caviar d'aubergines
une plaie

la journee mondiale de l'alimentation

grenade or grenadine in France, market basket, price label (c) Kristin Espinasse,
A basket of pomegranates at our local superette.

la journée mondiale de l'alimentation

    : World Food Day

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Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the following French words:

Aujourd'hui c'est la journée mondiale de l'alimentation. Comme dit Coluche, "Quand je pense à toi, je pense à moi." Today is World Food Day. As Coluche says, "When I think of you, I think of me."


red bicycle, yellow wall (c) Kristin Espinasse, Today is World Food Day!

On this day, many of us are asking ourselves: What can I do to help the hungry? As students, armchair travelers, artists, autodidacts et encore, we are an eclectic and a creative group -- capable of conceiving solutions to try to meet the needs of those who have no food to eat.

Those of you who are ready to change a life -- ready to act now! -- I invite you to check out these charities -- or to list your own favorite charity for those in need:

Food For the Poor (Kristin's recommendation)

One (Jean-Marc's recommendation)

(List your favorite charity...)

 Or check out Charity Navigator to find a charity not listed here.




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Suze la Rousse, milemarker, road sign, Drome, France, D59 (c) Kristin Espinasse
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I am a huge fan of! It is a game that you play with many difference subjects and for each answer you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program. I post this link to my class webpage for my students to practice their French/Spanish and do some good at the same time.


The Hunger Site at

All you have to do is go to the site once a day and click on the button -- sponsors give free food. You are not put on any list or bombarded with spam. Sister site links to the following where sponsors donate for appropriate benefits:
Breast Cancer site
Child Health Site
Literacy Site
Rainforest Site
Animal Rescue Site

Eileen deCamp

There are people right in our own neighborhoods and communities who need help so I volunteer with Meals on Wheels twice a week and work once a week at the local food bank. There are lots of people in need in this tough economy. It feels good to help my own community and I have met so many wonderful people!

Danielle DeRome

Thank you for supporting HANDS in Nepal.
We are a small, not for profit charity organization that seeks to educate
and promote literacy in remote, rural areas of Nepal.

Known for its towering Himalayas, Nepal is a beautiful yet rugged country about the size of Florida with over 22 million people who mostly live on subsistence farming in the foothills.

Illiteracy rates are high, and children often live in areas far from schools.
The money we gather will go directly towards repairing and building a new school in the village of Kahare, which sits on terraced hillsides in the Ganesh Himal, an all-day bus ride and then three hour hike from Kathmandu.

The children there send you many "Namastes" as they eagerly await their new school and books.

Marianne Rankin

In addition to the above, I've supported the charities below for a number of years.

Save the Children - not directly food, although it may include food. You "adopt" a child and pay so much per month to support him or her (I'm now on my fourth child). The money mostly goes to the village in which the child lives, and some undoubtedly is used for seeds. It can also be channeled into digging wells and so on. This charity uses about 93% of its funds for helping, very little on overhead.

The Heifer Project uses donations to buy animals to give to families so they can be self-sufficient. A small donation might pay for a couple of chickens, a larger one for a goat or cow. With chickens, families have eggs and, eventually, more chickens, which they can use for food or sell (as well as selling any surplus eggs). Larger animals can give milk, or in the case of oxen, help plow fields. As flocks/herds grow, the family standard of living rises.
Heifer Project offers for sale items made by people in developing countries, as well, from bowls to scarves, and has a line of holiday cards decorated with pictures made by people in those countries.

Local organizations, such as our church, and even the postal service and a county park, ask for food donations either regularly, or at certain times of the year. These go to low-income families in the neighborhood whose budgets are tight.

Judith L. Roth

The Hunger Site and the Heifer Project are my favorites as well....My father prefers that any gifts to him are Heifer Project donations.

Jules Greer


You have opened a floodgate of thoughts in my little brain today on how I could affect the world right here in my little world in Mexico. First off I think I will clean out
my pantry and then move into the bathroom and take out all of those 1/10 used bottles of shampoo etc. that I didn't like plus all the rest of whatever is hiding in there, place all this stuff in a box and walk up to the bus stop that runs in the direction of the mountain jungle where all of the Darling Mexicans live in shacks and commute to Puerto Vallarta to work for pennies to support their families.

Then I think I will walk back to the market and fill up a sack with candies and get on one of those little bus's and pass out candy as I ride along with all of these poor Mexicans to their little pueblo's.

I think if I just get out today I will find all kinds of pathways that will lead to helping feed the less fortunate in my part of the world.

Thanks Kristi, you always surprise me with your posts-each post always sparks something within me. You are absolutly more than any mother could ask for.



Lana Holmes

Food for Life - provides vegan and vegetarian meals to victims of disasters. One of the best ways to help the hungry in other countries is to eat less meat as meat production requires the diversion of so much grain away from human mouths to animal feed - and contributes to destruction of the rainforest, water systems, global warming. Also: Lana

Lisa Adam

Makindu Childrens Program ( feeding, educating and sustaining the children of Makindu Kenya, and area ravaged by HIV Aids. They are some of the worlds children in need.


Wonderful suggestions from everyone. My community volunteers at and locally supports the Union station foundation which feeds the homeless and sans moyen in our area.

Merci and bon weekend a tous!

Ned Harris

Second Harvest Food Bank

Heifer Project

City Team Ministries

Denise L.

Since this is a particularly close issue with me, I'll put in my .02 cents:

Bread for the World:

They were a partner organization I worked with while a VISTA in Montana - they do tons of advocacy and ressearch.

Share our Strength's Great American Bakesale:

While the official bake sale season was earlier this year, this part of Share of our Strength helps children in local communities in the summer when their normal school lunch programs do not provide food. I held a bake sale myself in my neighborhood, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience.

And of course Jean-Marc would pick "One" - an excellent non-profit and U2. Enough said. :)

Have a good weekend everyone!


I try to make a casserole a week for Beans & Bread. It is a day resource center for people who are homeless located in the Fells Point area of Baltimore, Maryland. The program provides meals, day respite, intensive case management, and housing placement.

Each day, approximately 300 individuals come to Beans & Bread for the help they need in their daily struggle for survival.

The local churches hand out a casserole recipe at church each Sunday and the next Sunday you bring in that casserole (frozen), which is then transported downtown. VOILA!!


I give a little each month to Oxfam America with an automatic deduction.


We have been sponsoring children through the World Vision program for many we are helping a little girl who lives near Jerusalem. I am also volunteering with Meals on Wheels which I took up when I no longer needed to help cut sandwiches for the school tuckshop but still wanted to do some community work. I love this service and wish more "younger" people became involved as it is a great way to meet some amazingly wonderful people!

Kelly in Chicago

I'm a fan of the Foods Resource Bank, a very grassroots effort at helping people feed themselves.

Deborah and Randy

We work as volunteers every Wednesday on the assembly line packing food boxes and bags for the hungry here in Southern Arizona. The Community Food Bank provides enough food for over 48,000 meals every day. Over 22.5 million pounds of food were distributed through the food bank’s programs last year, but demand has risen sharply, and recently the number of boxes or bags an individual or family can receive per month has been reduced. Corporate and individual donations have increased, its just the demand is so huge. It breaks my heart to know that in a country as rich as the US, so many go to sleep at night hungry.

Like your other readers, we've met some truly wonderful people, from retirees to college students, to folks doing community service as part of their sentencing or probation.


Another charity we are looking into at the moment is not for food but housing...Habitat for Humanity. My husband is a builder and I am an architect and as our son is leaving school this year we now have the time to be involved in this type of work...this is on my serious list of 10 things to do in 2010 if possible!

By the way Judith L Roth's "Hunger Site"!


Thank you for the reminder about World Food Day. Many people have mentioned some of my favorite national and international organizations (One, Heifer Project, Save the Children, Second Harvest), but I would like to encourage anyone with children to participate in Trick or Treat for UNICEF. Do kids Trick or Treat in France? Last year, my son's class raised over $600, just from extra change given to them along with their candy. UNICEF provides food, school supplies and possibly most important of all, clean drinking water to children and their families all over the world. Kids love this and it empowers them to become world citizens.


Another good organization -- Children International at I have sponsored two children (different children over the years, obviously!) for over 20 years. I like Children International because, (1) unlike many of the sponsorship organizations, it is not religious and I want to avoid that; and (2) a higher percentage of the donation actually goes to the children than with many other organizations where much gets funneled into administration.


My favorite is Heifer Project (now Heifer International): I appreciate the fact that it's not just a hand-out, but a hand up. The people who receive the animals are trained to care for them in an environmentally sustainable way and to then pass on offspring to others in need. Heifer Project has worked hard to help empower women, too, who often lack the means or the education to support and feed themselves and their children. Check out the children's book, Beatrice's Goat, for one family's story!


Hello. This is Roxanne from Food For The Poor again.
Did you know about our monthly newsletter? As someone who has blogged about Food For The Poor I thought you might be interested in this. It gives all of the latest updates and news about our organization and is sent directly to your inbox. If you're interested please go to and sign up today. Also, if you have any questions or inquiries regarding Food For The Poor, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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