My daughter, Jackie, just turned 5 when this word journal began. Here she is at eleven... helping Braise (brez) get dressed for the party!

Today marks the 6th anniversary of this French word journal. Party time!

*Note: the next word goes out on November 5th. (...not because we will need time to recover from the fête... but because we will be spending time with the kids, who are on school break again...).

joyeux, joyeuse (zhwa-yuh, zhwa-yuhz) adjective
    : cheerful, merry, joyful

Listen to my daughter's message, and to the French word "joyeux": Download joyeux.wav.Download joyeux.mp3

I have another confession: I have never been good at événementiel (or "event organization"). Jean-Marc planned our wedding, each and every detail (contacted the French priest, ordered the flowers, selected the menu, had the rings engraved, and all but tried on the long white gown & satin-trimmed veil for me).

The "big day" found his blushing bride-to-be tripping over a street grate, late for a very important date! I have been trying to make up for that unforgettable entrance ever since: by continuing to "réviser" a simple lesson from my husband: relax and enjoy life and, especially, celebrate the milestones!

Today marks the 6th anniversary of this French word journal and I am ready to celebrate this joyful event. I've ordered the flowers (okay, I swiped several from "Mama Jules"), and selected the menu: a sweet and savory buffet of words.

Now listen up: this is where you come in--and not as a clumsy bride!:

Joyeuse I would like to ask you to share a word or two... about yourself. Are you an 85-year-old collector of Southwestern art? Or a new mother, up to her ears in dirty diapers? Are you in a marching band? Do you read this word journal in school? Are you famous? ...or infamous? (or related to someone that is?). Do you speak more than two languages? Can you make your ears move?

Do you suspect you are the youngest on this list--or the oldest? Are you a tattoo artist or do you dabble in watercolor? Have you invented something? Do you like frogs legs or are you carrément contre la cuisine des cuisses de grenouilles? Do you have an unusual skill? Are you involved in a charity? Have you written a book and do you want to "buzz it" here? Are you shy? Ever won a prize? Do you have a blog or site and would you like to tell us where to find you on the web?

All in all, just a line or two about you... s'il vous plaît! Meantime, thank you for reading this word journal, and for helping to create a community as we move into our seventh year: one sweet and savoury word at a time.

Thank you very much for sharing your story in the comments box.

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My name is Brigitte. I am a 41 yr Mom, runner, lover of French, cook, career girl and gardener. I dream of living on a farm far away from all of the daily rat race where I can live on fresh milk and lavender. I read the French Word in my office in Maine. My mother is from Quebec City and we were raised to speak PROPER FRENCH or NONE AT ALL. So, I am still working on perfecting my French and love learning new words. I fell in love with France last April and dream of buying a flat in the south where I can retire with my husband and sample red wine in-between long walks in the country.


I am on the wrong side of 50 and struggling to learn French and so I find your word a day very helpful and enjoyable too I hasten to add. I read it in my lunchbreak at work. I have a maison secondaire in Pas de Calais, northern france so as I live in the south of england it is easily accessible for rural weekends. I just wish I could learn the langugage faster.

Marjie Kelley

Moi? I'm a French teacher in a Texas high school (where most kids take Spanish instead of French... that means that MY students are rebels for bucking the trend). Always trying to improve my French: I travel to France as often as possible (12 tours with students, 4 visits without), I have a French step-mother to chat with, and I have a number of French friends through myspace. And there's my "line or two"!

Dana S.

Salut Kristin - un peu de moi. Je suis avocat qui habite dans le Maine, USA. J'ai 59 ans, et il y a neuf ans j'ai pris la decision d'apprendre francais. Meme avec avoir beaucoup l'etudie, j'ai encore beaucoup d'apprendre et je fais beaucoup de fautes. Il y a deux ans, j'ai commence l'etude d'Italiane, et cette annee, l'espagnol. Je lisais ton site pendant plusiers annees et ca m'amuse toujours. J'esperais d'habiter en france quand je prendrais ma retraite, mais, avec l'economie ces jours-ci, j'aurai de la chance de prendre une retraite. On verra. Merci pour French Word-a-Day. Dana

Caffienated Cowgirl

Happy Birthday!

I've been reading your blog for almost two years now...and love it. I began reading it because you are an expat...as am I. I gave up the work world to follow my husband and start a family...who knew it would take me so far away from home. Now I am a 35 yr old SAHM, living in Germany, struggling with German and trying to learn French :)


Je m'appelle Lucy. J'habite en Angleterre, et J'essaie apprendre le francaise! Je suis fonctionaire, une epouse, une mere de deux 'enfants' (ages 13 et 14!). Nous avons trois chats et un maison complement de bruit! Je serai tres joyeux si les gens corrige mes erreurs dans ce message!

Mes remerciment a Kristin, d'un blog tres interessante et utile! Sixieme anniversaire hereux!


Je suis une femme d'un certain age, francophile depuis l'age de sept, etudiante de francais, et professeur au lycee pendant vingt annees. J'ai fait ma retraite et maintenant continue avec French Word A Day pour ne pas oublier. J'aime beaucoup le style intime de vos ( tes) commentaires. J'ai garde plusiers des citations bien choisees qui accompagnie le mot du jour.Bonne anniversaire! Amities,


Jean-Marc must be some all around man! Planning details of your wedding required certain knowledge of the arts. You have also described him as the hard working wine maker from the fields to the wine making, marketing, etc...I just love grenouille prepared as sauce or fry.

My French ancestor came to U.S.from Luzarches in 1790, finally landed in Gallipolis, Ohio. In a historical book, Gallipolis, Histoire d'un mirage americain au XVIII siecle..Jocelyne Moreaux-Zanelli, it is written that the French 500 cherished fried grenouille every Sunday as a treat. (Gallipolis, on the Ohio River, had much swamp lands.) The rest of the story is that the French 500 nearly all perished in poverty and harsh winters. Ambroise LaCour, my great,greatgrandfather finally migrated to South Louisiana, where there were also swamps and grenouille. I suppose that's where I got my taste for frogs. LOL

Ray LaCour, Lafayette, La. (I love learning French from your words.)

Catherine Stock

Hi Kristin, We have already been in touch but here goes anyway. I am Swedish/SouthAfrican/American/French writer/illustrator/exMadison Aveartdirector writing and illustrating children's books, painting and teaching workshops in southwest France. Eh voila. Bed always here for you if you're passing through.


Happy anniversary! My name is Aleta - I head up a wine import company in the States. I import mostly from France, Italy and South Africa. I am in Paris right now on business and love reading your blog daily. I figure with a word a day, I shall be fluent in about 25 years! Cheers to you!


Hi all! I'm a 26-almost-27 year young Floridian living in Colombes, a small 'burb next to Nanterre, a larger ville, just a cote a Paris. I am a Christian volunteer with a non-profit organization, Le Courant de Vie, and have been here for one year. I subscribed to this journal when I found out I was coming (aaaaaaack! I don't know any French!) and have been enjoying this fun respite from "Learning French." As I have slowly grown accustomed to the less-efficient, more enjoyable ways of French living, I am growing to love this country! Am I the youngest on the list? =)

Oh, one more thing...my beau (whom I haven't seen in 4 months) is coming to see me in FIVE days! Waaahooo! Heehee, couldn't help it! =)


Je m'appelle Joan et j'habite en Sydney Australie.
I am learning French and just love your motdujour which I look forward to each week.
I am a grandmother and my hobby at present is computer art . I have a blog at http://tocjoan.blogspot.com and love to share what I do with others.
Last year I holidayed in Paris and Provence and am hoping to go again next year.Ideally I would love to live in France for 6 months and improve my French. Maybe one day!
Sixieme anniversaire joyeux et toutes mes félicitations !


Congratulations on your 6th anniversary!

I am a 59-year-old theatre administrator from South Africa. In addition to English, my home language, I speak Afrikaans, Spanish, Italian and (less well!)French.


i am a mom of 3 children 14, 13 and 10. we live in nyc suburbs. i love france and lived there for a few years every summer i rent a flat and take the kids and we go to nice and paris for 6 weeks. my french is good enough so i don't starve but always love to learn new words or remember words i once knew


Bonjour, J' habite à Halifax au Canada. Il ya cinq ans que j'ai commencé à étudier le français à l'Alliance Français en vue d'une vacances en France. Depuis, j'ai visité la France trois fois en vacances. L'été dernier, nous sommes restés à Gigondas pour quelques jours et alors que nous sommes allés à la St Cécile les Vignes le jour du marché et également visité les ruines romaines à Vaison la Romaine. Nous aimons la culture française en particulier beaucoup la gastronomie et de grands vins.

Sonja Martin

My name is Sonja and I am a high school secretary in a very rural part of Ohio; literally in the middle of a corn field! My husband and I traveled to Provence two years ago in July so we experienced the lavender and sunflower fields in full bloom! (I still dream of being there almost daily!) I found the people to be lovely and the breathtaking countryside will never leave me memory. I will never forget how the air around Les Baux de Provence was heavy with the smell of cedar. The locals couldn't smell it but it was so intoxicating to me! I love feminine things; fancy soaps, lotions, handmade lace, candles, french linens and cute dishes. I would love to have my own shop specializing in all things French! I love to cook, like experimenting with specialty oils and vinegars! I love goat cheese and, of course wine! We hope to make it back to France once the euro and dollar work out their differences. I am still trying to figure out a way to retire in France. Do you need a farmhand? :-D


I am a 54 year old Francophile, mother of a 16 year old boy and live in Florida. My husband found your book in the library and from there I was led to this site which I enjoy immensely. Love the pictures, the family, the stories. I work out of my home and find time to check in on French-word-a-day. Love it. Thank you for sharing.


Hello and congratulations from York, Pennsylvania,USA. I am a newbie to the French culture and language. I was never interested in anything French until I began hosting and organizing American homestays for French students. My family(husband and 4 children)and I have fallen in love with our new French friends and I am beginning to become a francophile.I love getting a glimpse into the daily life of the French(with a wonderful American twist)as well as learning some language as well. Thank you Kristin, I hope to come to France soon!


My name is Tim. I am 53 and live on a farm near Worcester, in the Western Cape of South Africa. I grow certified organic Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Petit verdot grape vines. I am a garagiste, chef, artist and farmer. I run a food processing business, making gourmet and organic food products. I have a wife, 4 children (13 -22) 2 dogs, 3 horses and 10 geese. I speak reasonable french. I have traveled extensively in France, and dream of something old and architecturally interesting in Perigord.

Katie Clairs

I am a 38 year-old Australian expat now living in New York. Having learnt French, very academically, at school it has been a life long goal to become fluent. My life as a UN spouse has given me the chance to do that, as well as the opportunity to educate our kids (now 6 and 8) in the French system - first Beirut, Lebanon, then Sigale, France and now in Ardsley, New York, USA. My in-laws also made the wonderful decision to buy a retirement/holiday home in France in 1992 where we have been able to spend a lot of time over the years - eventually living there for 18 months with our kids in the local school. It was a dream come true - and where I discovered this blog, and your book. Happy 6th anniversary!


Bon anniversaire!

I am a sophomore at Virginia Wesleyan College, a graduate of the International Baccalaureate program in high school--an intense program combining community service, theories of knowledge, and a LOT of essays, oral projects, and poetry explications. We had to choose between French, Spanish, and Latin, and by my senior year, I was one of only nine students remaining in my IB French V class. I often pulled words into my conversations that the rest of my class didn't know, and when my teacher asked me where I had learned them, I was always proud to point her towards your Word-a-Day journal. I also teach French to the "upper school" at the small school where my mother teaches preschool--I have five students, ranging in age from five to eleven--and have on occasion used words I learned from you to give them a lesson to remember. They always do!

Currently, I am not taking any languages; the advanced French course I would love to take is perpetually scheduled at the same time as my Chorus class. However, I took two semesters of German last year. I'm a History major, with a double minor in English and Music, and I love to write. In fact, I am gearing up for my third attempt at National Novel Writer's Month, or NaNoWriMo, and I am sure there will be random French phrases sprinkling the work.


I'm a copy editor, mostly on college textbooks. I work at home in the U.S. South. We moved here almost ten years ago from western Massachusetts. In 2004, we spent a month in France, quite near where you are, in fact, and have been trying to save enough to get back ever since. Both my husband's parents were French Canadian, so he grew up in a household where French was spoken, but only so that he wouldn't be able to understand what the grownups were saying! My daughter is in high school, with a strong desire to continue her French studies in college, maybe even majoring in the language.

Happy Anniversary to your blog!! I love listening to the spoken words, too.

Katie A.

Je m'appelle Katie. J'ai 23 ans et je suis etudiante dans le Kentucky. J'aime beaucoup le francais et je veux devenir prof de francais. J'habite avec mes parents et ma soeur. Bonne anniversaire de "French Word a Day."!


Congratulations on your anniversary, Kristin. I met you in Paris last spring with my granddaughter who was visiting. We were both thrilled to meet a "real" author and have you sign your book. I am living here for two years (one down, one to go) and I bet I am the oldest reading your blog (62! ouch!) But I feel so much younger here, writing about and photographing Paris - my two hobbies wrapped in one, someday, in my own book. My French is not improving so I decided to just use what I know and enjoy the rest of my stay. I actually told a waiter once that "Je suis un poulet roti"! My husband agreed, that I am a hot chick!
Keep up the good work.


My name is Alexandria. I'm a 29 year old Canadian but I've been living just outside Boston, MA for the past five and a half years. I'm here with my husband while he does his residency and fellowship training. I was teaching elementary school, but have taken time off to have my first baby, due soon! We honeymooned in France and hope to one day retire there. I attended French school from nursery through third grade, but lost much of my ability to speak it from lack of use. I very much enjoy your lessons and pictures!


I am a mum from the UK - living in Southern France and missing UK !!! My Children were born in USA and my husband is a New Zealander. I am finding it difficult to learn French and find a few people are really not tolerant of this fact, in fact they are quite rude!!!!! ( However, most French people are friendly and polite and where I live is very beautiful even though I miss London desperately - mad you say??? No!!)I have to remind myself this is a great opportunity for my children to be bi-lingual, even though they speak with a local accent which is different to how I learnt to speak French at school. Thank you for your sunny way of adding new words to my rather limited vocab1!!


Hallo! I am a 20 (almost 21) year old college student from Oklahoma. When my birthday rolls around in 15 days, I plan on ordering a bottle of your wine. I found the word-a-day through my French professor my freshman year. I met your mom through Jack's Friends and we've been emailing ever since. She's a lovely lady inside and out and I am blessed to have someone like her to talk to. I also appreciate the extra vocabulary your blog gives. It teaches me real French, not just textbook stuff.

Happy anniversary! Here's to 6 more!



Salut, Kristin! Joyeux 6eme Anniversaire! I've been reading your blog for about 2-3 years now. I'm a French and Spanish teacher in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio - right on the shore of Lake Erie and, like Marjie, my French classes are my smallest. I always tell my students that we may be small, but we are mighty! I became a first time mom a year and a half ago at the age of 42 (I know - late bloomer!)so I don't really have much free time. I visit France every chance I get - both with students and without. I love the south of France. My husband and I honeymooned 3.5 years ago in B&B near St. Maximin. We hope to buy a retirement home in the area one day.

Cynthia M.

My husband and I have lived in Europe for the last 8.5 years with the US Army. During his deployments, I could always count on two things to make me smile while plowing through daily emails -- looking at weather forecasts in Provence (I just assume it's going to rain here in Germany), and reading French-Word-A-Day. Thanks for providing me with a positive distraction, as my French is now better than my German :), and also prompting me to jump in the car from time to time, just to run across the border to go grocery shopping at CORA! (The clerks always seem to wonder why I need so much confit de canard at one time...) We're finally moving back to the States next month, but you'll help keep France in my heart every day, or "thrice weekly".

Laura Yockey

Bonjour! I am the mother of three little ones 6, 4 and 3 years old.. Clementine, Samuel and Corrina.

We moved to Paris from San Francisco in June and my children are already speaking french better than their Maman.Thanks to the wonderful public schools.

I gave up my career designing and manufacturing children's clothing (ironically) when clementine was born. I have a million ideas for all kinds of adventures to try in Paris If I could just master this beautiful language. Check back in 6 months! Merci and bonne fete word a day!


Felicitations! I am a 51 year old suburban mother of three boys (22, 19 1/2, 16) who fell in love with France during my Junior Year in France in college. I was lucky enough to introduce my husband and boys to France in 1999 and though they loved the energy of Paris and the ambience of the Loire Valley, it was our week in Faux in the Dordogne that was truly magical. Salut a notre "monsieur" Adhemar duRepaire!! I have kept up my french thru adult conversation classes and your site, and am even trying to learn a little of the different languages my boys have taken/take in school(Spanish, Italian and now German). I have an organizing business (www.neatwithatwist.net) and frequently work with senior citizens, helping them downsize into assisted living, and love to regale them with your stories. Keep up the good work!


Je suis ingénieur et (quelquefois) ecrivain. Je parle francais depuis sept (huit?) ans et je lit votre blog depuis quatre mois.

Le francais n'est pas ma langue maternelle (bien sur!). Alors, merci pour votre aide. :)


Hello Kristin,

I have been reading French word a day for about 5 years now, and can't for the life of me remember how I started in the first place! I am 40 years old and live in Carrollton, GA, about an hour outside of Atlanta. I began teaching myself French when I was 16 years old, and I am about halfway there these many years later! I have been to France four times, and also to Italy which is also stunningly beautiful. I learned enough Italian to get by, and I also speak Spanish. I am a returning student also work as a therapist. I love reading my daily word, reading your daily stories, and the daily photo keeps my memories of beautiful France alive. Thank you for it all!


Bonjour, Kristin, et joyeux 6eme anniversaire! I'm a Southerner married to a Frenchman. Three years ago, we left our great jobs and comfortable lifestyle in New York City to move back down South and start a company making chocolate 'bon bons'. I have mentioned you a few times on our own website, www.southnfrance.com, and enjoy reading your posts each day. I have an embroidered pillow that says: "My Other House is in France", and like many of your readers, I hope that one day that will be true!

Carol Ockenden

Hi French-word-a-day. I am 42yr old English Mum and I live in Basse-Normandie, France with my two teenage children and numerous animals!!!! My husband commutes between here and London, Mon - Thurs every week on the Eurostar! I am a qualified homoeopath, although it is illegal for me to practise in France as I am not a Doctor!!! I normally read French-word-a-day in my kitchen on the lap-top that serves as my contact with the rest of the world (as I can sometimes feel very remote) BUT loving it! I always thought I would learn French through osmosis BUT alas this is not so!!! I started recieving these daily words before I came to live in France, so over 3 years now and find it invaluable and great for my 14yrd old daughter Grace who is in 5eme at College. My son was asked to leave College not because he is unruly (far from it) BUT because having been home-educated for many years in the UK, he was too much of a free-thinker for the French system and asked too many questions!!! Anyone with knowledge of French Schools knows that this would be like a square peg in a round hole!
Anyway, many thanks for the contact and education - enjoy your celebrations Kristin and keep up the good work!

Kristal Tomshany

I am an artist, musician and an art professor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I took French in college, but my interest in it was renewed when my daughter attended elementary at Eisenhower, a French Immersion school here in Tulsa. It was fun to see her learn to read French first, before English. All her teachers were native speakers. She misses the dialogue now that she is in a regular high school.

Linda Hampton Smith

Bon anniversaire à French-Word-A-Day!!!! I am an American artist who paints French-themed pictures. I often illustrate French words and quotes and am therefore am enthusiastic subscriber. I read your new words with my morning café et petit déjeuner. Je vous remercie for a delicious and inspiring way to start to my day. -Amitiés from Linda at "The French Easel."


I studied French in school, but it was only after marriage, travelling in France, that I truly became enamoured of the country and the language. I have taken lessons off and on for these 50 years, and read a lot, having mostly completed "A La Recherce du Temps Perdu", a milestone.
I can make my ears move, but of greater interest is that the sculpture garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art bears my name. It is the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden and can be visited at noma.org.
My husband and I have a strong representation of French classical and contemporary scultors, an adjunct to the strong 19th century painting collection in the Museum, and a refection of the background of our city, the only European city in America.
I keep my French words-a-day in a file, where I can readily review them.
Thank you Kristin. I enjoy our daily visits.


Bonne fete, Blog!! Je suis avocat qui quitte la practique. Je suis une parente de 2 petite filles, et la plus vielle fille a commence la maternelle cet autumne! Je suis professeur a temps-partiel (sessional lecturer) a l'universite dans le domaine de science politique. J'enseigne un classe de "international law" a ce moment-ci.

Cheers to your next seven years!


I am a self-employed writer-editor-photographer who has just gone into semi-retirement. My last gig was managing a magazine (circ. 23,000) for the defense community. Now I look forward to reading, drawing, photographing, and traveling. I'm British by birth, American by residence, and Italian in spirit. I speak Italian and French, but not nearly as well as 30-plus years ago, so a retirement dream is to spend enough time in France and Italy "a rinfrescare la memoria".


P.S. Bonne anniversaire/buon compleanno! (I hit "post"a moment too soon.)


I am a 20 year old student, currently studing in Paris. I was born in Australia and have lived for around 5 years in England. I've been living in Paris for just over a year now. My maman subscribed me to french word a day around 5 years ago, she is also a reader.

I enjoy reading about your success in France. It gives me hope that perhaps one day things will be easier here. I was reading other people's comments and another woman said she found it difficult being an expat here. I can only imagine that perhaps a french husband helps one to integrate - malheureusement mon copain est anglais!

Anyways, joyeux anniversaire et bonne chance,



My name is AJ and I am on the down side of 50 years. I love all things French and Italian. I have a very average life which borders on BORING and your blog really adds a lot of spice to my life! I have commented several times that your mother is a real inspiration to me. I would like to be a "free spirit" like she seems to be. You are are both beautiful women! Travel is my hobby and I love to talk travel with anyone who will listen. Happy anniversary and keep the spice in all of our lives!

valerie lester

Félicitations, Kristin!
J'adore la France, and it is always a pleasure to read your messages. I am a writer and translator, born in England, learned French in Switzerland, now a U.S. citizen living in Annapolis. My translation of *Le Grand Meaulnes* will be published by Vintage Books in 2010. (I'm the author of *Phiz, the Man Who Drew Dickens* and *Fasten Your Seat Belts: History and Heroism in the Pan Am Cabin*.) Currently working on a biography of the great Italian typographer, Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813), which means lots of research in Italian.
Keep up the great work. You are giving so much pleasure to so many.
Valerie Lester


Congratulations on six years! I'm a 68-year old great-grandmother who lives in a log house that we built when we were too young to know we couldn't. Himself and I are still very active and travel a bit, including a week in Italy this spring with 19 members of our family! I knit, read, do calligraphy, and have found a source of joy in reading your blog and feeling like I'm traveling without the burden of all the luggage, surly security people and having to navigate for my hubby.


I am temporarily living in Ontario on " le sud cote de CAnada." I like reading the bilingual labels in the stores. My seasonal favorite is toile d'araignee.

Congratulations on your success! I give your book to traveling friends, the last being a student named Mistral.


Enchante, Kristin~

From faraway Japan, I've enjoyed reading your posts (four four years?). Once, long ago, in dog years, I too was a desert rat. Studiously studying French verbs and dreaming of the French countryside on the back of an imaginary Jean-Pierre's motorcycle. The fates would have their way with me and grow my expat life in China and now, Japan, filling my head with those languages. But still, there is a place for a French menu and outrageous delight for all that is French. Only a few years back I was able to take an extended holiday with a girlfriend before getting down to the serious business of being a married lady. I must say that the civility and good manners, mixed with the absolute goofy-playfulness made me feel as if I had found a spiritual home. Thank you for sharing your French life. And, maybe this is odd, but the Japanese share many ways with the French--mostly being a respect for terrior. Campai! Cheers! Sante!

Denise Hagg

Congratulations on your 6th year milestone Kristin and here's to many more to come! I am a Brit living in Paris. I moved to Paris in 1996 with the aim of staying a few years but other than 3 years away on work stints in Singapore and Australia, I'm still here !!! I enjoy spending long summer weekends at my Mum's tiny but cosy summer house in Normandy: gardening, walking, jogging, listening to the birds chirping, seeing horses gallop by. I can't move my ears but I have a pet rabbit who moves his long floppy ears a lot! I love reading French words-a-day generally while sipping a cup of coffee.


I am a mom of three, living in New Jersey who used to be a ballet dancer and miss the beautiful language of ballet that I grew up hearing all the time. Just reading your little stories every day makes me feel inspired and I hope to get fluent one day. Congratulations and thank you.


I am a wanderer at heart, slightly stuck for a time in Gillette Wyoming, yearning to hear the voices of other places. So, I most enjoy the audio aspect of each new word. Thank you for such a great site!


Cheers o 6 yrs...loyal reader from the beginning....glad to see other 59 yr olds (so I'm not the oldest.....but part of a group of seasoned followers) Originally from New Orleans (so used to french language & food) ..would love to retire to france....and my wildest dreams came true last march when my 23 yr old daughter married a Parisian (they live in the US now.....but some day....en France)She met him randomly in a bar in Paris....his father is the batonnier of Paris...we r thrilled...i think I willed it to happen!

noel werle

Bon Anniversaire, Kristen.
I am a 66 year old mother of 4 in Connecticut, just retired from working for many years as a nurse practitioner. I've been receiving your blog for a few years, as I study French, something I've started to do many times in my life -- now I'm serious! (I think this started because my mother studied French and gave me a French name....) I'd love to live in France for a year to really learn the language and explore but will start with 3 months in Albi, starting in March. I love hearing about your life, family, and all things French. Merci!


Bonjour! I am 48 yrs old, live in Dallas with my husband and our pets. I am a life-long Francophile and have read your blog since its inception. I speak French, Italian and some Spanish and my dream is to be fluent in both French and Italian. I work in the corporate end of the travel industry and stay purely for what few benefits remain. We travel to Europe 2-3 times per year and self-cater, so that we can indulge our fantasy of living in either France or Italy. Living like locals, if only for 2 weeks at a time, gets us through to our next trip. Thank you for the blog and congratulations!


i am a retired lawyer, living in suburban Philadelphia, amusing myself with the study of Ancient Greek and painting well loved scenes from my travels. Once upon a time, many years ago, I spoke fluent French. But that was in my 20's and now that I am 76, I felt that all that was left of the language was the accent. Reading your delightful journal has reawakened me to the joys of French. As a bonus, it turns out that those beautiful French words are still there, buried deep in my mind. So thank you for your journal and your joie de vivre!


Congratulations on your 6th anniversary! I am a 46 year old wife, mother and attorney from Chicago who found your website about two years ago when my husband and I were planning a 20th anniversary trip to Paris. Although I studied French in college and lived in Nantes for a semester junior year, my French was a little rusty. I have enjoyed your French word journal so much! It has helped me dust the cobwebs off my French brain and reconnect with my francophile past.


Cheers to 6 yrs......loyal follower from the start..originally from New Orleans (so used to french language & food) fell in love with paris during jr yr abroad right after student riots (1969)....glad there r other 59 yr old readers..my wildest dreams came true last march when my 23 yr old daughter married a Parisian....she met him randomly in a bar in Paris....his dad is the batonnier of Paris....lovely family, great guy.....they r in the US now but will live en france down the line.....so I will get to spend more time there too...YAY..i think i willed it to happen

Muncie Hansen

I am the Program Coordinator for ReadWest Adult Literacy Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am also an English as a Second Language tutor. I spend my days with students learning English as a second language or improving their reading skills. I have been learning French as my second language for 5 years. I am wife of 28 years, mother of 4 and just about to be une grandmère this week! Life is good. Kristen, you inspired me to write my blog on New Mexico like it was just as charming as Marseille, several years ago. I write in simple english so my students and many French learning english can read it. Thank you for sharing your family with me for the last 5 years!

Lynn Rush

I am a "just over 50" working mom with 2 children, 18 and 16, and I live in Santa Monica, CA. I somehow stumbled upon your blog about 5 years ago and have looked forward to reading it ever since. I took French in high school, majored in French in college (my junior year spent in Rouen) but I've lost quite a bit of my ability to speak French (sadly from lack of having to), but do OK in the reading and "listening to French" areas. We've travelled to France several times with our children; my daughter started taking French in 8th grade, she is now a freshman at Berkeley, taking advanced French courses and is a complete and utter Francophile like her mom. She is definitely planning on a junior year in Paris! ;) Thanks and congratulations and here's to many more years of French Word-A-Day!

Patti Tolar

Happy 6th Birthday! I am Patti Tolar from South Texas, grandmother of 5, and doctoral student in psychology. I have been enjoying your french words and stories for 4 years and look forward to see you in my in box. I was lucky enough to visit France for 3 weeks and is the trip of a lifetime. Keep those words coming.


I have been reading your site for about a year. I have been studying French off and on for about 18 years. I am 66, a retired consultant, married, and live in a beautiful country place in north Georgia. We grow grapes and make our own wine. I loved reading about your harvest in France at the same time as ours! I went to Paris both last year and this and wish I could go every year. Also I am a quilter and love to work in all kinds of fibers (knitting, tapestry, embroidery, etc.) Bonnie in Toccoa GA

Lori Di Betta

I am a 46 year old soon to be empty nester mother of three, stepmother of two living in the wilds of Oregon with my Formerly French Husband, Jean Paul! I have been reading FWAD for several years as I struggle to increase my ability to speak french while working in an environment where 80% of my co-workers speak only spanish. I am so thankful for your openness, Kristi, and your willingness to share your lives with all of us.


Im a 25 year old (youngest so far?) chemical engineer, living a South African city life, who dreams of living in the French countryside and buying my crispy baguettes and legumes from the market... sigh :) thank you for your delightful blog that keeps adding such beautiful expressions to my very dodgy French.


Bonjour Kristen
Je suis un fière francophone tri-lingue (FR-EN & Hongrois) né ici et toujours vécu en Ontario, Canada. Je me trouve enrobé de ton quotidien et vie heureuse, ceci après faire recommandation de ton "Blog" etc.. a mes amie(e)s pour leures instructions française. Je suis père de 4 ados et trouve les temps difficles avec ma femme qui aide pas beaucoup. Comme Mr. Mom a quelques reprise j'ai un grand intérèst au affaire de cuisine, et aimes tes histoires de ce genre. I find myself escaping to France in a vitual journey, and wish someday to get to Europe to explore via a culinary trail leading me back to my fathers homestead near Gyor, Hungary. This hopefully via France, Italy and Greece.
Al the best! Happy anniversary and continue the work.




I am a 26 year old lover of France and pretty much all things European. I lived in Germany for a little over 2 years and my husband and I visited France as many times as we could afford. I studied French for 7 years and I continue to read and listen to music in French. I read your blog from my office sitting here in Arkansas (followed my husband back here for his schooling), and I daily dream of living in Europe again. I miss the slower pace of life. It is so much easier to soak up life in Europe somehow.

Helen Miller

Dear Kristin,
I've mentioned before that I'm a high school guidance counselor in the city of Philadelphia, PA. I have three grown sons and my passions are reading and playing bridge in addition to my family. I don't think I told you that I studied French all four years of high school and then went on to study a few more years in college. I've been to France three times and I can't believe I haven't moved there. My dream is to have an apartment in Paris, truly the most wonderful and beautiful city in the world. Thank you very much for sharing so much of your life with all of your devoted readers. Congratulations on your six years of your blog and also on your successful book.
Fondly, Helen

Jacquie Sabourin

I am a 42 year old living in Alberta, Canada with a large dog and 2 cats. I am an eternal student of the language and history of my maternal Grandfather who was born in Normandie (and I am eternally trying to build the courage to live in Paris).

Joyeux Anniversaire,

Jacquie Sabourin, aka Ariadne MacDuff
p.s. - I very much liked "Words in a French Life" :)


I've lived in Cleveland, Ohio my entire life, but love to travel and have been fortunate enough to visit Paris several times. I love the city! The sights, the people, the food, the wine, the architecture, the art, the ambiance, the life style - the list goes on. My French is what I can remember from 8th grade - it is enough to ask a question in French that usually results in an English reply (thankfully). I am not sure how I stumbled upon French Word of the Day, but the stories are delightful and brings a little bit of France into my daily life as a Mortgage Banker. I love my organic garden and enjoy the cooking and eating food that was just picked. My boyfriend has educated me on composting and living a greener life. I am over 50 and hope to see Paris again.


I am a seventeen-year-old student from Manchester, England. I'm a huge francophile, and in addition to mild French and English I also speak Persian and Kurdish, and I'm going to learn Hebrew soon. I love French Word a Day and the amount of care and commitment put into it! Joyeux anniversaire et merci pour tout! :D

Kathy G

Happy anniversary! I am a chef and owner of a cooking school in Haddonfield, NJ, which is near Philadelphia, PA. I don't speak a word of French (well, maybe 25 words) but I have been reading and loving your blog for two years. I think Sonja would like to visit my shop, as I specialize in all things French, from olive oils and vinegars, salts and other specialty cooking ingredients to tabletop linens, soaps, etc. I try to live my life as if I am in Provence, and you have certainly helped in that dream. I have a 15 year old daughter, Chloé, who is learning French, and she is reading along with me. We spent some time there last summer, stationing ourselves near Graveson and touring each day, (propelled by the fresh markets, of course) and then the the rest of the time in Paris. Chloé and I wish you a wonderful day of celebrating, and look forward to many more words.


I'm a 51-year-old librarian in Illinois, USA. I would like to re-learn all the French I took in college, but I may not have time for that until I retire. In the meantime, I am delighted to get a new French word a few times a week!


You know me already Kristen so there is not much to add.Except, yes I can wiggle my ears! Probably been reading your French Word for at least five years and enjoying every word.

Kellie Tayer

I'm a 47-yr old Ohio gal who loves writing and reading, cooking and baking and walking. And I love pop opera, particularly Il Divo. I have written three romance novels ("Latin Lover," "Foreign Affairs" and "The Passionate Ones"), one of which (The Passionate Ones) was inspired by Il Divo. I am also in love with the country of Spain as Kristin loves France. I hope one day to return there to live forever (I lived there for three years in the late 90s and had my third child there). I am also recently divorced and ready to get back out into the world and meet people and travel and write more romance novels. In the meantime I work at a Nature Center and freelance for the local paper. I enjoyed "Words in a French Life" and eagerly await Kristin's next book!


I am a lifelong "francophile" and read French Word a Day to bring a bit of France into each day. Kristin and I had the pleasure of meeting when she was in Los Angeles with Jean-Marc promoting their wines. I am the owner of one of the few independent bookstores in the area called Chevalier's (oui, like Maurice!) and my greatest joys are reading in both anglais et francais, traveling to France twice a year and my 4 chattes: Bijou, Chloe, Cannelle and Neige! Bon Anniversaire French Word a Day!

Pam Angulo

Bonjour et joyeux 6 ans à French Word-a-Day!
I am a 41-year-old freelance editor in the New Hampshire Seacoast region. I grew up here but also lived 10 years in Washington, DC, and spent my junior year of college in Lyon, France. I speak English, français, and español (in that order), plus a few choice phrases in German, Czech, Lao, and Thai.
I live my dream life vicariously through this blog and Rouge-Bleu, donc mille mercis aux Espinasses pour vos efforts. Bises à tous!

Marianne Rankin

I could say more, but will only note here that a key word describing me is linguist. I'm a native speaker of English, but know Russian and German fairly well. My best language is French, in which I have a B.A.; in the intervening years I have taken pains to become and remain very fluent in it. Years ago, I spent a few weeks with a French family, which helped a lot. My interest in French no doubt arose because I was born in La Belle France, daughter of a diplomat posted to Paris (unquestionably the best assignment of his career). We left when I was a year old, but I always knew I wanted to learn French, which I started mastering orally in the 6th grade. I have absorbed the culture as well as the language, and feel that they have become an integral part of who I am.

Susie K

Bonjour Kristen and congratulations on 6 years AND your book. I'm a 68 year old lady, have been reading your blog for probably 5 years. I'm a Francophile from Seattle/Tucson and spend a fair amount of time each year in France...not too far from your neighborhood in Provence. Your sense of humor and writing style make learning French words so much fun...keep up the great job.

catherine burnett

Bonjour, Kristin, and bonne anniversaire!

I am a nearly-native Arizonan who recently moved (kicking and screaming!) to Washington, DC. I have 2 daughters (14 and 18)and a wonderful husband, and I work as an aviation consultant.

I have always had golden retrievers and worked with a Golden Retriever rescue group in Phoenix until moving. I also raise Service Animals for Canine Companions for Independence (www.cci.org), and we are about to take our 2nd CCI dog--a golden/lab cross named Jude--to "grad school" in Long Island, NY, in a couple of weeks. While we know this day is inevitable, after raising and training Jude for the past 18 months, it's very painful. In perspective, though, we know he'll be a wonderful companion to someone with special needs!

My husband works for a French company, based in Toulouse, so I visit as often as possible and practice my once-fluent French. However, the older I get, the longer it takes my brain to kick into gear, so your French-Word-a-Day is a blessing. I love stories of your vineyard and your children and your dog Braise! Thanks for the hard work, and keep the words coming!


I am soo happy that I can read your page each morning as I start my day. Just learning to pronounce French words has influenced my reading and so as not skip over words I can't pronounce.
I am 69 yrs old, learning German so I can talk to my grandchildren, who are "half breeds", so to speak. And very capable of speaking English and German. How can I let my grandchildren get the best of me! Sincerely,

Nancy Smith

I'm 50. Grew up in New Orleans when French was a mandatory second language. Living in Colorado for the last 28 years. I am the founder and artistic director of an aerial dance-theatre company, Frequent Flyers Productions. I love the word-a-day! My friend, Liz, swears that the word usually mimics the type of day she's having. Today's word: Joyeuse! I hope everyone is having that type of day!

Dianne Crumbaker

Happy anniversary from a newcomer to your site. 58-year old mom and grandmother who just took up bicycling and kayaking after years of couch-potato-ing. Joyeux is the perfect word for my life at present. Can say hello, please and thank you, and order a beer in several languages, and do slightly better than that in French and German. Presently "studying" Farsi (at a word-a-day pace)with my friendly neighborhood restauranteur.

Franklin Levin

I am Frank, from Hood River, Oregon. My wife Barbara and I have spent, I am astonished to learn, about five months in France three weeks at at time. We are commissaires de la piste for the 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car race for five days each June and make a three week vacation out of each trip. We rent a car and hit the road staying in two star hotels in small towns throughout France, so far all north of Poitiers. We like history and castles, neolithic sites and ancient lavoirs as well as antiques and such.
I found Kristin's site from Corey Amaro's blog. I found Corey during a search for the beautiful lace curtains with pastoral scenes on them found in so many French villages and which now grace our house in Oregon. I was quite surprised to learn that famile Espinasse and famile Amaro know each other.
When we started going to France we were always surprised by what came when we ordered dinner. Now we speak servicable French and know that Assiette de fromage is a cheese plate. We have a bit of Rouge-Bleu in our wine rack after meeting Jean-Marc and Kristin in Portland and we have our tickets for next year. Happy sixth year Kristin.

Dan Serfaty

Salut Kristin,
Joyeux anniversaire!!!

Quand a mon histoire, j'ai vecu au Maroc pendant 14 ans et a Paris pendant 13 ans - Je suis maintenant Ingenieur en Informatique dans la region de San Francisco depuis 1998.

J'ai 37 ans, je suis marie et j'ai une fille de trois ans et un garcon de 1 an.

Je lis avec nostalgie et amusement vos aventures en France. J'aime egalement beaucoup la region que vous decrivez ou j'ai passe de bons moments etant plus jeune.

Je vous souhaite bonne chance pour votre blog ainsi que pour votre famille.

- Dan


Bonne Anniversaire!!! I'm a 56 year old American who splits my life between Florida, Illinois, Philadelphia, and the south of France. I've read this blog, oh my, for about 4-5 years. It is an enjoyable part of my day. I work in the music business, folk music in the USA and Gypsy music runs the rest of my time. :) You can see more of me at www.myspace.com/tshirtcathy and www.gypsysoul.fm which is a radio station run by myself and 2 friends. I believe we are all members of this French Work A Day community. Kristin, I'll be stopping by some day to see you. Perhaps I can give a hand with the vendage one of these years. :)


Bonjour et felicitations! I am a 28 year old mom of a beautiful 3-month old baby boy set to be married the day after Christmas. We currently live outside of Boston and I came to your website about a year ago to help improve my very forgotten French. I lived and studied at the Sorbonne while in college and have begun speaking to my son in French already. Your Word a day has been wonderful at re-teaching myself for my son! Merci and bonne fete!

Loretta Vandenberg

Congratulation on your 6th anniversary!
I am a mom of 3 children. 17 years, 14 years and 11 years. This is our 12th year homeschooling. I have been teaching our children French but without much success. I love all things French. My kids don't want to learn french but I am trying to. I lived in Holland for 2 years before I was married and can speak a little Dutch. I am a Pastry chef and love to cook. I am very, very shy so don't entertain much. My kids and husband on the other hand are very sociable. We live in Southern Ontario on an acre of land. We have a large vegetable garden and grow most of our own fruits and vegetables and at harvest time I preserve what we can't eat right away for the winter. Next Spring we plan to get chickens. For now I buy fresh eggs from our local farmer. I love the french-word-day web site and am learning alot. Keep up the good work.


I'm a retired computer programmer/systems analyst/system manager. Enough said about that. I originally took up French with a brief conversational course prior to a trip to France. After taking early retirement, I chose to learn French as an interesting retirement project. I'm a reader and it's interesting how many books have embedded French in them and often no translation of it. I am now in my third year of study. The first 2 years were in a college classroom, and this 3rd year I'm taking via computer from the same college. I am married to a former music teacher, who is a violinist and still plays in a Texas symphony. My two daughters live nearby and both are professionals with families. I have very much enjoyed French Word a Day. My daughter, who was a newspaper book editor at the time, told me about your book, Kristin, and after reading it I made my way here. What a great site it is, and I especially enjoy reading about your family and seeing the lovely phographs. I've also purchased a few of your featured items. I now have quite a French language library and an interesting clock on my kitchen wall. I'm on Facebook, too, having just signed up this past week. There are several French-related sites on there that might interest your other subscribers.


hmmmm. Sorry about that. I managed to duplicate. If you can correct it, please do!


I am a 62 year old mom and grandmother and a born-again Christian. I teach a ladies Sunday school class at my church in Oregon and have a classroom that is only used for my ladies. I decorated it in Country French style and my ladies know all about dear Kristin ... we pray for her and her family. I've even included a word or two in French in their weekly newsletter.


Congrats on hitting such a landmark! (And judging by the comments, having such a varied readership!)

I grew up on a tiny island and moved to the UK when I was 18 to study at university. For reference, my island's population was the same as the number of students at my university. It was a little scary.

I now live in London just down the road from my darling boyfriend and I'm starting my new job next week. It took me a year to do it, but I've finally cracked into the industry I want to work in :) Here's hoping it all goes ok!

Bon chance for the next 6 years xx


dear kristin, i read your book before my husband, son and i went to france 2 years ago to visit my daughter who was working at the time in switzerland at the united nations. she is now working in melbourne australia. she wishes there was a book to translate what she doesn't understand in the australian dialect. i enjoyed your book and i just wanted to hear more so i was so thankful for the french word a day. i have 5 children ( the last one in college) and 4 of them live in nyc. congratulations on your 6th year, and as other readers i'm sure would agree, you are very important to us!



I was born near Lille in Nov 1941, went to England in the mid 60s, lived between France and England, getting involved with studying English, with helping foreigners, studying again, teaching, doing brass-rubbing... until 1977, when I got married and settled down "permanently" in England with my husband. I was very busy with our children (born in 1979 and 1981), with French Language and with Macramé. When I was 57, I became involved with a personal project in connection with an Eastern European country and dedicated 5 years of my life to it.
And now? Living in East Dorset, children away from home, still very much in love with French and English, more involved with gardening, health, nature, and recently, with digital photography. I need some technical guidance to learn how to build a few web pages associating texts, scans of old documents & old photos, in a practical & interesting way, for genealogy purposes.

Very happy to have found your "FWAD" about a year ago. Thank you again Kristin for your wonderful approach towards French words via your life in La Provence and your writing - and towards all of us.

A very Happy anniversary! and... YALLA! - the powerdul word you passed on to us a few days ago!


Wow, I've been reading you for 5 of the 6 years. Time goes by fast.
I'm a 50 year old senior in college, trying to figure it out. Still can't speak French, trying to learn a little Spanish. I always enjoy reading about your adventures. Here is to 6 more years.


i just found your blog this weekend and i am so enchanted... now i read you have been doing this for 6 years! oy, i am very behind, could i actually end up speaking french when i am all caught up? not a chance... i live in n california and spanish is the second language here, french words baffle me, but your charm and pictures delight me! i am in mid 50s, live in the country and spend my days gardening and nights trying to serve pretty food if the whim strikes me. have a house full of pets and spend a wee bit too mush time surfing for beautiful things, which completes the circle as to how i ended up here~


Hello my name is Leo I am single man of 46. I work as a software sales consultant and live in Wisconsin. After my divorce, I read your book. I found the stories in your book "Words in a French Life" about your family and friends very uplifting and close to the values that I hold dear in my heart. Family comes first... seems to be the theme I see over and over again... And those words give me hope for a new and better life. Thanks.


Julie Campbell

Dear Kristin,


I am an English professor whose work is in comparative literature. A friend suggested that I subscribe to your list about four years ago and gave me two of your books. Periodically, I do research in France at the Bibliotheque nationale. My most recent book is _Literary Circles and Gender in Early Modern Europe_ (Ashgate 2006).


Felicitations, Kristin. I'm Tom, a 57 year-old single dad of a 14 year old boy living now aux alentours de Détroit, that famous French city ! I'm a pastor who once helped implanter une église baptiste en Bretagne (bizarre, non?). I lived for 12 years à St. Nazaire à la bouche de la Loire. I studied French for one year à Albertville in the Alps (it was a tough job but somebody had to do it!) and a second year à l'université de haute Bretagne à Rennes (j'ai reçu le dipôme supérieur d'études françaises avec la mention "assez bien".) I always thought it was funny that a phrase that is literally translated "good enough" was actually a compliment in French!

There seems to be a "retirement" theme running through the comments so here's my rève: J'aimerais, un jour, prendre ma retraite en France peut-être dans une chaumière près des marées salins de Guérande or perhaps on la côte sauvage in a white-washed stone cottage with the steely-blue/black slate shingles and bright blue shutters. Mais hélas, with the salaire of a pastor, "ain't gonna happen."

Kristin, this is more than just a few lines, sorry! Your word-a-day inspires me. I wish there were other French speakers here in my little suburb with whom I could converse.

Blessings a plenty for you, your family, and your love of everything French.


I am a 60 year public health manager from the San Francisco Bay Area who enjoys cooking, reading , traveling. I forgot much of my high school french, but after traveling to Paris four years ago and loving the city, I returned home and signed up for a conversational french class which I still take. My dream would be to have a second home in Paris, but that is unlikely. Instead, I am retiring within the next couple of years and have promised myself two-three months in France every year. Your site is entertaining, informative and adds to my french education -keep up the great work. I enjoyed your book as well.



Congratulations, Kristin, on the 6th anniversary of French Word-A-Day! I have been a fan of your blog for the past two years or so and look forward to each new post. I first started reading French Word-A-Day when trying to brush up on the French I learned in high school and university while preparing to travel to France (Paris and many, many places in Provence) for my honeymoon.

I'm 26 years old, live in Toronto, Canada, and have recently started my own practice as a life coach/meditation coach/Reiki practitioner. In addition, I love to read classical literature, do a bit of writing (check out my blog: http://naturessecretwhispers.blogspot.com), knit, cross stitch, practice Yoga, and also enjoy singing and dancing. I'm married to a wonderful man and we also have two cats, Meeshu and Tigger.

Thank you for your wonderful writing!

Jan from San Diego

I am a retired teacher and a francophile since the age of 14 when I used to follow people around in the City of Paris department store in San Francisco, just to listen to their French. I majored in French but learned much more of the language and culture through 17 visits (so far) to France, hosting several exchange students from France, visiting and corresponding with many friends in France. I love your French Word-A-Day, and from it I have gathered my own working vocabulary of words that are not in many dictionaries. Thanks for your wonderful help in learning French!

Devra Long

Felicitations Kristin et famille! I think that I have been with you since the beginning because I can't remember a time when I didn't start my day with coffee and French-Word-A-Day. I am 56 and live in Madison, Alabama. I have lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, Mendocino and on a farm in Tennessee where we raised Red Angus. My husband of 28 wonderful years and I had a real estate office for many years and for the past 10 years I have freelanced doing fragrance promotions. We love to travel especially to France and Italy. My husband is a fabulous cook so for his 50th birthday we took a course at the Cordon Bleu in Paris and I was amazed that my "high school French" came back to me! Since then I have been trying to improve my French. We also love red wine and can't wait to try your wine!
Amities and very warmest wishes.

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