Yellow field (c) Kristin Espinasse 
Shapely blue hills and yellow fields between Cairanne... and good ol' Sainte Cécile.

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vexer (vex-ay) verb
    : to hurt, to offend

se vexer = to be/get offended
vexé comme un pou ("angry as a louse") = livid, hopping mad
(additional idioms and expressions welcome in the comments box. Merci d'avance!) 

Verb conjugation:
je vexe, tu vexes, il vexe, nous vexons, vous vexez, ils vexent
past participle = vexé
A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse
2 p.m.: I am lying beneath a pile of covers, a mismatch of blankets handmade by my mother and my grandmother in colors that contrast just as their piping personalities once did.
I am wearing jeans, wool socks, a ski-sweater, and a parka. It is too cold to type, so I am memorizing these lines in time to write them down when warmth returns.
A few rooms over, the covers are piled high in a similar fashion, over Mom. In addition to warm clothing, she is sporting a wool bonnet and mittens. She has pulled the hood of her sweater up over her bonnet. When we are on speaking terms, she shows her eyes. When she's really mad, vexée, she pulls the wool cap down over them so that my eyes meet little snowflakes that decorate the bonnet's edge...
Edgy. We have been without heat for over a week. The temperature is beginning to test us so that even a hot temper and a spark in one's spirit... are not enough to take the edge off this cold.

*     *     *
Comments, corrections, and stories of your own are always welcome and enjoyed by all via the comments box. Thank you for making this a fun, upbeat place to meet and to share information and experiences. So don't be shy -- jump in and share your own slice of life!

Yellow vineyard (c) Kristin Espinasse 
Du pareil au même ("more of the same") : I hesitated between this photo and the one at the top of this edition. Here, you can just make out Mount Ventoux in the upper right corner. I love the giant yellow carpets that cover the vineyards this time of year. Wouldn't you like to picnic or catnap here? 

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