Thé-totaling here at our wine farm. When life gives you empty wine bottles, make thé glacé.

éclaboussement (ay-klah-boos-mahn) noun, masculine

    : splash (of water, color)

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Oubliant son jaune éclatant du début mars, le forsythia se couvre en juillet d'un éclaboussement de rouges orangés, de violets épiscopaux et de bleus lumineux. Forgetting its burst of yellow from the beginning of March, the forsythia covers itself in July with a splash of reddish orange, bishop violet, and luminous blue.
--(see a picture) Le Forsythia en Juillet; Mediapart

A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse


The "têtu"* tournesols,* turned the wrong way, at the head of our driveway.

The lone libellule* that loops high-n-low, the length (and the width) of our front patio.

My husband's cheery tune when he makes wine and cleans out the caveau.*
(He whistles "Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go...")

The Fourth of July... when our first marriage knot was tied.

Les éclaboussements* in the piscine,* the sound of my girl laughing.

My son, his friends, their skates*... enjoying adolescence (not yet thinking about Saturday-night dates).

"Mediterranean maracas" shaking outside my window (I'm talking about those cigales* that never get sore throats.)

Ice cold thé glacé* brought out on a tray.

Cool night air through an open window, moonlight shining on my husband's back.

Le chapeau en paille*... above a smile, toothy and wide.

A summertime storm that brings provençal pluie.*

My beau-frère's BBQ sardines, yes siree!

Lavender wands, the mama bird's song, flip flops, Marcel* tops...

...les pieds nus*... and what about you? What do you love about summertime?

*   *   *

Your turn to list the things that you love about summertime. Thank you for sharing in the comments box.

The highlighted links, above, correspond to stories from the archives. Check them out if you have a moment.  You will also find a recent painting by my mom, Jules (see "le chapeau en paille"...).

~~~~~~~~~~~French Vocabulary~~~~~~~~~~
têtu(e) = stubborn, obstinate, le tournesol (m) = sunflower; la libellule (f) = dragonfly; le caveau (m) = wine cellar; un éclaboussement (m) = splash; la piscine (f) = pool; le skate (m) = skateboard; la cigale (f) = cicada; le thé (m) glacé = iced tea; le chapeau (m) en paille = straw hat; la pluie (f) = rain; les pieds (m) nus = bare feet

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We live in the land of tournesol, in le Lauragais. Almost every year the sunflower fields shine golden towards the east. Once the head (blossom) of the sunflower plant begins to open up, the plant does not turn or follow the sun any more, like it used to. Apparently the head-turning-with-the-sun capacity was segregated i.e. removed from the agricultural sunflower as it takes away from the growth energy. So if you wish to make a photograph of the fields with the sun shining at the open blossom you have to stand south of the field to catch them looking at you ;-) early in the morning -
and there is no evening sunlight into the face of agricultural sunflowers any more...
understandable, but sad, nevertheless.
Love your Thé-totaling picture!


I love the 'village en fete' in August. Our little village in the Aude comes alive for a week or two when families return to augment the mainly elderly population of around 120. 'Bandas' play, tables fill the church square for a wonderful meal, there is much laughter during the 'aperitifs roulants' round the village streets and the old church rings to the songs of local choirs. Long may these summertime traditions continue.

Fred Caswell

waking up early, breathing the night-cooled and cleaned air, renewed energy in the cooler early evenings, marveling at Mother Nature's incredible never-ending variety of wondrous and ever changing masterworks of art for all to see as clouds slowly dance across the blue skies for us to see as they perform their ever new shape-changing slow dance across a blue sky and bidding their evenings adieus in eclaboussements of colors, cold drinking water, catching glimpses of lovers of any age, watching children at play, wishing Jean-Marc and Kristi a happy intimate celebration of their wedding anniversary as Nancy and I celebrate ours on the same day, sleeping without covers (sometimes nude), and a quick swim in the cool salt water. Yeah!!!

Evelyn Jackson

Fireflies and bull frogs...
Long days that linger 'til after bedtime...
Lush warm Iowa tomatoes picked from the vine and eaten before they ever get to the kitchen....
Sweet corn slathered with butter and salt....
Birdsong at dawn...
The Iowa State Fair...even when I don't go, it's nice to know it's there!


Bright red cherries mean the beginning of summer to me and lots of happy memories.

I love listening to the birds' concerts around 4 to 5 in the morning... such a joyful interval in my sleep! (No, I don't get out of bed as I am unable to start my day so early!) I love the bright long days, the holiday feeling, whether I am on holiday or not.

Picnics in the summer have a very special flavour. In fact, simply eating outside on the terrace is a treat (always has been...)

Summer gives me the pleasure to see my husband playing tennis at every opportunity. Wonderful to see the same enthusiasm as ever. Bless him!

Été = chapeau de paille. This is the only season when my “chapeau de paille” is no longer a pretty decoration on the newel post at the bottom of the stairs or in my conservatory!

Libellules, libellules, libellules! Yes, I love watching dragon flies ... and I adore pronouncing their name in French - so light and lovely... ( a joy to lengthen the 'lul~~~”)
Add a few butterflies dancing among the flowers and summertime becomes paradise.

On a very hot day (we do have 'hot days' in England... and do experience 'heatwaves' too, well, not as in the South of France and not so often), I love the freshness of my house, the shade under an old apple tree, and very cool fruit juices.

~~~ To Kristin and Jean-Marc ~~~
Happy summertime wishes for the celebration of your wedding anniversary this weekend!


I think the lavender on your photo had a very natural understanding of the word of the day: "éclaboussement"!

...love the two 'Rouge & bleu' wine bottles -converties pour la circonstance- standing proudly in front of splashings of blue and yellow, under a bright blue summer sky.
Thank you for the inspiring and refreshing photo!


Chère Laura: Aha! Very interesting to read about the non-tête-turning tournesols. I wonder if we have a bit of that variety here in our yard! Mmmhmmm.

Really enjoy reading everyone's "summer favorites". Merci. Reminds me: I'd forgotten to add "shade from a generous Chinese Mulberry tree... and the meals enjoyed at the picnic table below it."

PS: thanks for the anniversary wishes!

ana furstenberg

Question interessante a laquelle je n'avais jamais vraiment pense... mais maintenant que la question a ete posee, la reponse est RIEN!... je n'aime RIEN de l'ete ,a part la chanson "Summertime".
Je n'aime ni la chaleur, ni l'odeur des corps qui transpirent, ni aucun des vetements que l'on porte en ete( robes sans manche,jupes courtes, maillots de bain, shorts, etc... Je deteste les chapeaux en paille, le "ice tea", les plages du midi ou meme le sable sent la sueur et ou il n'y a pas d'ombre. Tout est sec. Tout cherche de l'eau: les gens,les plantes,les arbres, les fleurs, les animaux. Tout meure lentement. Et puis il y a les feux qui ravagent ce qui reste. Trop a raconter. Indeed Summer is the most awful season of the year. Thanks God, it's only 3 months! Vive l'Automne, Vive l'Hiver et Vive le Printemps. I never even realized there were people who LIKED Summer!. It sure takes all kinds.... A.F


Hot weather!


Hi! :-) I love your use of the empty wine bottles. I also love using empty glass bottles to make sun-brewed iced tea.^___^ http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30450758&l=e3a456a6a8&id=1256417797 I used a 1.5-liter glass bottle that used to have apple juice. Didn't even last a day. Hahaha.

Linda R.

Summertime and the livin is easy … that’s what I like … George and Ira Gershwin’s words and music from Porgy and Bess; Flathead Lake cherries and the opportunity to pick them with friends; finding the best huckleberry patch and hoping the bears don’t know about it too; awaiting visits from children who live too far away and anticipating my own travels. This summer holds new uncertainties – what season doesn’t perhaps? – a husband beginning home dialysis, the discovery of cancer and Lou Gehrig’s disease in the lives of three good friends; knowing more fully the peace that passes understanding; and learning the necessity of taking each day as it comes and enjoying the beauty and delight in life itself. That’s what summertime holds.



Dommage que l'été te soit si pénible à supporter et te donne des cauchemars de chaleur, sueur, horreur, sécheresse et mort. C'est bien le revers de la médaille que tu nous présentes!
Cela semblerait cynique de dire que 'le bonheur des uns fait le malheur des autres', mais il est évident que tu hais l'été autant que ceux qui haient l'hiver!
Il en faut de tout pour faire un monde... mais il faut aussi un été pour passer du printemps à l'automne. Il faut un hiver pour qu'il y ait un printemps.

En attendant le 21 septembre..., j'espère que tu trouveras de l'ombre, de la fraîcheur, de l'eau... de quoi survivre cette période qui ne semble guère te sourire.
Bonne journée!


Things I love about summer:


* I love that the days are still long after we sleep in late, enabling us to be able to spend time outdoors with the family.

With the kids (teenagers), we swim, bike, play pétanque (they just do this to please me) and we especially love to float on tubes in the river (la reverie paresseusement) where there isn't a single electronic device in hand for hours!! Heaven.

* scents of the flowers, suntan lotion and the beach

* open windows & outdoor meals, concerts & films

* steamed blue crabs and corn (Maryland's best!) w/ ice cold beer

* mon sac de paille et mon velo

* and let's not forget: Rouge-Bleu Dentelle rosé!!

To Linda R.: My prayers for courage, strength are with you. And may you experience many, many delights of summer to bring you all happiness.


As you will see there are so very many things I love about summer. Waking up early and enjoying the dawn light and hearing the birds sing as they wake up too. The sound of the pftt pfttt pftt sprinklers, air conditioners, the neighbor kids playing in their yards. Not having to wear layers of clothing to stay warm. Rose wine with a meal someone else prepared. The successful garden with tomatos and basil. The smell of the basil as you brush past it. The smell of sunscreen as you apply it. Seeing the cat lolling in the sunshine looking so content and happy. Another favorite thing is when the neighbor-just being nice-mows my lawn before I have to!


Linda R: May you beat those bears to the huckleberry patch this time... and courage to you and your husband and friends.

Anna: thanks for mentioning a favorite song and... here's to autumn!

Martina: loved your pftt pftt pftt sprinklers (that's also what cicadas sound like to me) and more.

Karen: can you loan us four of those river tubes? And, while your at it, throw in some of those steamed blue crabs???


The long days
The fresh fruits and vegetables
Tournesols, for sure
Swimming in the ocean
Golden tans
Cool early morning air
Mellow late night temperatures
The crickets
The birds
Not much I dislike, really


Kitties send their love and so do I


Jeannie Leighton

Summer moments in north central Arizona:
- Watching cloud puffs grow into rain laden monsoon monsters.
- Seeing the first of the roadside sunflowers stretch their deep green stems towards the summer rains and blossoming their thanks in copycat summer sunshine flowers
- Picking fresh basil and parsley to make a light summer salad of tomatoes, goat cheese, and greens
- Listening to the summer shrill of tree frogs and cicadas sing their love songs in the short amount of time they have to find their love and mate
- Waking at ungoddessly early hours by the early sunrise and embracing the high mountain desert days that last forever -- sleep will come when winter falls; today is alive and filled with summer life.

Jules Greer


My heart and prayers go out to you for your husbands healing...please remember "All things work together for good to those who love God" -

I know this is true - the worst things I have faced in the past have turned into beautiful blessings.




Pfft! We here in Tallahassee enjoyed our summertime back in February. Now we have entered our eternal hell(or, at least until November dawns)!


Summer in Northern California.....Waking up to the coolness of a sunny morning...lavender blooming everywhere, the scent of sun warmed air in the quiet, still middle of the day. The sound of crickets at night (I wish they were cigale!)Ripe tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil, yummmm!, with cool rose wine (sorry no accent, american keyboard! :-))while sitting on the patio. The sound of Mockingbirds' song at all times. The lazy buzz of a distant lawnmower, baseball games on the radio. The long days....Joyeaux Anniversaire Kristen and Jean-Marc! Many more!

Jules Greer


Only a MOM would say this "Kristi, why don't
you post your wedding photo?



Karen from Phoenix, AZ

Happy Anniversary Kristinn & Jean Marc!

To Linda R.: My prayers are with you and your family and friends.

Summertime here is Arizona is a little to hot for me to truly enjoy. But the pool keeps me cool!!!!

paul in play del rey

The lavender and roses in my backyard as viewed with my cats from the French doors in the bedroom!


I love all the comments and would love to spend my summers in such places where the heat doesn't zap all your energy. But everyone's lists made me smile and reminded me to look at the glass as half full rather than half empty. Bon Anniversaire chere Kristin!

Leslie in WA, in view of the Olympic Mountains

-having lots of backyard parties with friends (because the normal runaround part of the year is so busy)
- tonight we are having friends over for an outdoor movie!! Can't wait!! We have a projector that we do on the side of the house and it's better than the movie theater! You can snuggle under blankets and the stars
-OOh ooh, this is good. My neighbor and I made this drink up. This great tea by Good Earth, Organic Sweet & Spicy Herbal tea (it has a cinnamon, peppermint, rosemary flavor) steep in the sun. Then add Perrier, and juice of 1 lemon and add about 1-2 cups of raspberries. It's SOOO refreshing.
-having more time to read this website
- went to a "RETRO" birthday party last night. We all brought our high school books. Reminiscing about summers I had in France, Belgium, and Germany.

Leslie in WA, in view of the Olympic Mountains

I had to add this one- because it's my kids' favorite memory of summer...picking lots and lots of les baies, different sorts, usually a total of 50-75 pounds, and freezing them to eat during l'hiver so we can have a memory of l'ete.

Geary Arceneaux

The butterflies are the first sign of summer for me here in the SF Bayarea. Then the yellow peaches! Not those hard tasteless things in the supermarkets, but right off the tree; delicious heavenly peaches. If still warm from the sun even better. They are summer's gift and I wait for them every year.



Happy Anniversary Kristin and Jean-Marc. For those who haven't read her book, on her wedding day, Kristin got her taxi to circle the neighbourhood a few times while she sent 'Enter the church!' vibes to the 185 guests in the church courtyard. It worked.
On her way into the church, the mistral wind took her veil and stuck her to the church wall. But Jules, her grandmother, and her sister were there to help.


A rare hot summer day in Western Washington, though it's been warmer and sunnier this year. Blueberries plumping on the bushes, weighing branches nearly to the ground. A very fuzzy dog with a big heart finding a cool place to nap. The cats snoozing in each other's arms. A vase of tea steeping on the front porch. And oddly missing the uber hot humid 4th of Julys from my childhood state of Oklahoma. Cicadas, powerful summer thunderstorms, the smell of baked grass, made even sweeter with cool puffs of evening air.

Happy Anniversary Kristin and Jean-Marc!


'In the Summertime,' still makes it seem like summer, wherever I am. Even in winter:



Hold the phone!

BBQ sardines???


Probably a little like BBQ prawns marinaded in a little chilli and salad on the side!!! Yum!!

I love ALL of the above about summer...seems to be the same the world over...a heightening of the sences and a slowing of time to appreciate the simplicity of life!

Have a wonderful wedding anniversary Kristin and Jean-Marc!


Perfect timing for this picture of wine bottles - just last night I opened a chilled bottle of Domaine Rouge Bleu rose to cool off from the warm weather! Delicieux, merci J-M.

What do I love about summer? Back "home" in Alabama, summertime finds you...and the good memories are almost too many to name - the sweltering hot days, watermelon on the deck, thick green grass, night time swims.

Here in NYC, you have to find summer - the deep blue sky, outdoor concerts, movies in the park, a patch of grass in Sheep's Meadow...to picnic alongside a million other New Yorkers, birds chirping outside my bedroom window, and - best of all - thoughts of snow, cold, and heavy coats all but erased from my mind!

Happy wedding anniversary and happy 4th of July!!

Oh, P.S. ... is your beau-frere still single? Those French eyes could melt this American heart! (Guess that's what happened to you Kristin? with Jean Marc, that is!) ;)

Claire Fontaine

Making sorbet from the mangos that fell from our tree in the spring.
Our lawn if finally green and the frogs have begun to sing.
Yummy summer fruits, cherries, nectarines and peaches,
A sea warm enough to swim in and uncrowded beaches.
Fourth of July and fireworks and watermelon and fireflies
Warm fragrant nights and the bluest of skies.
But mostly, today,
The anniversary of Kristin and Jean-Marc (who live too far away.)
lots of love!

Diane Stanley

Dear Kristin and Jean Marc,

I just read all the interesting comments about summertime. All are in fact true and whether we love summer or not, it is a part of our precious lives.

How grateful I am for every moment given to me to see all the seasons and to know that each season gives a kind of blessing, to some more than to others.

Another blessing is you, Kristin and your inspiring French-word-a-day. I love reading all your stories, thoughts and, ofcourse, the interesting comments of your readers.

Congratulations on your anniversary, Kristin and Jean Marc!

Diane Stanley

Shannon, Alexandria, VA

Happy Fourth of July and Wedding Anniversary!!! :)


Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary! On the 28th we too, celebrate..this year our 46th! Zut alors..where has the time gone!

Patty B

Wishing you a most wonderful Happy Anniversary on this July 4th holiday. How nice that you have a special reason to celebrate the 4th in France. My friends in Gordes (she is American and he is French) celebrate the 4th of July every year with an American flag and invite friends over for hot dogs!
I love all of the summer fruits with white peaches being my favorite. Also a good excuse to eat salads and cold meats instead of heating up the house with the oven!


Feliz aniversario Kristi & Jean Marc!
Sorry I don't have to much time right now to comment about my favorite things from the summer, I'm in Monterrey, Mexico visiting my mom who is figthing her second cancer... but didn't want to miss the opportunity to congratulate you both.
Big besos,


Andrea: I know I join others in sending thoughts of support and courage to your mom and to you, too. Big besos à vous deux.

Thank you all so much for the anniversary wishes! JM and I had a quiet dinner at a very convivial wine bar near Vaisin la Romaine, in the village of Faucon (the restaurant is Domaine La Roche Buissière Bar à Vins), with a relaxed and casual terrace overlooking the valley below and its patchwork of vines.

Karen: The sardines in question are the large variety. No need to deal with so many tiny sardines; still, Jacques takes his time cleaning them all out and it does take patience, I imagine!

Rebecca: Oui, oui! My wonderful beau-frère is still single (unbelievably!). Thanks for asking! Find him on Facebook at Jack's Friends:

Cerelle: Happy Anniversary en avance... just in case I forget to wish you this on the 28th.

Patty B: Let me know if your friend found hot dog buns to go with the hot dogs. I can't find them at my local market -- and use halved baquettes instead (quite good, come to think of it...).

THanks again for all the summertime ideas and inspirations. It is a pleasure to read them and to take note (Leslie: I *will* make your iced tea recipe with the raspberries--sounds so refreshing!).

Bye for now from the French oven (the little heatwave continues and I'm beginning to feel like Anna qui deteste la chaleur!)


I want to be a summer heart. To have my (sunscreened) face turning toward the sun and then away, moving from task to task in the garden, completely unfocused and lost in the moment of what catches my fancy next. Other times I am simply sitting in the swing beneath the wisteria/rose/clematis-covered arbor, watching Maxine break out of her reverie chasing buzzing bees or barking desperately at another chien walking by in the alley. Or once again, unsuccessfully chasing a chipmunk daring to move through her kingdom; or distracted by the birds flitting about in the oak-leaf hydrangea above her where she finds shade for her naps.

Sometimes my summer heart aches even now, 21 years later, to speak to my chere Grand-mere Mollie from whom I am the beneficiary of this love of gardening, to show her what I am doing and be the recipient one more time of her unbounded love, the no-questions-asked, I am there for you, period, kind of love. The love I did not have to earn, or be good-enough for. Not so often anymore, I will be taken unawares by the certainty of her presence when I am outside. Usually in the very early mornings, just before light, she has been there and I know she is proud I have found her passion in the landscape of one's yard.

In summer I celebrate July 16, 1897, the day she was born in the mountains of North Carolina, and give great thanks for my heritage, a jumble and mix of wooly weirdness, tempered by remembrance of "my queen," Mollie Wise Yoder.

My hope is that all people will know their summer heart, be it like the cooling crisp days of autumn; the bracing, blustering snow-filled wintertime; or the verdent awakening of Spring. May we know peace in this lifetime.

Jules Greer


Pat, thank you and all of the proceeding readers for all of your comments, I loved reading them first thing this morning with my coffee. You all keep me company until Monday when I receive my dose of "Kristi-Love".

I received an 'EMERGENCY NOTE YESTERDAY FROM KRISTI informing me that I had called Linda R. by the name of Karen in my comment and prayers and to be sure and revise my prayer (Kristi is still bossing me around, I'm sure God knew who I was praying about - sorry LINDA - ) I am so saddened when I hear about what Linda and now Andrea down in Mexico with her mom are facing each day as I lie here snuggly in my bed in Puerto Vallarta. This brings to my mind a lunch I was invited to by Kevin Johnson (the STAR basketball player with the Phoenix Suns back when I was 45 and he was about 22 years old. I was telling him how confused I
was about marrying John because he wasn't exactly what my children (girls: Heidi and Kristi) had in mind for me. He then did the most extraordinary thing - he reached in his pocket and pulled out a little notebook. As I cocked my head to the side and gave him "that look" he said, "I keep this little book for the people I like to pray for, you are now on my list." "KJ" is
now the Mayor of Sacramento, California...and I know I am still in his little black prayer book. I must say that was one of the most comforting and loving gestures I have ever received, and now I am going to put that into practice with Linda R. and Andrea. I have never been one to join groups, let alone a church, but I do have great faith and I believe in the power of prayer...after all look what my prayers have done for Kristi and Jean-Marc.

I guess I should be on subject for Kristi's "comment-question" about each person's experience of summer. I'm going to think about this for a while and I'll try and compose something worthy of this thought, expecially after reading Pat's beautiful story. Pat - where is your blog???




Ah, oui - les pieds nus! Et je peu porter seulement une chemise - pas de chandail. J'écris maintenant de l'Afrique du Sud au milieu de l'hiver!

Jennifer in OR

Stunning photo of the thé glacé. I love about summertime: glorious thunderstorms with dazzling lightning, growing things, my children's suntanned faces with cheerful freckles, the smell of fresh cut grass, seeing a rainbow in a spray of water, toes squishing into warm sand at the beach, BBQs, picnics, garage sales, lemonade stands.

poppy fields

Cold Rosé and tomates-mozza salad
while wearing a sundress and flip-flops
makes a perfect summer day :)


a beautiful garden full of flowers - yellows and blues (violets) with an occasional pink or red
Watching the fish in my pond especially during feeding time when their little mouths all are grasping for the food
the frogs sitting on their lilly pads basking in the sun
breakfast, lunch, apertifs and dinner on the terrace
lazy days
the fresh smell of the air and the laughter of children having fun outdoors
the green grass (but I don't like to mow it)
the fresh vegetables from the farmers market
a New England lobster bake
reading a good book while absorbing the summer rays
those lazy hazy days of summer


Queridas Kristi & Jules,
I'm back in Austin, TX and just had the opportunity to read your post... just this words from deep in my heart: MERCI BEAUCOUP!!! MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!!!
I do believe in the power of prayers and I will never forget what you are doing.
Looking forward to read todays post tomorrow.
My prayers go to Linda R as well.


Summer here in the south (Georgia) means falling asleep to a chorus of cicadas :-) Also can't forget the peaches, and the slurp, as you try so hard not to drip.

john c

merci. thank you all.
this summer has been challenging for me.
reading all your comments has helped me to appreciate the beauty and bounty that we do have.

Karinka Calhoun

At my Aunt's summer home overlooking the Smokey Mountains in Weaverville, N.C. the shower of fireflies in the early dusk all looking for mates is magical. Along with ice-cold buttermilk from the French Broad River Co-op in Asheville and wild berry picking in the woods.


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