ame soeur

Soulmates (c) Kristin EspinasseSoul mates

l'âme soeur (lam sur) noun, feminine

    : soul mate


Audio file and example sentence: Listen to my daughter (then me, with a bit of difficulty...) pronounce these French words:

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Pourquoi cette difficulté de trouver la véritable "âme sœur"? Peut être parce qu’il n’y en a qu’une sur Terre. Why is it so difficult to find one's true "soulmate"? Perhaps because there is only one of them on earth.


A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

My brother-in-law Jacques is in love. Love, love, love.

With Mariem.

They met two months ago in Avignon. Amour, amour, amour.


I met Mariem last week and she is everything I could wish for my beautiful beau-frère.* Mariem is lovely from the inside out.  She glows.

And so does Jacques: il rayonne.* It must be love. Heaven knows.


We all deserve love, every one of us, but Jacques and Mariem especially so. Ils le méritent.* If I could I would compose a list of one hundred reasons why Jacques and Mariem especially deserve each other's love, but the list might turn into an epic novel. Besides, if I know you, you don't need convincing: you simply trust in the healing power of love....

Love covers a multitude of sins.


I do have a picture of our lovely Mariem... but because I have not asked permission to post it, and because Mariem is one to shun the spotlight, we'll have to settle on this one instead (thanks go to one of our puppies, "Sugar," who graciously offered to be a stand-in for the lovely Mariem):


To Jacques and Mariem: I think and I feel, I hope and I appeal that this love will endure à jamais*: forever.

Especially, I pray that it will. I know others do, too (Maman Jules, for example. Happy September 23rd birthday, Mom! I love you! And I will call you soon...). 


One question I love to ask couples is: What is your secret to staying together?


Would you please, dear reader, share yours? Would you tell us your secrets to a love that lasts? I will share them with my brother-in-law and his lovely bride-to-be. Tee-hee!

...and I promise to read your comments, each and every one, to my own husband, just as soon as he wakes up tomorrow morning... to 15 years of marriage with me. God bless him!

So please share with us now your own relationship wisdom. What works for you? Whether you have been together 5 months or 50 years, please tell us your tips for a long-lasting love or simply give us one word that represents relationship endurance.

Click here to see reader-submitted tips or to share your own. Mille mercis!




~~~~~~~~~~French Vocabulary~~~~~~~~~~
le beau-frère
(m) = brother-in-law; il rayonne = he is radiant, he shines; ils le méritent = they deserve it; à jamais = forever



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