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French Word of the Day:

le haut-le-coeur (oh-leuh-ker) noun, masculine

   : (avoir un haut-le-coeur) = to retch, to heave

"Haut-le-coeur" means, literally, "high heart"... and isn't that a prettier image than the words' "repulsive" meaning... one relating to a feeling of nausea that comes from foul food preparation, motion-sickness, pregnancy, and more....

Audio File & Example Sentence:

...had a bit of difficulty pronouncing at least one of these words... listen, at your own risk: Download Wav or Download MP3

À force de tergiverser et d'avoir des haut-le-cœur à chaque soubresaut, nous regardons les trains passés en Afrique. After a lot of shilly-shallying and after the nausea following each jolt, we watched the trains pass in Africa. -from Le Figaro

A Day in a M O R O C C A N Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

By the last day of our Moroccan (mis)adventure, our family of seven were almost recovered from what the natives deemed "soft-stomach syndrome". But were our unaccustomed appetites really to blame? Could the finger fairly be pointed at our "fussy" French foies*?

Non! my husband argues, it was hotel hygiene! My sister-in-law, ever diplomatic, chalked it off to a bad case of gastro. As for me, I wonder if all those freshly-fished huîtres* and clams... might've caused our stomaches' sensational grand slam?

Then again, the signs in our hotel room bathroom read: "FORBIDDEN TO DRINK THE WATER." I wondered if that meant that we couldn't so much as wet our toothbrushes with it either? As a security precaution, I poured a bit of bottled water over my brosse à dents* (never mind that the last several brushings were with the woeful water).

While blue-faced in bed, I passed the time wondering about the origin of our collective stomach upset. After so much surmising, I eventually became bored with the guessing games -- and decided to delete all of the seafood  and coquillages*-related photos from my camera... which brought some relief. Next, to keep my mind off misery, I turned my attention to words which, as always, lifted my spirits. Coming up with a title to today's story amused me to no end:

Meal Misadventures
Dining Disasters
Supper Sufferings
Feast Foibles
Appetite Angst
Palate Punishment
Snack Scoldings

Picnic Penalties
Kibble Kauchemars*...

As much fun as I had playing with words, my stomach remained a very poor sport... chalk that off to digestive defeat.

Mom and I agree: comments are the best part of French Word-A-Day! Thank you for sharing yours here, in the comments box! Speaking of parents, delight my Dad by pointing out from which city you are writing. And please tell us what the November skies, just outside your window, are looking like today... (is it sunny T-shirt weather, as it is here today in the Vaucluse?)

le foie (m) = liver; une huître (f) = oyster; brosse (f) à dents = toothbrush; le coquillage (m) = shellfish; le cauchemar (m) = nightmare

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