rendez-vous galant


In Mirabel-les-Baronnies, lovely tumbling roses.

luxer (loox-ay) verb

    : to dislocate

luxer l'épaule = to dislocate one's shoulder
avoir l'épaule luxée
= to have a dislocated shoulder

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Samedi matin, j'ai fait un faux mouvement et je me suis luxé l'épaule. Saturday morning, after an awkward movement, I dislocated my shoulder.

A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

In the emergency room parking lot there were people picking cherries! This, I decided, was a good sign--and not at all the atmosphere of panic that I had imagined. If all went well, we, too, would be picking cherries before long....

I drove up to the ER entrance, turned off the engine, and hurried around the car to open the passenger door, unbuckle my husband's seat belt, and help him out of the vehicle.
"Amène mon sac et mon portable,"* Jean-Marc instructed, before making his way, painstakingly, to the building.

By the time I had parked the car and entered the ER Jean-Marc was nowhere in sight, but had already been whisked away, into the entrails of l'hôpital.* The prompt secours,* I realized, was due to his injury: une luxation de l'épaule*; this, due to a faux mouvement* (an elbow-turned-all-arm jerk in response hitting his funny bone.* Talk about a freak accident! 

The last time he ended up in the ER (after he slipped at the beach in a similar freak accident) he was, surprisingly, admitted before the other accidentés*: those arm-clutching, anguished-faced, crying, and hiccuping patients that waited their turn for treatment. That's when I learned that a dislocated shoulder takes priority over, say, a feverish and howling baby or drunkenness (and the bobos* that ensue...).

On this, our most recent visit to the ER, I was as prepared as usual, c'est-à-dire,* still scrambling for paperwork after the receptionist requested "La Carte d'Identité et Carte Vitale,* s'il vous plaît". Rummaging through my husband's briefcase, I found his Carte Electorale.*

"Will this do... for now?" I asked, waving the card. The receptionist looked doubtful, but collected the voting card in order to copy down the holder's name.

"How about this?" I asked, handing over Jean-Marc's Carte Nationale de Donneur de Sang Bénévole".* When the receptionist shook her head, I flipped over the blood-donor card and offered:
"0+. He is 0 plus... in case that helps!" The receptionist once again offered a doubtful look, which got me wondering what my own blood type was. Never mind, back to rooting through the briefcase.

This time I found a Carte Fidélité* from our local pizzeria, Léo Pizza, and noticed that we were due for a free pie sometime soon. Perhaps tonight, come to think of it! We might need one; after all, who knows how long this ER wait will be? I shoved the card into my pocket and continued my search.

"Et voilà! ça y est. Trouvées!"* I announced, triumphantly handing over both the pink driver's license and the green insurance card.

"Merci," the receptionist replied, before asking me to patienter* in the salle d'attente.*

I greeted the others in the waiting room, "Bonjour Messieurs-Dames"*. There was a family of five, including a young couple, their toddler, and the grandparents. A man in sweats sat alone, crutches at his side. Another large family, the silent women wearing headscarves and long satin jackets, over long pants, sat facing me. I wasn't sure whether to exchange eye contact or not, out of respect for customs. That's when my husband's iPhone rang and, pushing every "button" imaginable, I couldn't manage to answer it. I looked over at the women wearing headscarves, who had trouble hiding their amusement at my predicament. A little comic relief seemed to be a welcome change.

One very sad looking woman was called into the ER room and I wondered whether she was on her way to see her own husband, or perhaps a child... I hoped she would return with a relieved look on her face.

An hour passed and the sad women did not return but two other women, dressed in blue uniforms, came out only to disappear into another room. One of them had hair the same color as her uniform and, for some reason, this lightened my mood. To me, any connection between Smurf blue hair and bad news was impossible or, rather, a wearer of Smurf blue hair would not be a deliverer of bad news. Now if only those women would return before my mind continued with its off-the-wall, or simply anxious, associations.

Another hour passed. I looked out the great windows to the ER parking lot, and those cherry trees, and wondered whether I might do as the others: pick berries! What's the use of waiting and worrying?

Just then, someone called my name. "Madame Espinasse? Vous pouvez venir." I followed the voice into the back room where my husband was en route, via stretcher, to a resting room. He was torso nu* save for an elastic upper-body brace.

"Il a le sourire maintenant,"* the doctor said and I flashed the same--along with a few twinkling eyes of encouragement--back to my husband.

"Il paraît que ça fait très mal," I said to the doctor, not knowing what else to say, besides merci beaucoup.
"Oh, oui!" she confirmed, showing me the X-rays, which made me shudder. So that's what a dislocated shoulder looks like?

"Just how did you get it back in place?" I questioned.
"It took five of us to do so!" the doctor answered, admitting that she was not the only one to take credit.

Back in the ER parking lot, I pointed out to Jean-Marc that the cherry trees were ripe for picking. "These are not cherry trees," my husband corrected, his speech a bit slow (was it the morphine?). "Ce sont des mûriers."*

What a pleasure, after all, to discover les mûriers!--or to identify them, at least. I may not have known the difference between a cherry and a mulberry tree, but quiz me on blood types... group A, group B, AB and O... and I can now tell you which one belongs to my on-the-mend fellow.

Corrections, comments--and stories of your own--always welcome and appreciated. Merci!


~~~~~~~~~~~~French Vocabulary~~~~~~~~~~
Note: no glossary today...
I ran out of time due to this edition's deadline! Please look up the terms (below) and note them down, here. Many thanks for your help!

Terms to look up & share:
Amène mon sac et mon portable
une luxation de l'épaule
funny bone (in French)
faux mouvement

Carte d'Identité
Carte Vitale
Carte Electorale
Et voilà! ça y est. Trouvées
Carte Nationale de Donneur de Sang Bénévole
Carte Fidélité
salle d'attente
Bonjour Messieurs-Dames

torso nu
il a le sourire maintenant

Please report any misspelled or missing words. Thanks so much!


Chambre de luxe for a luxated shoulder!

Would you like to send Jean-Marc a get well message? Thanks for doing so, here!


Three Random Words:
la verrerie = glass factory, glass-making shop; glassware
une secousse = jolt, bump (train, car), jerk; shock
poupard / pouparde = chubby-cheeked => poupard (noun) = chubby baby

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Evelyn Jackson were very brave! and a very indulgent husband to let your wife photograph you...maybe it was the drugs?? Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Sending healing thoughts your way.


Jean-Marc, May God bless you and heal you quickly.

John, Paris

Amène mon sac et mon portable - bring my bag and my cell phone.
l'hôpital - the hospital.
secours - "safety"; attention to a medical emergency.
une luxation de l'épaule - shoulder dislocation.
funny bone (in French) - je ne sais pas.
accidenté(e) - emergency room patients.
faux mouvement - bad or wrong movement.
bobo - ??
c'est-à-dire - it is said; as is normal.
Carte d'Identité - French ID card.
Carte Vitale - French medical system card.
Carte Electorale - voter registration card.
Et voilà! ça y est. Trouvées - Ah, here it is! (Here they are!) They are found.
Carte Nationale de Donneur de Sang Bénévole - Blood donor card.
Carte Fidélité - Frequent shopper / buyer card.
patienter - wait.
salle d'attente - waiting room.
Bonjour Messieurs-Dames - Good Day sirs and madams.
torso nu - nude torso; nude upper body.
il a le sourire maintenant - He has a smile now.

Dick Glick

luxer: se luxer /lykse/ (conjugate⇒)
reflexive verb
(+ v être) se ~ l'épaule to dislocate one's shoulder.

The definition, above, gives the verb case as reflexive -- is there an 'argot' use as you've used?

Best, Dick [email protected]

Sandy Wilson

Jean-Marc - The lesson in French was good but terrible for the pain you endured so we could read it. Please do get well soon! :)

Marika Ujvari

Wishing you a speedy recovery and bowls of delicious mulberries!

Marika from Windsor, Colorado

Dana Risley

So happy that Jean Marc is on the mend (how does one say that en francais?) But, I can't stop thinking about the sad woman in the hospital. I am sending positive thoughts her way...


Awwwww.......seems you were forced to take a break Jean-Marc. I'm sure you'll be reaching and stretching in no time....

Debby Montague

J'espère que vous sentez complètement et rapidement, Jean Marc.

Ce qui concerne les meilleures.

D. Koehn

Jean Marc: Hope you recover well. Here is something to look forward to: Next time you come to Houston, you should try to make your visit coincide with the Houston Art Car Parade. I am certain that France has no festival quite like this parade!


Get well quickly, Jean-Marc! How frustrating for a freak thing like that to land you in the hospital! :-(


bobo - baby word for an injury (we say boo boo)

funny bone - petit juif


Jena-Marc: Wishing you a fast recovery and at least one of the silver linings to this accident is knowing that you have a wonderful wife to be there for you. God bless!

Debra Houston

What a timely post. My husband and 2 sons went fishing at the lake early this morning. I got a phone call from one of my sons about an hour ago. They were at the emergency room. My husband was hauling in a fish, and somehow the hook ended up in my husband's mouth. Thank God it wasn't his eye. The visit was quick and they're back on the lake now. Now he has a new fish story to tell.
Debra, Lilburn GA USA


What is a nice guy like you doing in a place/position like this! Much love and hugs for a speedy recovery! RB/S

Alexandra Villeneuve

I hope you will heal quickly, Jean-Marc. It must be very hard to wash the dishes when your are in pain =)
Keeping you in prayers,


I hope you have a speedy recovery, Jean-Marc,and I hope that you don't do this again too often. Hospital waiting rooms are not the nicest places to spend Sunday afternoon.

catharine ewart-touzot

How kind of you to provide your wife with yet another slice of French life...which you allowed her to share with wishes for a quick recovery.


Jean-Marc, you are in our hearts and in our prayers.

Nancy L.

Bonjour Jean-Marc,
Os drôle(funny bone) pas très drôle ! Espoir que vous vous sentez meilleur maintenant!
Get well quick(-:
Nancy L.

Gina Liuzza

Bon courage, Jean-Marc! Je te souhaite un prompt rétablissement! Meilleurs voeux de Houston, Texas.
Gina L.



Your poor shoulder! I hope you are all better now or soon will be.

Love the picture : )

Warm regards--devoraj


As one who has recently recovered from shoulder surgery (slap tear repair)I send loads of good wishes and sympathy to Jean Marc (and also Kristen!) Take it SLOW!


Jean-Marc, ouch that must have hurt! I dislocated a knee once and remember the intense pain before and then the feeling of relief/no pain when the Doctor relocated it. Hope your wing gets well soon and you are up and about soon.


Oh, my...this was no bobo, certainment! Ouch, the thought of 5 people yanking and pulling your shoulder back in place, ouch un autre fois! It hurts to hear about it!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery...vous avez une bonne home nurse, oui! Kristin, mercis pour un autre behind-the-scenes gander at Life Espinasse--in's and out's of French emergency rooms, and an interesting vocab list. Le mot favori de jour is "bobo." Like our boo-boo.

So, Pat in Roanoke does not expect any phone calls aujourd'hui, J-M--no rush with the info about Rouge-Bleu, mais Vite! Vite! on your recovery. My candle of healing will be lit for you today!

Cheryl Jamison

Ouch. That sounds so painful. Hope you're feeling better. Let Kristin pamper you a little! Hello to the family, and the wonderful grapes.
Warm wishes,
Cheryl and Bill Jamison


John: thank you for the vocab translations!
Dick: merci for pointing out the reflexive verb. Not sure about today's word being argot (I overlooked the reflexive part and should have noted it...)

Thanks, everyone, for the get well messages! Jean-Marc will be home soon and I know he will enjoy reading his "mail"! By the way, this is his third dislocated shoulder accident (the first one occured in the Alps, while monoskiing... and trying to avoid a collision with another skier). He may have to have an operation. Now to find the time to do so (before the wine harvest... after???)


may i suggest plenty of, vin da pas for a speedy recovery.... sleeping is going to be difficult, patis will help..... best fishes & kindest regards
in Charlotte, NC


Repeat shoulder subluxation requires post trauma attention to prevent recurrence.

It would be a good idea to consult an orthopedic specialist and a physical therapist (PT first, surgery as a last resort).

Best wishes for a successful recovery, Jean_marc.


Get well soon Jean Marc! Is the same shoulder being dislocated each time?


So sorry to hear about your dislocated shoulder, JM... I hope you have a speedy recovery!


feel better and take your time, i did the same playing ice hockey. interestingly, in english, the medical term for a near-dislocation is, "subluxation!" also, is funny bone really, "petit juif," as in ? dean, un juif en californie


Oh wow! Stressful day, and I am so happy it is behind you! Get well Jean-Marc and get rested Kristin.

And finally something I know- a mulberry tree. I think a blight took out most mulberry trees in all of US or south of US. I found some in Knoxville, TN.



I showed the picture of Jean Marc to my husband who has, over the years, dislocated each shoulder at least 3 times, maybe 4. He is still groaning over JM's picture, remembering the pain, and then he started laughing so hard when he saw the "Blackberry Prayer Position", head bowed, hands together, thumbs moving. Pump him full of morphine and he is happy to be sending messages. Best of luck in the recovery


So just what job was it that you were trying to get Kristin to do for you, now that you are injured? Ha Hope you get well soon - that's not much fun.

Catherine, Seattle, WA

Jean Marc,

Hope you feel better très rapidement.

Marion Harris

Cher Jean-Marc,

J'espère que votre épaule va mieux bientôt!


I am sure you love the pic of you, in your hospital bed, posted for everyone!? A quick recovery so that you can get back to drinking your wine~that should heal you the most!

Catherine Kirkwood

Wishing JM bon courage and the best of everything during your uneventful recovery. Treat yourself very gently during the next few days. Lots of ice cream, jelly babies, music, day time television and tender loving care.
Catherine, Pontivy (56)


Take care and soon be well,
This will make Kristin smile,
Take good care of yourself for 100 days
That's the most important way for your shoulder to be safe!

Karen Brown

Jean-Marc here is hoping for your speedy recovery. May you be back to normal and pain free real soon!

I have to say the photo Kristin took was classic. I love it! It looks like you are texting someone. (no matter how much pain you are in there is still time to text)

Thanks Krisitn for sharing the story and Jean-Marc for allowing us to share your pain. You two are a cute couple.


Thank you ALL for your king messages.
It did hurt a lot but since it is back to its seat, I have hardly no pain.
Well, I have just one hand but still I can raise my right shoulder and cheer a glass of wine with you.

Barb in Nolensville, TN

Hi Jean-Marc: Wishing you a speedy recovery! The wine will help.

(And thanks, Kristin, for the picture and story. And also for the word of the day - luxer, which reminded me of Luxor - and the perfect trip I had there.)

Augusta Elmwood

Chèr Jean-Marc - bonne et vite guérison. Les raisins t'attendent !

Augusta E.
à la Nouvelle Orléans

Vita-Iris Wayne

Bien a vous Jean-Marc. Je sais comme difficile on trouve etre au lit a l'hopital.Vita-Iris

Christine Dashper

All our warm wishes for a speedy recovery Jean-Marc.

What a 'patient' man to allow the photo! Sorry couldn't resist that.

Take care

all the best


Another interesting but painful "tranche de vie"...., I will point out a small error, though: "blood donner", though linked to "donor", isn't what you intended, I bet.


Jean Marc - bless your heart. Wishing you a very speedy recovery and hope , for Kristen's sake, that you are a better patient than my husband.


Get well and feel better, Jean Marc!


Luxer - there's a word I didn't know.

It makes me think back to a few weeks ago when my son shattered his wrist. I looked up the word in French to make sure I was explaining it correctly to my French colleagues, but I just didn't think that "briser" truly represented the gravity of the situation.

I think the same thing about luxer. They both sound to pretty to represent pain.

Karen from Phoenix, AZ

Feel better, Jean Marc

Susan from Canada


J'espare que Jean Marc est bien bientot. (Je ne parle francais bien.)Tes histoires sont tres drole. Je les aime.

Jeff C.

Quel histoire, dans les coulisses des urgences! Bon courage Jean-Marc pour une guérison rapide.

Diane H.

Aïe!! Quelle horreur. Bonne guérison, Jean-Marc. Vous avez l'air très calme dans la en plaine forme [toussoter]. : )

Kristin, this lends a whole new meaning to "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush..." Bon courage!


A couple years ago my small family and I had the fortune to visit france for a couple weeks. One evening we were going up the metro stairs in paris when my two year old began to throw a fit. I was holding her hand and she dropped to the ground. To my horror, she popped her arm out of the socket. In my tourist french we found a hospital and waited to be seen. I was terrified, didnt' know how to explain her injury, no one could speak english, and i didn't know how it "worked" to use the er in another country. We had a miracle though, while in the waiting room she did something funky with her body and it popped back in. such relief! we said merci! and left. I wish I would have known the french word for "dislocated!" It was funny to find out this way. thanks for sharing.


So glad to hear Jean Marc is on the mend again after his shoulder dislocation... you will both be very relieved to be back home from many hours at the hospital. Hope your family spoil you for a little while Jean Marc...I think you deserve it!


Ouaf! So sorry for your misfortune, and I hope you are well on the mend. The best part for you so far is NO SURGERY! Enjoy your convalescence as long as the family allows!

Patty Beynet

I hope you feel better soon, J-M. I hear this injury is extremely painful. Be sure to baby your shoulder for a while! I saw a couple of posts from Houston. I also live in Houston and tried to see you on your last visit but everything was sold out by the time I was able to inquire. Hope to see you on your next trip. Patty


Best wishes and speedy recovery to you both... Jean-Marc et Kristin!


So Sorry, Jean-Marc, but be so thankful that you did not tear your rotor cuff, that would be most difficult to repair so quickly! Let the grapes do their thing, and rest well!


Jean-Marc, sending healing vibrations your way! How big of you to let Kristin take your picture! Best wishes, Lorrie


I could barely stand to read about this procedure to correct your shoulder. Hopefully everything is back to normal now?

By the way, Kristin is very funny in these situations. She gets the job done and is there for you but I can tell she flutters about with nervous energy looking for the levity in each bleak situation. She really makes me smile.

All the best for a speedy recovery.


Je suis désolée d'apprendre les conséquences fâcheuses et douloureuses de ce faux mouvement! Cinq personnes pour te remettre l'épaule en bonne place? Ohlala! La photo est rassurante tout de même car on sait que tu viens d'avoir eu un super traitement.
Une fois sorti de l'auberge, tu avais toutes les bonnes raisons du monde pour te faire dorloter par Kristin et les enfants et j'espère que tu as profité des petits soins et des gentillesses de chacun.
Que tout aille pour le mieux et que cette épaule te laisse en paix!
Vas-y doucement!
Allez! On lève le verre et on trinque à... ton épaule!

There is often a funny side in the most awful situation. Looking for “la Carte d'Identité et la Carte Vitale” did make me smile. So typical! Hope you and your dear Jean-Marc went “chez Léo” and made good use of “la Carte Fidélité”!
PS → Ahah! You will never take a "cerisier" for a "mûrier" any more. That's for sure!

A very good day to both of you!

louis bogue  Dunedin,fla.

Good timing, thank goodness, it's not AUGUST, great pic as always much good healing, Best to you and yours. LOU BOGUE


A friend's son has dislocated his shoulder several times. He knows now how to talk his friends through/into putting it back in for him.

Ouch! It's evidently very painful so long as it is out of place. If he has to go somewhere, there is more time involved, etc.

I can't imagine knowing how to do this.

Alice Halliday

Hope this does not put you out of action for wine production! Hope you manage to get going again soon.

Might see if I can get my French born daughter who has been working on a wine estate in Stellenbosch to come and encourage your bien-etre.

Alice Halliday

Mike and Linda Davies

I know from experience that the angels sing once the shoulder is popped back into place and the pain finally ratchets down. Here's hoping you *never* have to go through that again!
Best wishes from New York,
Mike and Linda


I thought I should clear up something regarding Braise. It was my very own idea to allow her to have babies and experience motherhood.
Once Braise has babies, and most preferably with a Golden Retreiver male, we will have her fixed.
Regarding the puppies, it is our plan to find happy homes and we already have some people on the list.

James C. Pickens, MD

Hey Man,
You received the proper treatment for a dislocated shoulder, which can be hard to get back into place due to your massive muscles. I was glad to see they took an x-ray, because that is good treatment to be sure their are ho bone fragments in the joint which would cause further problems, and perhaps surgery.
Get well soon and you need physical therapy after the shoulder feels better, to get the muscles back into shape.
Jim Pickens, MD
[email protected]

Barbara Pickens

Jean Marc,
Quel dommage! (Je voudrais ecriver en francais mais je n'est pas un "keyboard" avec les accents, etc. Je m'excuse!)
Je suis desolate que vous vous demis l'epaule! Je sais que cela doit avoir ete tres penible. Je suis content it est fixe et l'espar vous aurez lieu le fait reparer bientot! C'est bonne chance que vous avez le famille pour vous aider avec les vignobles. Les choses seront mieux.
La reste et profite du bon temps. mon mari a envoye aussi. Il est un docteur and Je suis une infirmiere, ainsi nous voulons envoyer le conseil it synpathie!
votre amie, Barbara Pickens

Carol from Seattle

A speedy recovery to you and all your fans - and others - who have suffered injuries this Spring. Be thankful it's an upper extremity, although your vines will need your one-arm attention over the next weeks for thier care and feeding. Lower extremities are truly disruptive, as you can't even get to the vines. My hope is that you were having a great time when your injury occured. PS: We have really enjoyed the few bottles of Mistral we were able to get in Seattle.

Candice in NY


Wishing you a speedy and full recovery!

Tonight, I'm going to open the last bottle of your wine that I have, that I bought when you were in New York, and make a toast to your good health!

Now I'll have to go buy some more next week, and would prefer to toast your full recovery! Feel better!

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Fantastic and inspirational posting. I love your blog and judging by the commentary you have a great list of followers. Will bookmark this site and keep updated..cheers!

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Your poor shoulder! I hope you are all better now or soon will be.


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