Thé-totaling here at our wine farm. When life gives you empty wine bottles, make thé glacé.

éclaboussement (ay-klah-boos-mahn) noun, masculine

    : splash (of water, color)

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Oubliant son jaune éclatant du début mars, le forsythia se couvre en juillet d'un éclaboussement de rouges orangés, de violets épiscopaux et de bleus lumineux. Forgetting its burst of yellow from the beginning of March, the forsythia covers itself in July with a splash of reddish orange, bishop violet, and luminous blue.
--(see a picture) Le Forsythia en Juillet; Mediapart

A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse


The "têtu"* tournesols,* turned the wrong way, at the head of our driveway.

The lone libellule* that loops high-n-low, the length (and the width) of our front patio.

My husband's cheery tune when he makes wine and cleans out the caveau.*
(He whistles "Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go...")

The Fourth of July... when our first marriage knot was tied.

Les éclaboussements* in the piscine,* the sound of my girl laughing.

My son, his friends, their skates*... enjoying adolescence (not yet thinking about Saturday-night dates).

"Mediterranean maracas" shaking outside my window (I'm talking about those cigales* that never get sore throats.)

Ice cold thé glacé* brought out on a tray.

Cool night air through an open window, moonlight shining on my husband's back.

Le chapeau en paille*... above a smile, toothy and wide.

A summertime storm that brings provençal pluie.*

My beau-frère's BBQ sardines, yes siree!

Lavender wands, the mama bird's song, flip flops, Marcel* tops...

...les pieds nus*... and what about you? What do you love about summertime?

*   *   *

Your turn to list the things that you love about summertime. Thank you for sharing in the comments box.

The highlighted links, above, correspond to stories from the archives. Check them out if you have a moment.  You will also find a recent painting by my mom, Jules (see "le chapeau en paille"...).

~~~~~~~~~~~French Vocabulary~~~~~~~~~~
têtu(e) = stubborn, obstinate, le tournesol (m) = sunflower; la libellule (f) = dragonfly; le caveau (m) = wine cellar; un éclaboussement (m) = splash; la piscine (f) = pool; le skate (m) = skateboard; la cigale (f) = cicada; le thé (m) glacé = iced tea; le chapeau (m) en paille = straw hat; la pluie (f) = rain; les pieds (m) nus = bare feet

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