la guerison

A Higher Love : something only God and Dogs (and all pure-hearted creatures in between...) can teach.

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la guérison (gair-ee-zohn) noun, feminine

    : healing

en voie de guérison = getting better
la guérison par la foi = faith healing
la guérison rapide = rapid recovery

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Pour tous ces cas, le traitement à l'argile... complète le soin pour accélérer la guérison et permettre une rapide cicatrisation. For all these cases, the clay treatment completes the care for accelerating healing and permits rapid closing up (of wounds).

--"Argilothérapie: un trésor de bienfait également pour nos animaux," Le Monde Francophone du Chien - Nov 8, 2006

A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

La guérison continues... If Smokey is oblivious to his oozing scrapes, this is because, like most "kids" his age, he's too busy playing to take notice of his plaies.*

One of Smokey's favorite games is "Jouer à Faire Semblant"* (he loves to pretend he is a Kangaroo!). Boy, can our boy jump! I regret to not have any photos of Smokey The Kangaroo in action. Meantime, here are some slide-by-slide images of our thrice-daily routine, wherein our kitchen comptoir* is transformed into Care Clinic Supreme:

There's our (Kangaroo) outpatient, patiently awaiting his clay cataplasm. But first we need to clean his wounds... Currently we are using eau oxygenée,* though I hear (thanks to readers sharing knowledge in the comments box) that gentle soap and water is better, for the hydrogen peroxide is pretty harsh on the newly regenerated cells.


Looks can be deceiving "King Kanga" (as Smokey fancies himself) is not so sad as he seems—he just hates that word on the box to his right, the one that rhymes with "peril".

Here we have "Kanga The Conqueror" jumping to it -- or simply standing up so that we might reach the second wound, there above his neck (where he had a half-dozen staples removed after the two-dog attack, four weeks ago). Kanga kindly, patiently, lets me apply the green mud, after the peroxide. (I have wet the powdered clay, which comes in the form of marble-size "pebbles". Aunt Marie-Françoise suggests setting the dry clay in the sun, before wetting it, to absorb even more healing properties, vitamins, I guess...).

As soon as the clay dries on Smokey's face, I notice the thick white bead forming on top of the dried clay: it is the infection, having been expressly pulled from the inside out! I dab the infected "pearl" with a clean towel, to dry the area, and re-apply the wet clay. "Pearl" after white pearl, the infection is leaving our puppy's wound.

(Re photos, click to enlarge... In the above photo, note the tea pot, in case Smokey fancies a cuppa. He fancies a lot of things, especially things with strings -- like that he got the better... of my favorite robe and sweater!)

Back to "mud," we are using green clay. For those of you who wrote in, alarmed, and wondering whether I had, in desperation, run out to the river bed to collect copious amount of diseased dirt -- no worries: I am using "argile brute séléctionnée" (carefully selected and quality-controlled "argiletz" clay).

After applying the clay, the wet "poultice" (this is a new word for me... thanks to "The Other Jean-Marc" and other commentators, who thoughtfully wrote in...) quickly dries... and ends up on our floor. I don't mind the clay covering our floor and ending up in bits and dust. In fact, I am hoping the clay's "pulling" qualities (which are working so well, I can attest, to drain our pup's infection!) will suck out those grease stains (see them there, beneath the chair, in the photo just below?). Jean-Marc thinks they'll just disappear on their own... those stains, and that our terracotta (clay...) floors are pulling them in. Every time my husband fries (and spills something) he says the same: no worries, ça disparaîtra! As if, by hocus pocus! Sounds hokey to me!

Then again, neither of us can now deny the "pulling" powers of poultice. 

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Oh, do I have plans for those newly-roasted peppers which are currently marinating (skinless now) in a bath of thyme, rosemary, and savory... and olive oil from our friends at Mas de Martin! (And garlic power, too. I was too impatient, this time, to cut up fresh garlic.)

Plan A is to cut up the peppers and put them in the next olive cake (or olive "loaf" if you prefer) along with feta cubes.... Plan B is to take half the peppers and make pipérade (I have no idea what that is, but I think the name is funny. I'll make an "au pif" ("by guesswork") Provence version, with inspiration from my belle-mère's tapenade recipe... Voilà Provence + Tapenade = Pipérade!

What would *you* do with these red and yellow roasted peppers? Comments and recipes welcome!

French Vocabulary

une plaie (f) = wound; jouer à faire semblant = to play make believe; le comptoir (m) = counter; l'eau (f) oxygenée = hydrogen peroxide

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