Fire hydrant
Today's unrelated Photo du Jour: a fire hydrant in the hilltop town of Seguret.

A fun (and easy!) word game for you today & an invitation for UK readers, here.

fendre (fon-dr) verb
    : to split; to slit, to slash
    : to cleave

[from the Latin, "findere"]

fendre la foule = to push one's way through the crowd
se fendre = to crack
fendre l'air = "to cut through the air" (to quickly advance)
se fendre la pêche / se fendre la gueule = to laugh openly, noisily

The word of the day ("fendre") was selected at random -- after playing today's word game... read on, in the following column...).

My mom leaves in just a few days and I'd like to spend as much time with "Jules" as possible. Therefore, I'm leaving all the work to you today, via a fun (and improvised...) word game:

Here are the instructions (dictionary* not required... but helpful):

1. Randomly open a French-English dictionary.
2. Cover your eyes.
3. Let your finger drop to the page.
4. Uncover your eyes, discover the French word beneath your very fingertip...
5. Type the word into the comments box.
6. Don't forget to add a definition and any related terms, idioms, or expressions!

*Psst: Don't have a dictionary handy? Pas de problème! Answer this question: Tell us the first French word that comes to mind. List it, along with a definition, in the comments box. If you don't know the definition, just make one up!

Note: Please *do not* send words via email, but use the comments box.

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