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Today we are talking about growth... and goals.:
by the way, ever feel too chained down to bloom?  (photo of a budding vine here at our farm).

velléité (vay-lay-ee-tay) noun, feminine

    : vague desire, impulse, whim

French definition from L'
Intention de faire quelque chose qui n'est finalement pas mise en pratique.
The intention to do something that is, finally, not put into practice.

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    by Kristin Espinasse

I intended to write a story about dog food today
but, on a rare whim, I changed topics.

It is good to be flexible... something I am still trying to learn as I kick, spit and, eventually, contort myself into a carefree version of the former self.

So it is no secret, not anymore at least... that "cool, relaxed, less rigid" remains high, if not number one, on my "Goals" list.

Come to think of it, my "Goals" list (currently consisting of only one goal) is beginning to look as straight-jacketed as I feel this morning: restricted, confined, limited. Good thing we can remember to follow those whims--to move on from Dog Food to a new mood--and from a new mood... to a new horizon.

So today, please join me in kicking up more dust, and paving the way to new dreams and aspirations. Here are a few of my goals:

1. Be More Flexible

2. Build a stone cabanon

3. Learn to make / edit movies

Your turn to share three goals. Do you want to Swim the English Channel?  Plant a field of lavender? Volunteer? Be on Oprah? Learn to Tango? Kiss a Koala"?

Thanks for sharing your "Three Goals" here, in the comments box--for all to enjoy. Who knows, you might just inspire one of us to shake things up on our own Goals list... and aspire to something new!


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