winning bid for "Pear". (Congratulations and remerciements* to Monsieur et Madame Scott!)

I am working on a personalized gift for these two, one I hope to share with you a little bit later on (just as soon as I've crossed those T's and put "les points sur les I"...*).

Meantime, regarding this all-consuming creative "twirl" sweeping through our home... why dance alone? Here's a project to stir you, too!: See that photo,* above? You have until October 18th to send in your own creative interpretation of "Dot" (the caterpillar), using watercolor, oil, pastel, pencil, collage... anything!) at which point we'll pop open several virtual corks and, champagne in hand, view our second virtual vernissage!* Don't forget to tell your favorite artist (friend, neighbor, colleague, grandchild...) to join in!

Merci beaucoup for following these guidelines:

1. Email photos / images, as jpg attachments, at 500 pixels minimum, to kristin.espinasse(AT)gmail.com
2. Put the word "Dot" in the email subject line, mention medium (watercolor, oil, Crayola...)
3. Please direct any questions to the comments box.

Now... à vos pinceaux!

In children's books "La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous"

un remerciement (m) = thanks; les points sur les I = dots on those Is; vernissage = art showing, viewing; à vos pinceaux! = (off) to your paintbrushes (or pastels, or pencils...)
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