Those lime-green leaves are just itching to tickle that lemon of a Citroën.

Guili-Guili! Gallic Gazettes for you today!

Ticklish? Vous craignez les chatouilles (fear the tickles...)? Then you'd better go and hide under the bed, with the dust bunnies, lest our furled Francophile fingers find you (!) and unleash a string of snorts from your inner laughing court. Guili-guili!* Gitchy, gitchy!--we're tickling today:

CHATOUILLER (shaah-tooy-ay) verb
    : to tickle

Hear today's word and phrase ("Vous craignez les chatouilles"?): Download Chatouiller . Download Chatouiller

(OK, to be truthful, I had no French word to match today's topic, so witness, now, one wordsmith's attempt to MAKE today's term FIT into today's theme, the theme being Other People's Blogs on France):

As I was about to say... to wake somebody up, you might tickle their toes with a feather or, if you're really evil, you might poke your finger into their armpit. (We hate that!) Have no fear, we're sticking to those feathery "wake up" tickles today, the kind that awaken awareness and cause curiosity -- and the one thing we are all curious about here, is FRANCE... and the FRENCH!

So today, we're tickling each other into awareness about other sites and blogs
dedicated to France, the French, and the French language.

Here's how to participate (or "tickle" back):

=> Share with us a blog or site about France or French life via this link.

It can be your own blog (please don't be shy!), it might be your daughter's, cousin's, or grandmother's blog... Maybe it is a friend's blog... or the website of your "pire ennemi" (or "foe")? In that case, it's time to give up the green (the little green monster) and tell us about that great Gallic gazette
(or blog, or site, or newsletter...) that you secretly enjoy. Spill the beans, get it out, scour the net, leave no stone unturned. Guili-guili-guili, gitchy, gitchy, goo, we want to discover more of France, we're just itching too!

(Side note: Have you been itching to start your own blog on "something French" so as to share your experience, savoir faire, or souvenirs with us Francophiles? Here's the best advice I've ever heard: "If you build it, they will come." So here we are, fingers curled just waiting to tickle back... What are you waiting for? Start that blog! ... and be sure to enter it into the recommended blog links (via the comments box) here.

Let's start those recommendations now, I'll begin:
For a delightful peek into French life in the Ardèche region, check out Rachel Pommier's blog. She's an American writer married to a fetching, faith-filled, Frenchman (Raphael!). Along with three darling demoiselles, they make their home (and their wine) in the beautiful Ardèche region. More, here.

More French / France related sites here:

For the French Blog Directory submit your site, or another's, here.

NOTE! In order for the suggested site links to be clickable, make sure to prepend the site address with http://  (add http:// before the "www").
* Today's vocabulary: guili-guili = tickle-tickle!

Book: "Chasing Matisse" by James Morgan:

Painless French: grammar, pronunciation, idioms, idiocies (culture) and more!

Songs in French for Children - Chantons, Let's sing along in French!

Lego Make & Create Café Corner

"Petit Papa Noël" by Tino Rossi

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